South Africa - Landmines to protect homes

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T/I 10:14:34 An ultimate deterrent has been offered to affluent South African homeowners in crime-plagued Johannesburg -- anti-personnel mines. An anonymous businessman ran several small advertisements for the land mines in the "under 200 Rands" for sale-columm in the classified section of The Star, a daily newspaper. SHOWS: SOUTH AFRICA, 7 NOVEMBER, 1996/FILE JOHANNESBURG, 7 NOVEMBER, 1996 Police racing through affluent suburb of Joburg; Various interiors of police car; CU gun; Man being arrested at night in white area of Joburg; Police throwing coloured man into car; CU police light; Drive by shots of high security fences around houses in affluent suburb; Home owner walking down driveway; CU Security sign saying armed response; SOT home owner James Haigh saying in english they must be crazy. after what has happened in angola etc. they are made illegal by the UN. whoever would put a landmine in their garden. they must be crazy. imagine trying to sell the house. i have landmines here. they are around somewhere. Armed response officers resonding to report of a robbery climbing over fences; Helicopter overhead; Armed response police knocking on door; Newspaper ad advertising the service of landmines to protect homes; Captain Jan Combrinck at desk; Combrinck SOT in English saying first of all the police are taking it very seriously. Investigations have been launched and the police are taking it very seriously. PRETORIA, FILE Mines being detonated at Armscor demonstration in July 1994 in Pretoria; Car being blown up; APC being blown up. runs 3.04 You can license this story through AP Archive: Find out more about AP Archive:


bassbuckmaster : Well its a win win in a way. Lord knows the criminal deserves it, and the home owner if he forgets where he put them. I say do it.

Gregg Smith : No comment