Fergie Does Cartwheels

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scream bitch : the national anthem is quaking

C18 : All this time, I never realized that was Fergie.

Random Name : Killer: Stay still or I'll shoot Me:

Michael Rowe : Interviewer: So, do you have any special talents? Fergie: *UGHHHOHHHOHUGHHHH!*

allz good : Why didn't she do this for the national anthem?

Treybaile : That was iconic 😂🔥

Zion Smith : Fergie. Your performance in the challenge was a little Clumsy and your runway this week was anything but Glamorous. I'm sorry my dear but you are up for elimination

Emma Lay : [when your presentation counts for 50% of the grade]

honeytea : people : stop flipping over it it was like a month ago me :

Danna Banana : Finally been looking for this video for weeks, i thought this was Christina Aguilera

camila : when ur crush changes his relationship status to single

Niyira Ward : When your manager looks at you so you try to look busy

Maybe : WhooooaaaAAUUGH whooaAARRGHH

Dangerous : friends: stop being so extra me:

Mel : I have been thinking about this video all week

car od : Murderer: “don’t move or I’ll kill you” Me:

Mona Emson : When You're the last one alive in Dodge Ball

Jennavieve : although this is really fucking extra and funny, i seriously respect the fact that she's able to do this as she's singing with a mic in her hand

Katherine Selenke : Fun fact: where the video cuts off, she shouts "LET'S PLAY SOME BASKETBALL"

Its Just Brit : The cartwheels were actually kinda impressive.

MundaneFatt : This video is gold and yet the comments are even better lmao

Jadduck : Is she even a real person

Ben Dover : i always thought this was mariah carey lmao

Alexa Moghina : She's so funny omg

Roseee xx : WoahHOHOH, WoahHOHO

Peyton Creekmore : This will never not be funny

Nobody knew the way : Raw footage of me writing my appeal to not be suspended from college

THISTRACK ISABOP : So she’s always been this extra it wasn’t just the national anthem

Malik Clifton : Was this like choreographed by a professional? If so, I need to know their, and if they do weddings.

joey : friend: don't flip out it's not that big of a deal geez calm down me:

Greer : I honestly think I've thought about this every day for a year

joshdunsforhands : after hearing the national anthem. im on a fergie fail rampage

Emily St.pierre : Came here after watching her perform the national anthem😭😂

Telperion : she was ALWAYS a risk taker!

Lj Jones : Anyone else here after the national anthem to see more of Fergie being a mess lol


ania : Holy shit what the hell was that 😂😂😂😂😂

Eat this Kuche : ¡Ayee! ¡ayee! ¡Ayee! .... NOOooOoOoOoOOooooo WHOAAooaoaoooohUGH WHOAAAA- oh NOOO no no no no no no no no no no no no WHOOAAAAUGH WHOOAA- OH NOOO no no no no no no no no no no no no

JustBe BRAVE : I didn't know it was her till right now and honestly.. wow

Artistically : "WOOOOAH! WOA-UUUGH!"

Cammie Carthron : Ive literally been looking for this for months i feel blessed

Morgan Elizabeth : *one handed front walkover a

okbutlikeidontcare : Still better than that national anthem performance

pink toast : Iconic

batweek : when you finally get up from your depression nap

Ricky Torres : Smh these aren't cartwheels. They're front walk overs.

𝘒𝘦𝘭𝘴 : Woahhhhhhhhh nononono

Ashley Coralis : this outfit is honestly such a Look

Lola Grande Butera : Friends at the karaoke:go ahead and sing something. Me:nope,i don't like to sing friends:your crush is over there. Me:Uohgouhuohg!!

Baron Aaron777 : Did she start twerking?