Aretha Franklin - Think (feat. The Blues Brothers) - 1080p Full HD

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RC Dre : RIP Aretha :( queen of soul you will be missed

Marcus Aurelius : RIP LEGEND

Sam Nunyabusiness : So sorry to hear the news of her passing. I'm a white guy, from the south, pushing 50 and I have tears rolling down my cheeks. She was a great American, majestic talent and surely a wonderful human being. No doubt shes bringing a smile to Gods face in heaven now. Our loss is heavens reward.

Mdriver1981 : The guy who plays her husband there (Matt "Guitar" Murphy) died suddenly just two months ago. Before Franklin's terminal illness was publicy announced, he was one of the few people that knew she was dying and what what she was dying of.

Ciro Grieco : R.I.P Aretha❤❤ QUEEN OF SOUL FOREVER

saveusmilkboy : By chance, rewatched Blues Brothers a few days before she died. Even my boyfriend, who is not into music at all, said, "wow, this lady can sing". Aretha crossed all borders. Let's never forget her voice.

Liam Berry : RIP Aretha , music wont be the same without her

Lee Lanzini : R.I.P legend


Ruben Delgadillo : Who else would love to eat at this cafe?

Lauren Vlogs : Rest in peace Aretha Franklin❤️ sung this at one of my gigs at college. Beautiful woman now in peace❤️

Makary Sierpinski : R.I.P. Queen Aretha. We will miss You, but we will love You forever! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

knickell50 : Best movie in the history of the world! RIP...Respect!

Michael Glaze : Rest in peace Aretha Franklin and Matt "Guitar" Murphy

Brunette From Cali : Sit down Beyonce, Gaga, Mariah, Minaj, and Granade, and bow down to the real queen of music. Queen Aretha Franklin

Kristaria Bixon : I grew up hearing her booming, thrilling songs, my father died this year too, st pats day, 79 aged. Today is madonnas 60 th birthday, what else, I don't know, more and more greats keep dying, hate it

Gao San San : Aretha Franklin. I am only 12 and I love both your music and ur soul. May God’s great love shine upon you and everything you do. Keep on singing. Rest in Heavenly Peace

Michele Thompson : Aretha you got Freedom now! I’m sure you got Respect! Love you such a great singer!

Ladonna Williams : Aretha Franklin rest in peace to the Queen of soul you will be missed she still the Queen of soul

Happy man : compare the talent we have now to this.

eza delrey : Aretha and Matt "Guitar" Murphy will be together again to sing this classic, and John will be there too. Lots of love to the Queen today.

kevin blanch : who ever named her the queen of SOUL, NAMED HER RIGHT,, THE GREATEST she dead from CANCER, nothin BUT R.E.S.P.E.C.T. FOR HER, ARETHA FRANKLIN GONE Pancreatic cancer, aug 16 2018 kevin d. blanch AML LEUKEMIA FIGHTER,

John Bertrand : Shame she didn't do more acting. She brings great comedy and energy to this scene both during the song and before.

Andrew Rosenblum : How I envy you Americans. Do not be proud of your cursed weapons. Be proud of you black singers. Greetings form Poland.

PBL Pizza Burger life : アレサ・フランクリンさん rest in peace。

Turner Rentz : You better think about what you're saying. You better think about the consequences of your actions.

redphantom70 : I miss real talent. All the greats are slowly disappearing. The cafe shoot was perfectly done and Aretha franklin nailed it.

Luke der Mensch : Rip Aretha Franklin. I love you. And everyday i say a little prayer for you.

lomax343 : R E S P E C T And R I P

Ian Koech : The girl in shorts is Aretha’s younger sister Carolyn Franklin she was beautiful

カレピオン : RIP Aretha 日本からもお悔やみ申し上げます。 本物のqueenでした

Jessica Uyvette Thompson : Thank you, Queen of Soul!! Rest In Peace, beautiful.

c4gman : Straightaway here. All time best movie musical dance scene for me. RIP Queen of Soul

SUNSHINE PEACH : Her songs are funky RIP

Ofer Carmeli : Amazing women, Amazing energy, unforgettable music

Tony Finoro : Aretha's performance elevates the musical tone in The Blues Brothers.

Dee Vee : Love when Jake and Elwood join in for a few, then sit back down again. Little shit like that makes me love this movie

FOURTEEN STREET : Played this on repeat 1,000 times about a year ago first time i ever watched Blues Bros... Great scene from a great film.. my 1 and only favorite musical.. GOD BLESS ARETHA FRANKLIN

Blorgus Boopin : R.I.P to the Queen of soul music, a legend has left us to conquer heaven with her voice.

Susan Fischer : Just had to see this right NOW. Who else could bring down the house in pink slippers and a grease stained apron. God, please, deliver your daughter to lead the Heavenly Choir. We'll turn up the volume in our hearts.

DV DODDS : R.I.P. The Queen of Soul..reunited with Matt "Guitar" Murphy in Heaven...Godspeed Aretha Franklin :(

Clifford Young : I'm ashamed to say that I did not appreciate this scene when it first came out.  The scales have been lifted from my eyes.  Aretha is at her peak and she is unstoppable.  There is not a woman on planet Earth that can match her.  Even John and Dan realize it.  So they join the dance.

knightrcer : They need to get Aretha a gig singing this song up the pearly gates of Heaven to show what you need to do before you walk in. RIP Aretha Franklin.

SynthJohn : R.I.P Aretha Franklin.

Rick Manzuk : Rip to the woman who made sure she got her respect through singing

Sharon Jensen : Much as I love "Respect", this is my favourite song from the Queen of Soul. Attitude with a capital A.

Beverly B : Rest in power to the Queen of Soul...Aretha Franklin 1942-2018 :(

The Cinematic Mind : RIP Aretha Franklin The Greatest Queen of Soul When I saw The Blues Brothers last year in packed cinema, this scene got the standing ovation.

Mantle4ever : This is how I will always remember Aretha Franklin. This scene is a classic and always has been. Goodbye to the Queen of Soul. THANK YOU for your legacy and talent.