Mr. Wizard's a Dick

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cqtaylor : It's kinda refreshing to see an adult not patronize kids. ... Of course he was a dick, but it taught them to think on their feet.

Whitey 4000 : We all thought this was hilarious as kids. Our teachers were exactly the same.

duckpwnd : Mr Wizard was not a dick. Knowing when you're wrong is an important part of science (and life in general). If you'll notice, none of those kids were upset and some even seemed amused. Now, you'd have college students that would start crying if one of their professors talked to them like this. It's pitiful.

Wiggins : "But instead of putting paper clips from here, we're going to put Ashley." "WHAT?!?"

MrEverything : This is how teachers should teach and we wouldn't be turning out a generation of entitled, vapid, little brats.

Human Abstract : The funniest part? despite only showing these cuts, this guy still seems like the most patient person on earth and obviously loves working with children.

cj van : If it was to air today, it would sound more like, "I am so sorry Billy, but that is incorrect. Here's your trophy."

Leone Kaiser : He's straight forward, but made the viewers grow a thick skin.

HeftyJo : I used to watch Mr. Wizard religiously as a kid. And yes he would jump down the kids throats but most of them deserved it. I was hot in the pants for that short haired girl that was on there all the time.

thunt9292 : Back in the days when kids could hang out alone with an old man and it wasn't concerning

Mental Set : No confidence in the science at all!

ForeverMasterless : I remember watching this all the time as a kid and thinking most of these kids deserve what they get cause they're kinda dumb, but also knowing that he's mostly just being a cheeky old man and joking around regardless. My grandpa does the same thing. This man is a fantastic teacher. Wanted him to be my teacher as a kid, still do, lol .

AndroidDoctorr : I think we should tell kids they're right even when they're wrong. Surely they'll function well as adults then.

bwc1976 : Too funny! He was an awesome guy, these are just edited and taken out of context.

PeeboTyson : We're going to need another Timmy!

Beau Jaymes : He wasn't mean. That's how people were challenged back then. The world is just overly sensitive. People want things done for them. Mr wizard taught you how to think for yourself.

william wulffleff : We need some old school teaching in today's world people are just to politically correct

AllForTheGame : this is how i treat my employees.

sunny4lady : Too bad, the uploader and many of the commenters are the prime example of how the self-esteem movement created little self entitled brats...

M Vitellaro : You can't blow up a babies nursing nipple?

BooBoo Bear : Mr. Wizard was from the old school WWII generation, when people were straight with one another.  Unlike today, when they'll stab you right in the back while they smile at you.

Patrick94GSR : I remember most all those episodes. When I was little I used to think he was the same guy as Picard on Star Trek TNG (Patrick Stewart).

kev3d : He reminds me of a high school chemistry teacher of mine who always seemed sour and never missed an opportunity to berate students who got something wrong, as opposed to trying to figure out how one came to the wrong conclusion and correcting the thought process.    One of this favorite expressions was "not even close" whenever a student would answer or suppose incorrectly.  Of course, this was the same chemistry teacher who mixed chemicals in the wrong proportion, causing a nasty smelling (perhaps toxic...we never knew for sure) exothermic reaction which got so hot so quickly that the mixing beaker shattered.  His answer as to why this particular mix was wrong?  "I don't know" and then he refused to discuss it any further.   Way to go, teacher.   Nothing says nurturing young minds like insulting kids whenever they say something incorrect and getting defensive whenever you yourself make a mistake.   He pretty much turned me off to chemistry until I was well out of high school.   Well done, Mr. E.     I still hate you.  

Captain Doomsday : In real life, you learn a sense of humor or you stay on 4Chan. This man taught kids to appreciate quality dickery.

Old Man Strength : bill nye is a punk Mr Wizard is OG

Pope Pherd : Mr Wizard needs to throat-punch the "climate change" out of Bill Nye.

Josephine Lithius : That was _amazing_.  *laughs* I forgot how condescending he could be to those kids. Kind of like Bob Barker back when he hosted _The Price is Right_, but somehow more mean.

Sully : hey I'm grump...

9ner : Not gonna lie, this is how I teach English to my students. Kids love sarcastic teachers that don't coddle them too much. It may hurt them a little to hear they're wrong, but when kids are lauded for paying attention and being correct, their souls light up. Got a big raise today partly because of using a Mr. Wizard style. Don't encourage emotional responses; encourage perseverance and confidence.

TaTan : He seems like a mild for of Red. (from that 70's show)

NorthernWindNut : Lol had plenty of professors like him. And guess what I learned the most from them.

2ruthfox82 : I grew up to be like mr wizard.....

Vinceくん : LOL @ Ashley's WAT

Shell A. : The original shade king 😁

A.M CAST : I can picture George Carlin being like Mr. Wizard if he were a teacher.

BiN4RY : I don't understand how this is even remotely offensive to anyone.

Obito Uchiha : This is the man we need teaching children not that bill nye BS show.

JoeCnNd : at the end you should have made mr wizard give the finger outside of the car window.

Ron Sherman : I wouldn't judge his teaching style too harshly.  As a middle school science teacher, I have seen the "rules of engagement" change over the years.  Combative tactics which used to stimulated kids to think (without taking offense) now only alienate today's students.  I find that my students these days are more compliant, but I would much prefer a fighting spirit, hungry for answers, probing for greater understanding.  There was a deeper rapport, as students searched for greater understanding of their world (and beyond).  The Wow factor has greatly diminished.

Robert : That's a funny compilation. I enjoyed it - kind of. He wasn't really a dick. That's just an illusion that can occur when statements are taken out of context. The illusion is magnified when several such examples are presented in quick succession. It's a simple scientific principle Mr. Wizard could have explained away very easily

Dashiell Gregory : Grump Bump

Moirraine Campbell : He's not a *ick. He's teaching principles such as critical thinking. WAKE UP!

samb : Compared to the way parents were in the 90s, Mr. Wizard was Jesus.

Nicholas Binsfeld : Great grump bump 10/10

PappaGoober : Hey I'm Grump

Beebskadoo B : When I grow up I want to be just like him!!! Come to think of it... I'm already there.

Luke S. : Back when Nickelodeon was real. Pinwheel, anyone? :)

ECO dom : genius. great editing. i never remembered that aspect of his demeanor as a child!  this video is too easy to watch over and over.

Ghost Tones : Grump bump

Kathryn Quintin : Game grumps brought me here