Unreal Engine + $150,000 GPU = Real-time Raytraced Star Wars (Full Presentation)

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epSos.de : Perfect. Maybe too perfect. Add some *dust and dirt* on the surfaces, so that it looks more real ! Also, thx for pushing technology forward for the enjoyment for all of us !

Robin Singh : Can it run crysis tho?

Twiztz : Finally, full power of PS3 Cell

Jordan : 2:35 hello fellow kids

ohio coder : better than the last jedi

Autoriff : Will this run on my 486?

ItsBen : Imagine unreal engine with tetris omg the CUBES MAN THE CUBES

Florian : The title says 150.000$ GPU... did the devs mention on what kind of setup this techdemo was running on? Would be interesting to know...

Termitreter : I'm personally waiting for the point when we're getting more than an elevator or hallway out of affordable technology. And who cares that you can imitate a movies lense functions, when even movies spend a lot of effort on trying not to look like shot with a camera? This is supposed to be about games in the first place, so stop trying to be like the "cool kids" in hollywood. Show 'gameplay' demos, how a player would experience the tech, how games using it would feel and look like.

Humanoid Model #421 : Impressive...

VIDURA JAYAWARDENE : This one scene was better than the whole last Jedi film!

Adam Thompson : Where are the lootboxes? I need my pride and accomplishment pls

Smitty Werbenjager-manjensen : I clapped when I saw Captain Phasma. I clapped because I KNOW STAR WARS. I KNOW WHO THAT IS!!!

roan33 : how many hashes can I get on crypto?

kenuty : Look at that, how far technology has come and what it can do for movies + gaming.

MonkeyspankO : (readies lube) Anime pron here we come!! hi reddit

I am Mongo : To heck with all the techno babble. I give it a thumbs up for the elevator music alone!

Guybrush79 : Shiny!

Johny Alva : Reminds me of the watchdogs demo.

T Schramm : too bad epic games cant keep a game going except for fucking fortnite nowadays

hanoverview : looks good dose nothing for gameplay

Edestron : If a 150K GPU looks this real, are we just living in a 1M$ GPU?

The BSG : This. I want more of this. I want a movie with this. I need this. I NEED THIS.

enkrypt3d : fucking clickbait title. There is no such thing as a $150K GPU! LOL Ray Tracing can be done on Nvidia Volta GPU's and they are NOT $150K!

VIDURA JAYAWARDENE : It’s not $150,000 it’s the Nvidia Dgx which is $60,000 get your facts straight !

ziher123 : Future of VR is bright!

John Connor : $150k GPU ??? CAN RUN CRYSIS 1 ???

7even : Looking at the rate of change, graphics 4x this good will be available on consumer-level PCs in 10-15 years.

Milla cat : Э

mazack00 : 1:19 And thus several years of ugly, horrible-to-look-at-video-games was spawned. When will the tech nerds learn that gamers don't like to play a movie? Our eyes don't have "lenses" and to be forced into a camera's world; is very immersion breaking and in fact looks MORE FAKE.

Commander Rainbow Ducky : 150,000 GPU. Its looking amazing but is this focused on movie production?

Conanap : so basically the next star wars is rendered and not recorded eh

Niko Kytölä : but does it run Arma?

Alex Razor : Just wow.

yugger z : Will this run in my geforce 7025? Highest of ends here

Cobra Club : How much fps in fortnite

Midas Snap : Exciting in about 3 to 5 years when this card will be sold for less than 2K.

THE SUPER ELITE : Well God damn....

GetSchwifty0315 : When you get little finger as your lead engineer. Chaos is a latter my friend xD

Ian B : ps5 graphics ?

Doug Heisenberch : 150k GPU , that s wrong , it was a DGX with 4 titan V instead the tesla cards , at least it was stated so in the talk

Iffy Samcasm : fantastic! Love it!

Steven Jackson : Gday from Tasmania! Would my 14 year old son be able to use this clip in a home movie he's making please? It's a movie he's making with his iPhone and iMovie.He can credit you!

Daniel Wellington : Wait, High Priced or not those frames should be noisy.

Sahil Mulla : Nvidia and Microsoft are also working on it

Franz Sin Más : 50.000$, no 150.000.

donbasuradenuevo : inb4, "can it run minecraft" comments.

DADDY SMURF : Good graphic, but bad game

Silent Market : Just remember, Frostbite Engine can do almost the same with much lower GPU power.

Glenn Hanna : Looks a little cartoony. Impressive for real time though.