Molly Bro

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pieordi : please make more skits you're actually a god

Melissa Duffy : Rad, Tad.

Aaron - : This is Kyle's bit, just like... 10 years later.

Yarpy : This is gonna have 1,000,000 views soon calling it now.

whycuds : Love your sense of humor, mollybro. Great job to everybody who helped put this together too.

Von Hassen : gold. lets collab on some big room house bro family, we will deffo be main stage by next year n bone gogo dancer babes all day

Eli Green : This is great! Keep it up bro!

Broom : 12th October, I was here before 5k views

swagswagify : Is this a parody of something

Lauren Johnson : how does this only have 26,000 views

cosy y : Dude make more vids ur a god

bih bih : MDE

No one : 81 subs on YouTube. This man out here changing the world.

iHaveNoClueWhatIamDoing : 31 followers on your soundcloud. Don't gotta lie, not sad tad.

Jacob & Emma : This is every person who goes to their first rave or festival

blinkingblindman : Definitely have to hit me up when you find out how to get it in bulk lol

TheIVIcGrath : I'm 24. This is actually such fucking good satire of so many people I met and know from school. You didn't go overboard with any of the jokes like so many content creators do and kill their own videos. Keep it up Not Sad Tad. #PLURLife

Ryan O ́Leary : I need Molly in my water

TheManaLord : Lma-----O

cyrilio : Lets get this party started!

Tedd Todds : pls do more skits these are hilarious

Renux Beatz : nice video bro :p

Carson Mell : Love it.

Nub Zur : I Love You.

Chris Attardo : thank you for this Tad! refreshingly funny and well made

Comments Enabled : when you come down from molly and are more clinically depressed, that's when you need to reevaluate your situation.

bill bush : This video needs more views god damn

danpau84 : Tad can't feel his body.

Alex Laux : Holy shit this is hilarious, well done

Maximillian Wall : This is hilarious, man. Well played!

Too Cute To Poot : Are you by any chance inspired by Kyle?

Grunt Candy : This is how I envision every single person from California.

Robert Busey : Dude you’re bound to blow up. Subbed.

mackay : This changed my life, bro.

Ramiro Figueiredo : Liar.. u have only 20 followers on SoundCloud..

Billie Prescott : Accurate.. fucking accurate brah.

juancarloscafe1 : Dude, sickies bro. This is just, so sick.

Manuel Bolanos : lit tad...lit.

lisemaa : Is this real ?

pateb247 : what the actual

Heavy Grass : I was here before 10k views #notsadtad