My 600-Lb Life Nicole loves to shop for food
600lb Woman Shops for Food in a Wheelchair

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black goku : They do this to themselves and expect us to feel sorry

april M : *3 bags of chips fall* "Phew, that was very intense".

Luka Matteo : "it's kind of romantic in a way" girl what?

I'm a demon !!!! : *CHARLIE YOUR PUSHING ME IN THE CORNER Well not his fault

Luca Melendez : Her: *offers Charlie a chocolate* Charlie: "Oh, really?!" Lmao

rachcat123 : You gotta realize something...her husband is enabling her. That isn't love. That's killing her. "Love" is helping her into the grave.

Anastasia Ruzina : man, just don't drive your girlfriend to the supermarket buy some vegetables on your own

C4 KC : Whenever I feel fat, I just watch these types of videos

Britt M. : "now you gotta pick every bag up" ¡HE DIDN'T EVEN KNOCK THEM OVER!

juicy jaz : You know it's bad when you can't even fit down the damn aisle 😑

Lina Bina : “shopping for food feels rOmAnTiC” ikyfl😭😭😭

Alyssa Rose : I can't stand her. She has a nasty attitude and is so ungrateful.

R. E. : "I love shopping for food" Bruh, what she put on that cart isn't "food"

May Lyn Arcilla : How can they even afford shopping if they can't even walk? 🤔 Online job? Businesses? Or pure benefits from the taxpayers? I'm overweight myself, but I started to do diets 3 months ago. Losing 20lbs not much but still progress 😊 I hope this people will have an inspiration for a healthier life. And I hope it's not too late. And those people around them contributes on what happen to them. Wake up they don't love you if they don't discipline you. Spread love ❤️

stella ShOOk : "Shopping for food is the only fun thing i do...." ME

When We Leave My Body is Your Party Tonight : Feels anxious because people stare. Grabs lindt chocolates on the way out.

Gabriela Rangel : “That’s embarrassing” *The shopping car is full of junk food and also takes some chocolate before leaving*

Ytf Matt : Lmao the sad song they put in the background lmao TLC wants you to feel bad😂😂😂💀

Tati Smiles : Yeah but Charlie’s not like you because he’s getting his workout in 😭😂 2:02

olivia rose : She’s basically saying that this is his fault. ITS NOT HIS FAULT, YOU DID THIS TO YOURE SELF

MemeBoyExtreme : Gets through isle ‘Phew that was intense’ Hahahahaha

Louisa Woo Ching : All u want is food? Say hello to the grave then

Branden Stangle : Damn I need a man that loves me like Charlie loves her.... Charlie: ”I’ll move whatever I need to for her”. My Ex: “Suck it up and get it yourself”

Napat Absillis : who knew you could fit a semi truck into a shop

Esther Candy : 0:31 you can obviously tell that it’s pepsi

Markus Garren : Her: I truly love shopping for food Me: no shit 😐 Her: it’s romantic in a way... Me: wth dude 😐 kinda nastyyy

hannah seaburn : Saddest part is she’ll get more handicap benefits than disabled veterans.

Laina Laina : “It’s worth how hard it is.” *Me after every run* Her: *i just rode around in a wheelchair and bought junk food.* Me: 🙄

Is Edd : Hahah you have Brain cells right? Simpel logic: You eat too much=You get FATT

Hell Maker : 2:17 Charlie:I love you Woman: *chewing chocolate*

Talha K : So I gained 5 lbs recently and now I'm watching these videos to get my life on track

Pica S : 0:18 “Charlie, your pushing me into the Cornher” 😂😂😂

Dan : When Their chins kissed I threw up in my mouth a thousand times 😫😫😫😫

Infinity Mods : when charlie goes grocery shopping its like going to the gym lmao

N4k Clan : 0:57 tricks are for kids Look at the cart

卄乇しし卂 ㄒ卄丨匚匚 : Who watches this just to feel better about their body too?

Rachel Ferrante : “ grocery shopping is the only time we get to do something together , .......... its kinda romantic in a way “ 😂

Juvy Thao : Their sex life must be very dry 😩

Amroe Loks : “I’ll flat out move it, I Don’t Care!! Lmao bruh 😭😭

Citris Butter Penguin Productions : Her:"pick up the bags" Guy:*mumble* her:"no that's embarrassing" Boi your embarrassing

An arrangement of pixels on a plastic screen. : her husband must be a pro weightlifter he's pushing around 600 pounds of weight all day

Ute Ajdb : Not 1 healthy item in that basket

alonelystar : ThAt WaS VeRy InTeNsE... lol

rick hunter : Is like Jabba the Hutt´s albino sister lmao

Ivon Dimitrova : I will add 🦋 for every like !!! 🦋🦋🦋

Baby Love : BTW I love how she didn’t once mention how lucky she is that her Husband helps her move around the store and moves things out of the way for her, what an ungrateful b#%ch

Cr3ssie : This is great motivation for working towards getting rid of my muffin top 😂

Chris : Wtf have I just watched 😂 YouTube recommend this video. Time to stop the internet today.

John Ward : I'm so happy I lost weight after high school, being fat is not fun at all.