Juliette Lewis Begs Britney Spears to 'Save Us'

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Jesus Christ : I can get behind this.... SAVE US BRITNEY! 🙏

MyFriendlyPup : Satan is controlling the elite and hollywood. She aint crazy just abused

ciabones : Scientology at its finest

LsBrigandes : High as a kite

AppleCorn Edits : Accurate representation of my current mental state.

Lee Attewell : How many of these celebrity 'jokes' about Satan need to be made before the masses wake up to what is really going on in LA?

MrDslpltdor : Weird '' the MSM, matrix news sites didn't show the '' can you save us from ' Satan, line.

LavishPatchKid : That's meth. Without a doubt. Anyone from Methville USA can tell you. Not crack. Not heroin. Not MDMA. Not acid. Meth.

A Dog : And another one bites the dust...

Josef E : High as KITE

Heinzi Schmolke : High AF

I Left My Heart In San Fierro : The Andrew Klavan Show brought me here.

300pzl : She is ill.

David Flores : LMAO. This woman's my role model.

Liam K : I definitely think Britney could save us all though. She's the queen..

Chris Opstedal : This video will heal our country. ..

Ann Linley : That's sad. Jules is a very talented actress and her punk band was surprisingly good. She hasn't been the same since her father passed away.

lobo81865 : Drugs are bad. Mmmkay.

Winter Tarzan Jagrup : She looks like any other female . I see nothing weird here . All females are crazy . Nothing left to see here

Jacob Wellington : I remember one time when I got drunk too and thought Satan was controlling the universe. Turned out it was just my ex-girlfriend. Not her who was controlling the universe. But was Satan. Then I thought, “God damn how drunk am I that Ive been banging Satan?”

Lisa DeFevers : Juliette why does every one ignore the obvious facts. That the gospel is truth and yes satan controls hollywood and has for yrs. Truth is Gods arm is not too short to save you. Just cry out to JESUS. He defeated Satan and took the keys of death and hell away from him. Another truth that seems to elude those tormented by demons in pedowood. Stop believing the lies they tell you. Satan is a liar and there is no truth in him. Christ paid the price for YOUR FREEDOM!! Thank him for it.. .accept him and repent of any satanic activity. Ask him to close any doors opened to the enemy and seal them shut with his blood. He will do so. Honestly Id rather step into eternity with Christ into his kingdom than live the darkness here on earth most of the entertainment community is trapped in. What kind of existance is it. Not fit for any human being. Christ is and will always be the only answer for anyone. Hollywood is no different. Call on him because he alone is your hope and answer. I'm praying for you guys. Just do it. Dont believe the lies satan tells those to keep them in fear.

Desiree Hall : She was always crazy in my book.....😃

Klaus Kinski : Satan is a part of the Universe but hes not in charge... at least not of everybody that is...


HardDance00 : the last 5 seconds are the funniest 😂😂😂

Mary Noonan : This is what happens boys and girls when you do too many drugs. Public service announcement done.

kimberly : Brittney can definately save us.....all hail queen Brittney!

Troycie Talk : She's not crazy....she is !AWESOME! 🙌🙌

yamato2301 : Juliette ♥️ I have total respect of you. I just want to give you a hug. Thank you very much!!!!

peeweecoco : This is hilarious ....she is HAVING FUN. Remember that? She is trying to deal with the state of Cali being on fire and being frustrated.....and she is using HUMOR...remember that? Christ on a bike....making more of this is just silly....SHE IS BEING FUNNY

Bella Bella : High and driving! I feel safe....

Damon Mendrella : driving high on pills is sick

skeetorkiftwon : "Natural Born Killer"

Gabrielle Rosson : She’s Drunk. And obviously in need of God. I’ll leave this right here: “Please think about why you can't sleep in the evening And please don't be afraid of what your soul is really thinking Your soul knows good and evil, your soul knows both sides And it's time you pick your battle, and I promise you this is mine” Isle of Flightless Birds (TØP)


J. J. : Satan is controlling her.

Lizzy E : TRANS!

Quinn .S : mood

Juan Tolentino : People nowadays think celebrities are deities, even they believe it :)

ΒΈΡΗ ΧΑΊΡΗ : I love all the way

DoubleUpOnBob : And we are supposed to take celebrity political endorsements seriously?

Nate Barker : Not sure who Juliett is, or what Britney spears has to do with anything. She seems cracked out though.

Doovstoover : I love this so muchhhhhhh

David m : A little psilocybin + MDMA never hurt anybody.

Stratis Aftousmis : And just like that I'm back and completely FOR Juilette Lewis. Yesssssss

John M : Meth. Not even once.

jyankowsky : She’s gone to tweakerville

Peg Mularz : This is what xenu does to people

Thanos : "Cocaine's a Hell of a Drug"

kor9 : So this is what happened to Kate after the unfortunate events that took place at the Titty Twister