Why women’s pockets suck

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Vox : You can play around with The Pudding's pocket interactive and see the breakdown brand-by-brand for yourself here: https://pudding.cool/2018/08/pockets/

Rainman Slim : The tiny and fake pockets piss me off to no end. And I'm a man, I never have to deal with this. But the fact they exist makes me so goddamn angry!


monster2slayer : Its easy. Because woman buy it. Supply and demand


pufthemajicdragon : If women cared more about practically over fashion, you'd think more women would buy men's jeans. If women just stopped buying pants that didn't have pockets, clothing companies would change their products really quick. The fact that women's jeans with small or no pockets exist tells me that a large number of women out there care more about the shape of their hips than the size of their pockets.

Adrian Noel : Is this seriously a discussion

Da coo kidz : Lemme guess sexism from white men

Mrs. Bilinski : Back pockets are where it’s at

Valentin S. : "What do you do for living?" "I'm a historian who researches the history of pockets on womens clothes" "So your contribution for society is...?"

Blue Loon : good video. disliked for the bed hopping with AMEX.

Ocek : So basically it's because women wore dresses and when women got jobs in WWII they finally started wearing pants but then women's clothes got tighter and tighter until pockets were unfashionable.

Alondra Ramirez : Ok *turns off phone and tries to stuff it in my nonexistent pocket* 😞

Jack Smith : Men don't carry 4000 dollar purses around

Adam Wojcik : Bring back the tie-in pocket! That actually looks super practical! (and I'm a guy!)

Matt Watson : This is male privilege at its worst!!!

M. Adorján Nagy : As it is shown at the beginning of the video 0:22 there are brands offering pants with large pockets, even for women. So I don't see the problem... If you want large pockets buy those, and if you want to look good, stop complaining and wear J. Crew!

MouseATX : Fellas, A lot more goes into buying clothes, especially any kind of pants, than just buy pockets if you want pockets. Are the brands that make jeans with pockets in your price range? Do stores in your local area carry those brands? Do they come in your size? If you buy online, can you return or exchange if they don’t fit? Think about an issue for more than a couple of seconds and you will see there are always complicating factors you weren’t considering.

TheRealDanBond : Why dislike this?

pistolen87 : I'm a man and i never carry anything in my pant pockets, either i wear a jacket with pockets or a satchel bag. I think carrying things in pants pockets looks unflattering on most people regardless of gender. Also, carrying your phone near my groin, I don't think is healthy in the long run.

Ricecrisp : Because women usually has a hand bag with them

Farhan Raza : Next level feminism.

Phantom KE : Its clear this is because of patriarchy

A Z : Why not have a praying to the gods of fashion so that you get bigger pockets?

o k : wait so does this mean I wear women's jeans?

slyster12 : And I'm a man that hates pockets and uses over the shoulder bag to hold his things.Try putting a pair of sun glasses ,7 inch cell phone,headphones,money,id,keys and a pack of gum inside pockets and tell me how do you look and whats the level of comfort.

b : My only problem with this video is that it assumes every woman wants deeper front pockets. That's just not true. Many, many women care about fashion.

Typical Lib : So stop wasting money on clothes you dont like. Buy from brands with pockets you like. No one is making you buy clothes with small pockets. Tune in next week when vox breaks the news that people who turn the AC on feel cold and people who wear dress shoes find running uncomfortable.

lovepeople Hu : You Social Justice Crybabies never runs out of things to project your victimhood are you?

J R : As handy as a front pocket is, I have large hips and solid legs, putting anything in my front pockets makes me look bulky.

Kevin Castro : This is a first world problem. *rage from comments ensues*

ADHD : Because women have handbags

Aiden Rose : The reason for the smaller pockets is because of the fact that most women have more things to carry than man, that’s why there are purses. Guys usually only have a wallet,phone, keys and maybe something else but that’s basically it

MYCLNOBYUX : i buy men’s jeans

DRAKE 359 : I really don’t see why these women are mad, they can just cary a purse/bag

Ben Holz : women don't want pockets. This video can say what it wants but women buy clothes with tiny pockets if they wouldn't the pockets would become bigger in like two seasons.

LOVER LINK : i legit factor in pockets when purchasing clothes

Ian Meadows : Why not just have a purse

TK : Seriously? It's because they want slim form fitting pants. You cant fit anything in skin right spandex "pants"

CoRpus ENT : I need a bigger pocket so I can hold my AR-15 at school (it's a joke calm down)

Innon Rivkin : So buy unisex jeans

stilcrazychris : I'm a pocket woman. This is why I buy men's clothes. I refuse to carry on of those damn purses bc they can be stolen anytime you don't have it wrapped around your shoulder w/a lock and key. So I'll just stick to Waring men's clothes & I don't care what kinds of names people want to call me. I usually get called a dike bc I also have short hair. But I don't want to take up to an hour to fix me hair or make up. I'm a simple women who like a wash an go hairstyle & be able to carry a pocket knife or gun if someone want to try to take advantage of a women or my family. This chick will not be messed with... lol... More power to the pocket lovers in the world & to the women who likes all of the frills. Love & peace!!! Chris from Missouri

Ricardo Saltos : Why? Because women keep buying pocketless jeans, dicide with you wallet

Pestolove : Totally. My partner and I talked about this before. How useless my pockets are and how this represents the difference in portraying men and women’s body. And how much it would be nice to find big pocket clothes as a default. Since we had these talks when I need my both hands even with expectation of having additional mini bag on my body for every single little walks for sake, he understands the situation more now so he helps putting my phone or wallet in his pockets for sec and walk along the street for a while with no grumps. Just helping the other when needed since you understand more and the sad reality of no pockets.

PaoPao TheCat : Solution? Buy men's clothing

Daniel shimanovich : I see vox is only making videos about the most important problems in today's society

Calyo Delphi : As a guy it completely baffles me why women have to carry a purse just to be able to carry the basic things they need to carry around. Like... I can get more pocketspace than I know what to do with on a pair of cargo pants. Why can't women just get the same? C'mon fashion industry, get a clue already. :/

Ben Hudson : It's called a free market. Buy jeans that favour pocket size over fashion if that's what you want.

One_spicy _boi : Back pockets , jacket pocket , shirt pocket

Genghis Khunt : I think it's better if women wear nothing😋 but that's just my opinion.