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ROID : I came back here after four years and I can't stop laughing. This is so basic yet so clever it's amazing.

Alexander Craig : You guys just get humor. This is beyond incredible.

pobi dovar : This is my FAVORITE!!!!!!

levidav99 : Vinny's face at the end made me go WTF

Mellow Fellow : dave franco

DangerProneDIDI : Why does “And you say he’s just a friend” come to mind? Oh, Biz Markie! You were ahead of the times!

CrazyBrick30 : Dear God, put it on .25 or .5X speed at 0:19. I have tears streaming down my cheeks.

Kia the Kid : It's odd that I would totally do that on my best friend's application. This never gets old xD

Javier E Aguilar Nafate : hahahahahaha swear of god I saw it seven times and still cracking up of laughter

Zio : lol vinny at end xD wtf!

Selke : i dont know about you, but i would have written friend right next to the question. quite odd how it was in the MIDDLE

Captain Cook : cawk

prosthesis_ : TSUNDERE

tgefykrgbegy : Read the last sentence of m last comment.

Kye Vineyard : they already have 1 skit on tosh

tgefykrgbegy : no. these guys have talent and to be on that garbage show would make them look bad. they were already on there once.

Lin K : xD What the actual fuck

Jim Burns : i second that, send it to tosh

Quinn Blauvelt : send this into tosh

heather guidry : no words! lmao

melzahorujko : why cant i stop laughing what even

Julianna Chudler : i have never laughed so hard in my life

Rachel Turner : Vinny's so hot, he reminds me of Dave Franco a little bit

Alex Ponto : i think it shoulda been longer

Ninja Synik : Exactly what I said.

roger brandon : stfu

Bathed In Torment : 0:42 this is my pee pee

Daijah Mathis : Aarons face at 00:26 lol!!!

HappehHD : How have these guys not got their own show yet? XD

anunkindnessofravens : Lmao!!!

argentinakeeper10 : It's his name...who would have thought??

Mayo's : that ending

TapOut111111 : like if you saw his email!

Lyndsay Cala : wtf lmfaaooo

Casey.Ewell2014 : BEST friend...

Mirjeta : this is the funniest shit ive ever seen

1221kary : hahaha!!! i get you

RickardoMute : It looks like Vin was trying accsess some tears and prolly eventually did, but that take just looked waaaaaay funnier.... thats just my guess at least

finny6 : I feel like Vinny's face at the end is from a movie, I just can't remember which one.

Anarchy Fire : Haha this small gem of a skit almost slipped under my radar

DraggingDogButtFilms : Is it possible to gay for one guy? Because I honestly would have to think about it if I could do Vinny.

Blazin Haze : red pen

nofunwithoutme : the best part is that it's in crayon.

Rhys Gwillim : what did he say ?

faselblaDer3te : "The comment no longer exists."

Nancy Wilde : hahahahhaha

Abdul ElTawil : it's been 4 weeks. MAKE A NEW VIDEO! is it really that hard to make dailies anyways? lol just record yourselves and we will laugh.

julianwelton : I'm not your guy, pal!

MrRichGaming : im not your guy friend

Lfg Noroma : So good :)