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ROID : I came back here after four years and I can't stop laughing. This is so basic yet so clever it's amazing.

pobi dovar : This is my FAVORITE!!!!!!

alex craig : You guys just get humor. This is beyond incredible.

Mellow Fellow : dave franco

Husky Productions : LMAO that ending had no sense to it at all....but it fucking made my day! XD

AndreasSheiLT : GUERRILLA Warfare mister "top sniper in the entire US armed forces"

AndreasSheiLT : pasta. mmmmm

whiteflame09 : Got your gmail account bro

Saurabhav : I didnt get the ending

ttrop : both of those things almost happen in twilight

ttrop : what i would stick a straw down your urethra and suck it dry misture of semen and pee yum yum yum

llVIU : friendships are serious buisness

MickeyBeast : I swear I felt that slap. my god.

prosthesis_ : TSUNDERE

4TuneBeats : "Saw you put me as your emergency contact DAAAAAAAAAH!" Holy fuck LOL!

SabbraCadabra : lol, i don't really know what I expected. But I loved it. I'm still laughing.

CptPhenom : LOL what the fuck is happening with Vinny at the end?!?!


HappehHD : How have these guys not got their own show yet? XD

beastmodepimp : i actually got this joke, you're not actually any of those things, you just copied it from somewhere else!

Shuhnyxia : emotional pain?

DblOSmith : lol, awesomeeeeee. :)

something24ify : You wrote me in as friend...*SLAP!*

Chris McAlonan : that was so deep.

greymushroom1 : that ending, WTF LOL Vin jizzed

Cubbie M. : I thought it would be "BOYfriend" LMFAO.


War Numen : buddy you are my guy buddy

War Numen : hey fuck you guy

XxPnuemaxX : Awwwwwww

Robotfan987 : I fucking loved this.

vinilla : 0:41 is his cum face

The Oracle Runner : just at the point when aaron reads the correction, i'e been slashing them from the start..... aaron's reaction after being slapped..... epic!

The Oracle Runner : he's getting ready to be fucked by aaron..... damn! i wish he wrote BOYfriend,,,,, LoL!

The Oracle Runner : LOL!!! lurv it!!!!! bromance to the max..... just wish you fool around with each other when the camera is not rolling..... (i'm sure you do)...


Darth Erik : It's really sad how many people have never read that troll before.

sant1to : Lmfao I love watching youtube beef comments they're funny

Ryan Smith : What was that face at the end??? He looked constipated

Lance : this is awesome ..!

Ayan44 : LOL!!!

anunkindnessofravens : Lmao!!!

Billy Nickson : So I'm watching this and I literally say "what the hell..."

Nizze Per : wat

Xanivert : it's the string on the blinds behind him dummy, he's clearly not hanging himself

Iceman Inc. : Awwwww

Philip B. : AWWWWWWW~~~~~

Bathed In Torment : 0:42 this is my pee pee

sparkers70 : That was so sweet! Well cept the pain.

Hivemind : what in the............ im gonna just back away slowly