Majora's Mask 2

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Skittle : The death of a child is what started the ishvalan civil war, this is that child

kooky : miyamoto saw this and cried

NachoFerretKing : If only this was in breath of the wild

Burg Bass : enemy spotted

Mark's Corner of The internet : Yknow tingle actually deserved that

Morticia D'Xaztur : yo im human? please repond

Loyalist : Link's Last Straw

23Link89 : >YouTubers when they have a chance to roast either of the paulers

Jamdouglass : notification squad boyos

Jomaster The Second : Majora's Mask 2: The Squeakquel

Madman Morton : Oh, the humanity!

The Goblin : i've always had a question. Where did you get the idea to use the monkey as your channel icon? its fantastic.

Zachary Higgins : Scary

Kazic5000 : Jesus Christ, that's Jason Borne.

Gruebber Grub : Wait, isn’t that the wind waker tingle?

colly407 : Wait.. that’s IT?!

Blackaymon : You should upload more on your youtube channel. I really don't want to bother watching the livestreams