Why women’s pockets suck

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Vox : You can play around with The Pudding's pocket interactive and see the breakdown brand-by-brand for yourself here: https://pudding.cool/2018/08/pockets/

Vardhanam Daga : If clothes were designed for comfort then ideally women's pants should be larger around the hips because their hips are larger than men. But we did the opposite by making that area tight as hell.

Amanda Woehl : #MAKEPOCKETSGREATAGAIN I tried to stop using handbags and it was frustrating, I never realized how poor pockets are in women's clothing. I still try not to use handbags but if you leave the house with more then you cell phone and your wallet u have to use the purse! I hate this situation cause I live in a city that its not very secure so a purse make me feel like a easy target and carry things of value like cash or cellphoe in your hand its bad as well.

Rainman Slim : The tiny and fake pockets piss me off to no end. And I'm a man, I never have to deal with this. But the fact they exist makes me so goddamn angry!

Lil Sloth : You can’t have you’re skin tight jeans and your big man pockets both, gotta pick one

The Deadpool. : Just have a drone carry your stuff above yourself.

Science with Katie : FINALLY someone said it! 😂


TheGalacticGrizzly : It's very telling that it's mostly guys in the comments telling women to 'just buy jeans with bigger pockets then', instead of the fashionable jeans. Dude, finding jeans that even fit is already extremely difficult when you don't have the body of a teenager, let alone ones that have pockets as well. You can try all the stores and still come up with zip. And no, men's jeans aren't an option due to waist/hip/leg ratio. There are just very, very little options in that aspect for women.

Rafee : Haha, I remember having pants with pockets almost till my knees. I used to keep a small book in it and shock everyone as a book came out of my pocket.

Mochi : So women will buy more handbags. There. I answered that question before this even started. Why is this a Vox video?

Dariune : women look at kangaroos with envy

DoctorWeeTodd : I recall borrowing my sister’s jacket when I was young and finding out about fake pockets. I don’t know how you women put up with it. If men were given fake pockets we would riot.

Star Cherry : Also she left out that because of the tie-in pocket, many women made slits in their dresses to conceal it but still functional to grab what they needed out of them

Vineeth Andrews : A very important thing to be discussed

Benjamin Cochrane : Woman from discriminating countries: "I wan't the right to vote, drive, and marry who I wish" Vox: "Woman's jeans pockets are smaller than a man's"

Saint of Bacon : Buy men's pants on sale and get them altered. They're still probably cheaper than women's pants.

MouseATX : Fellas, A lot more goes into buying clothes, especially any kind of pants, than just buy pockets if you want pockets. Are the brands that make jeans with pockets in your price range? Do stores in your local area carry those brands? Do they come in your size? If you buy online, can you return or exchange if they don’t fit? Think about an issue for more than a couple of seconds and you will see there are always complicating factors you weren’t considering.

Spaghetti-sama : This is one of the few Vox articles I agree with. There's no reason for women's pockets to basically not exist.

Anonymous Artist : Is this seriously a discussion

WaterFox : I just inside mine out, and cut the seems and make the pockets bigger myself.

Georgina Toland : I stopped wearing jeans for a full decade and when I purchased a new pair last fall I was shocked by how small the pockets were in the front. And the lack of pockets in sweatpants...grrr! My solution: I buy men’s clothes. For the first time I am grateful that I don’t have a classic curvy-girly shape. And as a bonus, men’s clothes are made better, come in more sizes, and they’re cheaper.

Oma Rumunna : The designer that focuses on female pockets will make a fortune.


Te Pe : ... if pockets mean this much to you, don't buy jeans without pockets. it's all based off of trends, because women buy jeans without pockets, the numbers say thats what yall like and boom, you end up with no pockets. buy only from brands that have pockets and eventually numbers will say thats what you want and spend money on, and you'll get pockets again

Diamond Jub : It's because Purses are more profitable

Brain Ion : Please companies bring back pockets for women soon, tired of having to sacrifice my pockets for my gf's stuff

Real Internet Person : Well it is all relative, women get to have purses

jordy pickles : instead of getting angry just buy mens jeans like meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

o k : wait so does this mean I wear women's jeans?

Eiman Danial : Now women must suffer from pocket discrimination? >:( How dare only men can have spacious pockets. Unacceptable. Misogyny!

theMoporter : It's funny how all the comments saying they made up a problem are men 🤣🤣🤣 women have been making jokes about this for decades!

PumpJack McGee : Just be like early Avril Lavigne and wear cargo pants. She had a pretty cool look back then.

BadgeFTW : Vox making quality content i see People get their news from these people.

Mars Fox : FOR GODS SAKE JUST GIVE ME JEANS WITH POCKETS. Honestly, I couldn’t give a damn whether or not the lines from the pockets show through the jeans. In school, we’re weren’t allowed to carry purses, plus who would want to when we have to carry everything else? In some classes, we weren’t allowed to have our backpacks at our seats, so we had to put the in the corner. If we wanted our phones(cause we were allowed to have them with us) we couldn’t have them out while the teacher was addressing us. No problems for the boys, who just put them in their Narnia-size pockets, but for the girls, we either just sat on our phones, shoved the phones in our binders, or didn’t keep them with us at all, which sucked if we actually needed to use them. Seriously, I just need pockets. I don’t like having to carry another bag or wear a jacket that I don’t need just so that I can put my keys, phone, or wallet somewhere.

think high : Will that be the agenda of the next feminist revolution?

Daniel Staples : Everyone uses pockets people!

Adam Wojcik : Bring back the tie-in pocket! That actually looks super practical! (and I'm a guy!)

Julian West : Why don't manufacturers make women's jeans with good pockets? I've heard this complaint a lot. If someone made a good pair of jeans with good pockets, they'd probably make a fortune!

TheRealDanBond : Why dislike this?

monster2slayer : Its easy. Because woman buy it. Supply and demand

Double A Beauty : At the end when that girl put her phone in her pocket all the way and shrugged i was like “WOW THAT WAS MAGICAL WHERE DID IT GO?”

UnNotchslayer1 Games : Lol tiny pockets haha

Doggo Luz : This is exactly why I go to the men’s section for jeans.

MYCLNOBYUX : i buy men’s jeans

Haus of Thug Life : Pockets aren't necessary. Use your servants to hold your objects.

Coleman Hoyt : You dropped your pocket

juan mateus : Omg now youre feeling triggered by pockets

AzA : Tumblr says buy male skinny jeans. They fit. They have pockets. I'm a boy... No. Scrap that. I'm a man! 180° straight. Yeah so buy male jeans because they have pockets. ;)

Oh Just Why : This is male privilege at its worst!!!