Unreal Engine + $150,000 GPU = Real-time Raytraced Star Wars (Full Presentation)

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epSos.de : Perfect. Maybe too perfect. Add some *dust and dirt* on the surfaces, so that it looks more real ! Also, thx for pushing technology forward for the enjoyment for all of us !

VIDURA JAYAWARDENE : This one scene was better than the whole last Jedi film!

Robin Singh : Can it run crysis tho?

Twiztz : Finally, full power of PS3 Cell

ItsBen : Imagine unreal engine with tetris omg the CUBES MAN THE CUBES

ohio coder : better than the last jedi

Adam Thompson : Where are the lootboxes? I need my pride and accomplishment pls

Jordan : 2:35 hello fellow kids

VIDURA JAYAWARDENE : It’s not $150,000 it’s the Nvidia Dgx which is $60,000 get your facts straight !

Autoriff : Will this run on my 486?

jose garcia : CLICKBAIT. Bad title my friend. Its not a $150.000 GPU. The video was presented with 4 x NVIDIA TESLA V100. This is: 4 x $10.000 = $40.000. The other components (PSU, CHASIS, MEMORY) didnt go so far in price.

MonkeyspankO : (readies lube) Anime pron here we come!! hi reddit

John Connor : $150k GPU ??? CAN RUN CRYSIS 1 ???

kenuty : Look at that, how far technology has come and what it can do for movies + gaming.

7even : Looking at the rate of change, graphics 4x this good will be available on consumer-level PCs in 10-15 years.

Florian : The title says 150.000$ GPU... did the devs mention on what kind of setup this techdemo was running on? Would be interesting to know...

Termitreter : I'm personally waiting for the point when we're getting more than an elevator or hallway out of affordable technology. And who cares that you can imitate a movies lense functions, when even movies spend a lot of effort on trying not to look like shot with a camera? This is supposed to be about games in the first place, so stop trying to be like the "cool kids" in hollywood. Show 'gameplay' demos, how a player would experience the tech, how games using it would feel and look like.

Ahmet Emin Koçal : Don't believe in the title. There is no such gpu exists.

ziher123 : Future of VR is bright!

Xavier Matews : The future is here! :D

Guybrush79 : Shiny!

I am Mongo : To heck with all the techno babble. I give it a thumbs up for the elevator music alone!

Michael Piccirilli : I clapped when I saw Captain Phasma. I clapped because I KNOW STAR WARS. I KNOW WHO THAT IS!!!

Jdm262 : that is really impressive

Humanoid Model #421 : Impressive...

Johny Alva : Reminds me of the watchdogs demo.

hanoverview : looks good dose nothing for gameplay

The BSG : This. I want more of this. I want a movie with this. I need this. I NEED THIS.

roan33 : how many hashes can I get on crypto?

Midas Snap : Exciting in about 3 to 5 years when this card will be sold for less than 2K.

QUAKEMASTER ED3STRON : If a 150K GPU looks this real, are we just living in a 1M$ GPU?

mazack00 : 1:19 And thus several years of ugly, horrible-to-look-at-video-games was spawned. When will the tech nerds learn that gamers don't like to play a movie? Our eyes don't have "lenses" and to be forced into a camera's world; is very immersion breaking and in fact looks MORE FAKE.

R Carmisin : Unreal makes a nice graphic, no doubt. But graphics aren't everything, Unreal sucks ass at physics, maybe it can be tweaked, but whoever is doing the physics part of Unreal needs to resign and let the big boys take over.Check out the physics in all the Unreal engine titles, they are terrible. PUBG, Far Cry 5. But put a good graphic in front of someone and all judgement is gone out the window, they like deer in headlights.

Snake Plissken : The Unreal gaming engine has ALWAYS been the best graphics engine in gaming. Unreal 3 and Unreal 3.5 were absolutely amazing and the majority of the best looking games in the 360/ps3 era were all running Unreal. Mass Effect series Batman Arkham series Bioshock series Splinter Cell series Gears of War series Borderlands series Just to name a few. Now with Unreal 4 you have even more amazing visuals. Games like; Fortnite Gears of War 4 Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice Crackdown 3 (coming) Street Fighter V Sea of Thieves PuBG Unreal Engine makes gaming good!

Anthony A : When I first saw this video I thought to myself "Nice Pre-rendered graphics that probably costed $1,000,000 to make... Smh.... BUT WTF?! IT'S ONLY 150K and IT'S BEING RENDERED IN REAL TIME!!!? Ahhhhhhhhh take my LIFE'S SAVINGS!!! Lol one day when this card is $750 in the year 2077 (Wink) I will shit myself at how lucky my grandkids will be.

Dokrii : Amazing how this is the same company that made Fortnite, just imagine adding real-time raytracing to Fortnite, oh god...

Regime X : Еще бы такое в VR, и можно делать Матрицу

mehrdad : I just dont get the point of ray tracing in real-time, it was meant to be used for renders because it simulates the behavior of lights as accurate as possible but with the cost of being insanely heavy. it's just a overkill for realtime graphics.

Bbb Sss : How they combined camera tracking and ue4????

La_Dragon Studio's : 150,000 dollar GPU! Amd that's why i develop on roblox

Anthony A : *Imagine seeing this in VR... On a high-tech VR Headset that can go wireless for 7 hours, that's light and extremely comfortable, and that tracks with zero latency... Also... No Screen Door Effect.. I'd never want to go back to the real world... Wow.

DutchManticore : Not very impressed tbh... I don't really feel like real raytracing has any value over faking reflections at the massive cost it comes at.

MoralSingularity : is it absolutely necessary to wear michael nesmith type hats indoors, with colored hair and a seattle grunge lumberjack shirt, to "reach" kids nowadays? i would hope they arent that shallow...nevermind.

Regime X : Кра-со-та! Вот она, мощь Unreal!

Glenn Hanna : Looks a little cartoony. Impressive for real time though.

Mr. Freibier : Next Year- a new Crysis with Raytracing and the only question -> can it run crysis ?

Marjan Terčelj : Real time rendered with what - ZX Spectrum?

Steven Jackson : Gday from Tasmania! Would my 14 year old son be able to use this clip in a home movie he's making please? It's a movie he's making with his iPhone and iMovie.He can credit you!

Opt : How much do I pay for a sense of pride and accomplishment?

Sahil Mulla : Nvidia and Microsoft are also working on it