The Beatles - Till There Was You - Subtitulado en español
The Beatles Till There Was You Live One of my favorite Beatles performances

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The Beatles - Till There Was You - Subtitulado en español


Lindsay Johnson : If paul wasn't currently old enough to be my grandpa, I'd totally marry him.

Marcos Pineda : George Harrison Gran Maestro De La Guitarra 1:26

Fany Velazquez : cada vez que los escucho y veo cantar me gustaria haber nacido en otros tiempos y haber tenido la oportunidad de conocerlos :c

Lorraine Ashby : Paul is soo cute here! He looks flustered or out of breath - his voice was so angelic here - lovely, lovely song!

Musicrocks30 : George's lead in this is superb

eight inches : A young George Harrison on guitar. Epic.

Baba Looey Rocks The World : George rules on that Spanish guitar part.

JaleelJohanson62 : George you were a GREAT guitarist! Miss you!

donna stitz : "There were birds in the sky, but I never SAWER them winging." LOL! LOVE THAT :)

Ariel C : el solo de George es perfecto...

Diego CM : Ni sumando a todos los disque artistas, músicos, compositores de ahora, JAMÁS, PERO JAMÁS SUPERARÁN A LOS FAB FOUR. Ahora entiendo a la Beatlemanía de los años 60, son la mejor banda de la historia. Creo que de ellos se ha dicho todo. Dios los bendijo con el tremendo don de la música y composición. LOS MÁS GRANDES DE LA HISTORIA!

privatspace : Paul had the greatest vocal range and mystical voice timbre.

Pear Melg : This is so soothing but to a certain extent it depresses me for one split second like it almost makes me want to cry for no reason and then think about all the sad things in my life😭😭😳😁

Scott Carlson : Great guitar work by George. Very 1960s.

karlshoneybear : what an absolute tremendous perfect performance.....

Arturo Rodriguez Herrera : Paul de un humor muy inglés menciona a su grupo americano favorito: Sophie Tucker! Pero Sophie Tucker era una cantante muy gorda por lo que decían que era del tamaño de un grupo completo, por eso se escuchan las risas del público

Celeste Fay : This is making me emotional Paul is great. George is great. The way they move is so endearing.

Carlos Rodrigo Lopez : ME ENCANTA *OOOO* ♥ es hermosa, muy buena canción, de The Beatles tenía que ser,gran trabajo. Me encantan los movimientos de Paul y George HAHA :3

Jose Arturo Franco Cisneros : Que bella cancion en letra y musica, la dedico ami esposa Bella y querida y compañera de 45 años de vida juntos.

Itzel Zavala : There were bells on a hill But I never heard them ringing No, I never heard them at all Till there was you There were birds in the sky But I never saw them winging No, I never aw them at all Till there was you And there was music And wonderful roses, they tell me In sweet fragrant meadows Of dawn and you There was love all around But I never heard it singing No, I never heard it at all Till there was you And there was music And wonderful roses, they tell me In sweet fragrant meadows  Of dawn and you There was love all around But I never heard it singing No, I never heard it at all Till there was you Till there was you

Aleida Torres : Canciones que me hacen recordar momentos maravillosos de mi vida y personas que ya no están

Joelys Pulido : Como quisiera haber nacido en esa epoca, the beatles forever<3

rebecca st. martin : I LOVE Paul! He's so cute and so sexy;) Though I do love George and his playing on this, I only come for Paul I think IMO he still steals the show:')I LOVE his voice and constant head bobbing :3 he's so ADORABLE <3

Rodrigo Rey : Que voz de PAUL es emocionante.. :)

Jessica Jackson : The way he moves his head every time he performs ahahah so funny

Angie Melanie : Paul tiene la cara mas hermosa que he visto en mi vida al igual que su voz <3  <3  <3

Maria M G : Never heard Paul's voice sound better. Gorgeous and fabulous song!!!!

SEONHO PIZZA : Everything in this video is perfect ! Paul's voice is so sweet and beautiful. George's solo guitar is the best. ㅠㅠ That's the reason why I am crying now. The Beatles for life !

Gata Barbieri : Amazing Paul's voice in a pure, so in tune ! Well...Paul is amazing, anyway ;-) And SOOO cute !!

NikkkitoNippongo : Magnifico trabajo hace George en la guitarra en esta presentacion en vivo del Show de Ed Sullivan, New York, NY 1964

elviejogrino : The guy in the middle playing the guitar was pretty good.

PaulGreen11 : This is indeed one of the greatest guitar solos in rock history, so much was on the line to get this piece over to a crowd of upper class jazz and opra lovers who came out to see for themselves this rumor of prodigy from Liverpool. No improvision allowed on the solo, just perfection. Its very hard to remold a standard into The New Standard, this take did just that. George's performance must have made the Beatles so very proud of him. The crowd applause at the end... for George, for George!

Graciela Berti : Nunca habrá otros iguales...

Victor Maravilla : Este vídeo vale vas que mi casa :v

daniela navarro : Su vocecita tan tierna encaja perfecto en esta cancion

daanje1062 : Love to watch Paul play bass while he sings.  Unparalleled at both as far as I'm concerned.

Tony White : My favourite Beatle Paul what class

Lupirris Galindo : La mejor canción de amor, linda, tierna <3 son lo máximo !!!

Annadog40 : Paul shakes his head a lot when singing.

Nelson J.P. : imaginate si seran talentosos estos tipos, pero tenían unos parlantes y unos productores de la hostia para sonar en los 60s de ésa forma

Jimmy Gallant : Beautiful range in Paul’s voice. Masterfull! 🎶

Hillary's emails to Lorne : a masterpiece...such a brilliant move to have them play this live

Pat Brennan : even at this early stage in their amazing career they were better than anything that came after, they will never be duplicated.''perfection cannot be improved upon''

cotyta24 : Till there was you my love... Paul! :)

Karen Curtis : Happy early birthday to Paul 😘😘 if he was 17 rn I would so date him

chakarg : Mi hija esta fascinada con Paul , siempre la veo escuchando The Beatles o temas actuales de Paul jajaa es un orgullo , tiene 16 y desde los 13 que es asi

Dennis Giaimo : your right George lead is superb

some body : I think Paul's singing is beautifully done in this song :)