Molly Bro

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pieordi : please make more skits you're actually a god

Melissa Duffy : Rad, Tad.

Aaron - : This is Kyle's bit, just like... 10 years later.

Yarpy : This is gonna have 1,000,000 views soon calling it now.

Von Hassen : gold. lets collab on some big room house bro family, we will deffo be main stage by next year n bone gogo dancer babes all day

Eli Green : This is great! Keep it up bro!

whycuds : Love your sense of humor, mollybro. Great job to everybody who helped put this together too.

Broom : 12th October, I was here before 5k views

swagswagify : Is this a parody of something

cosy y : Dude make more vids ur a god

Jacob & Emma : This is every person who goes to their first rave or festival

bih bih : MDE

No one : 81 subs on YouTube. This man out here changing the world.

iHaveNoClueWhatIamDoing : 31 followers on your soundcloud. Don't gotta lie, not sad tad.

Comments Enabled : when you come down from molly and are more clinically depressed, that's when you need to reevaluate your situation.

Grunt Candy : This is how I envision every single person from California.

Tedd Todds : pls do more skits these are hilarious

Chris Attardo : thank you for this Tad! refreshingly funny and well made

Robert Busey : Dude you’re bound to blow up. Subbed.

Nub Zur : I Love You.

danpau84 : Tad can't feel his body.

Maximillian Wall : This is hilarious, man. Well played!

Too Cute To Poot : Are you by any chance inspired by Kyle?

Carson Mell : Love it.

Renux Beatz : nice video bro :p

Alex Laux : Holy shit this is hilarious, well done

mackay : This changed my life, bro.

cyrilio : Lets get this party started!

bill bush : This video needs more views god damn

TheManaLord : Lma-----O

Lauren Johnson : how does this only have 26,000 views

Billie Prescott : Accurate.. fucking accurate brah.

Manuel Bolanos : lit tad...lit.

Ramiro Figueiredo : Liar.. u have only 20 followers on SoundCloud..

lisemaa : Is this real ?

juancarloscafe1 : Dude, sickies bro. This is just, so sick.

pateb247 : what the actual

Heavy Grass : I was here before 10k views #notsadtad