Why women’s pockets suck

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Vox : You can play around with The Pudding's pocket interactive and see the breakdown brand-by-brand for yourself here: https://pudding.cool/2018/08/pockets/

all things fascinating : If clothes were designed for comfort then ideally women's pants should be larger around the hips because their hips are larger than men. But we did the opposite by making that area tight as hell.

Georgina Toland : I stopped wearing jeans for a full decade and when I purchased a new pair last fall I was shocked by how small the pockets were in the front. And the lack of pockets in sweatpants...grrr! My solution: I buy men’s clothes. For the first time I am grateful that I don’t have a classic curvy-girly shape. And as a bonus, men’s clothes are made better, come in more sizes, and they’re cheaper.

Kenan Gedik : It’s probably to incentivize women to buy purses Edit: Guess I was right.

Some People Call Me The Space Cowboy : And here I thought women's pockets were being suppressed by Big Purse

Bram Valstar : Imma be a jeans designer and just give them huge pockets, I'll be rolling in cash

Science with Katie : FINALLY someone said it! 😂

Haus of Thug Life : Pockets aren't necessary. Use your servants to hold your objects.

Calyo Delphi : As a guy it completely baffles me why women have to carry a purse just to be able to carry the basic things they need to carry around. Like... I can get more pocketspace than I know what to do with on a pair of cargo pants. Why can't women just get the same? C'mon fashion industry, get a clue already. :/

stilcrazychris : I'm a pocket woman. This is why I buy men's clothes. I refuse to carry on of those damn purses bc they can be stolen anytime you don't have it wrapped around your shoulder w/a lock and key. So I'll just stick to Waring men's clothes & I don't care what kinds of names people want to call me. I usually get called a dike bc I also have short hair. But I don't want to take up to an hour to fix me hair or make up. I'm a simple women who like a wash an go hairstyle & be able to carry a pocket knife or gun if someone want to try to take advantage of a women or my family. This chick will not be messed with... lol... More power to the pocket lovers in the world & to the women who likes all of the frills. Love & peace!!! Chris from Missouri

dil oreo : God the number of incels triggered at this comments section...

Dariune : women look at kangaroos with envy

Tinsel :D : The boys' uniform trousers at school have pockets. The girls' trousers don't.

Analogy Accepted : Even for kids, girls' shirts are tight (why?) and usually hard to put on. Also, with frills and added things that make the unnecessarily complex and further uncomfortable. Boys' shirts, OTOH, nice and comfy, breathe well, no frills, practical.

Matt : Us guys need the bigger pockets to discreetly scratch our balls.

Star Cherry : Also she left out that because of the tie-in pocket, many women made slits in their dresses to conceal it but still functional to grab what they needed out of them

Brain Ion : Please companies bring back pockets for women soon, tired of having to sacrifice my pockets for my gf's stuff

angelica barraza : My scrubs pants doesn't have pockets and my boys classmates does, I'm so angry

Ocek : So basically it's because women wore dresses and when women got jobs in WWII they finally started wearing pants but then women's clothes got tighter and tighter until pockets were unfashionable.

TheGalacticGrizzly : It's very telling that it's mostly guys in the comments telling women to 'just buy jeans with bigger pockets then', instead of the fashionable jeans. Dude, finding jeans that even fit is already extremely difficult when you don't have the body of a teenager, let alone ones that have pockets as well. You can try all the stores and still come up with zip. And no, men's jeans aren't an option due to waist/hip/leg ratio. There are just very, very little options in that aspect for women.

Hydratz : 99 percent invisible anybody?

Rin Son : Yes spread awareness for the pockets! I want to put my phone in my front pocket, I ain't about to put it in my back pocket where there's a higher chance of people stealing it without my knowledge. If you guys want to see men in women's pants (pants that practically have no pockets) for a few days, y'all should go watch the video 'The Try Guys Wear Women's Pants for 72 Hours ft. Safiya Nygaard' on the Try Guys channel! It's interesting and fun to watch their experience.

Aria Khosravi : A lot of women wear handbags which I'm guessing compensates for lack of pockets. Men don't have the equivalent to handbags (backpacks are intrusive and big, man purses aren't as socially acceptable) so having bigger pockets to keep belongings in is more important.

ChuckE Cheese : first they want equality of pocket next your living in dammed tyranny -Jordan Peterson ... not really

John of House Lannister : Because women will buy pants without pockets and men will not.

Daniel Staples : Everyone uses pockets people!

hadracks : Maybe I'm missing something. I figure most problems with goods are self correcting. If women's Abercrombie jeans (with big pockets) sell better than J. Crew (with small pockets) than the companies would figure it out pretty quickly and sell clothes with big pockets. I'm not seeing a problem, I'm seeing options.

Jonathan Jong : it's not the fashion industry starting it's supply and demand and the fashion industry responding. why women's pockets suck? because women demand/buy fashionable pants which are slimmer with crappy pockets. clothing companies are simply responding to women's taste. change your demand and the fashion industry will follow.

AzA : Tumblr says buy male skinny jeans. They fit. They have pockets. I'm a boy... No. Scrap that. I'm a man! 180° straight. Yeah so buy male jeans because they have pockets. ;)

LOVER LINK : i legit factor in pockets when purchasing clothes

theMoporter : It's funny how all the comments saying they made up a problem are men 🤣🤣🤣 women have been making jokes about this for decades!

tsuchan1 : I thought the concept of "boyfriend jeans" was fabulous. Commenting personally, and also as a (gay) male, I want everybody to be happy and comfortable; and I think "mens jeans" look great on everyone.

Coleman Hoyt : You dropped your pocket

Ed Zh : Vox unknowingly supporting stereotypes about women being nags and complaining about everything.

Davin Soro : Let me guess the patriarchy

Que Naim : Lmao people reacting like this is some kind of feminist and sjw propaganda. They're just talking about women's pockets. Also I find it neat

Adrian Noel : Is this seriously a discussion

ADHD : Because women have handbags

Rainman Slim : The tiny and fake pockets piss me off to no end. And I'm a man, I never have to deal with this. But the fact they exist makes me so goddamn angry!

Chinba A. : Its just about what sells more. Women prefer their jeans fashionable rather than with bigger pockets. The way it is worded at the end makes it seem like fashion designers are purposefully making a bad product for women just for the lolz when in reality clothing with big pockets just doesn't sell as well as a more fashionable product.

Matt Dammrich : It's because women get paid less than men. 48% of the dollar and pocket volume to hold it.

Cineva 304 : Aren't you guys at Vox gonna do a video on the yellow vests protests in France?????? C'mon PLEASEEEE !!!!!!

Browk : Wait a second, I don't care.

Malik : Women complaining about everything is one of the most disturbing thing in everyday life

Kain Mahaney : 2:12 fussssterating!

M. Adorján Nagy : As it is shown at the beginning of the video 0:22 there are brands offering pants with large pockets, even for women. So I don't see the problem... If you want large pockets buy those, and if you want to look good, stop complaining and wear J. Crew!

b : My only problem with this video is that it assumes every woman wants deeper front pockets. That's just not true. Many, many women care about fashion.

fallout toker : What's in the kitchen that requires pockets?

Nikhil Nayyar : Thats why women keep their phones in their hand at all times🤔

Universe : Give the ladies some goddamn pockets!