1 Pound Of Salad Shrimp For 800 Gallon Aquarium

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AQUAPROS : meta 👽

Liz Farmer : Finally here before a gazillion comments! Just wanted to say your videos are why I'm back into the hobby!! You gave me the info I needed to make sure I didnt lose fish bc of lack of research. Thank you!!!

Tank Tested : This was quite relaxing! Nice work!

SerpaDesign : In the words of Billy Madison, "That's nice!"

boydb56 : That seems like way too much food.

Steenfott Aquatics : Nice work Jimmy

Robert Chapman : Wow Cory, Jimmy is such an asset with work of this standard. Captured it so well. That's a pay rise right there. Enjoyed the tank. :)

Dean Maiden : Who LOVES Aquarium Co-Op?!?!

Greg the Overcomer : Epic video ! To think God created every creature on the earth and in the sea 🤔🤔 Wow.

Trollurker : Somehow your 800 gallon feels bigger than Joeys 2000. I guess big fish make tanks look small.

Aquarium Adventures : Looking good! We call them prawns / cocktail prawns over here (just a hint for tags etc!)

Karen Ruiz : I can't tell you how much I enjoy these videos. It's amazing how I've never really cared much for barbs or loaches, but this tank is SO Breathtaking to me. I love it even more with the log moved. That showed me the difference between a good scape and a great scape, and How Much more I had to learn. Your huge loaches are cool but I have to say I'm falling for the archer fish. They are soooooo cool!! Thanks, again.

my fishcave : awesome, I watched this video on full screen mode on my laptop. The experience is spellbound. Background music is superb. The artificial log looks magnificent. The archer fish look beautiful. Clownloaches love how they shoal in the first few seconds of the video . A real thumbs up to Cory and his team. 👍

Ryo Watanabe : Awesome. The tank looks nice with the driftwood slightly elevated :)

augoldfinger : I love this aquarium. I am going to build one this year. I just have native fish, but they are getting a little too big for my 300 gal. I will be in contact with your store for lights and plants

Eddy : 2:03 that changing colour scene was so beautiful and amazing!!!! Nice work and nice video +1 sub😀

ONEFUNFONE : Still need a fire eel in that tank!

Fishing.In.Florida : Love these videos

Heather Nielsen - Scarlet Aquatics : Love the footage of this tank. It is so relaxing and fun to watch!

CallMe Blew : amazing editing work jimmy keep up the good work man!

KG cichlids : I’ll have to try those out for the frontosas! Great video cory!

Zacks Tanks Crazy Aquarium Guy : I feed the same way Cory! 😄

Daniel Scerri : That footage moved me. Its exactly why people get in to the fish hobbie and put in all the hard work. :) great video mate.

TM Aquatics : When was the Scobi (L14) added?

sorscha : These feeding videos are so soothing to watch, though I'm sure you already know that, Corey :) thanks!

Flynn's Fish Forum : Awesome!!

Arjan Bibizz : That fish was smiling

Zacks Tanks Crazy Aquarium Guy : No problem with that huge amount of fish!! 😊

Jose Martinez : Your the new KING

Priscilla MK Art : I watched the video twice in a row because it was so relaxing.

CleverGirl Pets : The loaches looking at Cory like ‘yeah we’re expensive, feed us that delicious seafood’

Catfish Cave : A feast fit for a king-er-clown! And still their bellies don't look huge... Do you ever feed large sinking pellets? And where is the other 56 minutes of footage? I get an hour for lunch.

Audri Sampson : I always love videos of this tank. Favorite fish in it is the Flagtail Prochildus. Really looking forward to seeing him grown up

Candi Overhuls : Great video, nice shots Jimmy!

Michael McGough : Make another one of these videos using a pack of frozen blood worms tiger barbs love them :) and I Love these videos !!!

Mi Prue : You are awsome

Janine Niedlich : nice music 👌🏻

Shelley G. : Not only the macros, but everything was Great about that video!!!

Paul Mace : Great video work Jimmy, fantastic aquarium lovely fish 🐟

Bert Antoni : Excellent !

Jeremy Wiles : I want this tank

Malaysian Dracula's : We need more video

Stack Nelson : 1:56 that fish is frickin adorable!

Martin k : Nice 👍

CircularMirror7 : Loach heaven.

Everyday Fish Keeper : Nice that tank is so cool

Brendan Kelly : Dude it’s been almost four months sense an 800 gallon tank update. It’s my favorite tank on you tube. Hook us up with an update! Yaaaaaay!

Sunia : First

Rebecca : Gorgeous shots!