Koala chokes on own mating call - hilarious!
Koala chokes on mating call funny

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Gwen Ap Mannanan : The koala's reaction is brilliant.

goldiethetalon : The seriousness that Koala gave was perfectly recieved by the Aussie's reaction. "Am I laughin at ya buddy?"

OMGASL : 0:26 "Oh well there's always next mating season..."

Elijah Chupich : hes right that is funny!

Baz king : Crying my eyes out.🤣

Ron Holland : Practicing metal growls and failing. And his reaction, poor Koala.

Treehouses & Motors : 0:00-0:05 sounds like a cold start on a old chinese scooter

squid beak : That was great LOL

Mir Zayi : 0:26 welllllll there will be another mating season next year 😴

Legs of Octopus • Food & Lifestyle : I love koalas so much 😍🐨🐨🐨💕

Clo Lo : Haha what a great scene. The action the reaction. Priceless!

Mir Zayi : 0:14 Why are you laughing at me?!😐😠

Cher Horowitz : When he went to look at you that was the look of death lmao

Rafah Figueroa : Lindo, 😍🐨❣️

Edrik Ruiz : Motorcycle

Jaidyn Blair : OMG!

SubHek : Assblasters

KSound Kaiju : It sounds like a pig

kaylee roki : ew lmao

lin ken : cute

Linda Lane : How has this not gone viral?! 😂

Ethan Arrowood : һє ıṡ ċһȏҡıṅɢ ṭһѧṭ'ṡ ṃєѧṅ