My 600-Lb Life Nicole loves to shop for food

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hope : that was *very intense*

Captain shu : She offered him chocolate for the cameras, when they stopped recording she probably beat him up for accepting it.

Togi Mathews : 2:18 Him: i love you!! Her: njom njom!!

Larry Sizemore : _"I truly love shopping for food... but it's difficult because I'm so big."_ I'm not a scientist, but I think I spotted both a problem and it's solution.

Vegar Hoem Gravråk : To big too use a mobility scooter that's a red light.

Artistic Albino : Oh honey, how even?

An arrangement of pixels on a plastic screen. : her husband must be a pro weightlifter he's pushing around 600 pounds of weight all day

juston I : Damn if that is romantic for them then going through a drive thru must be like porn. 😂

chrissygreen24 : 😭😭 that must have been the first time she offered him food 😂😂 He said "really?"

MR SLAV : Man if I ever visit America, I would not go straight to see monuments, I would just go to wallmart and look at enormous people.

Maylyn Bayani : I watch my 600 lbs life everytime I dont feel like going to the gym. Works like magic.

Quinton Riley : 2:21 Anyone notice how the car was leaning to the right. lol

THANOS : *No foods were ate during the production of this video.*

Kylie Grace : me watching this: yea i think i won’t eat anymore *EVER*AGAIN*

卄乇しし卂 ㄒ卄丨匚匚 : Who watches this just to feel better about their body too?

BLXRRIES : “only fun thing i can do” y’all need to try weed

Mai : Those piercings aren't doing her any favors. No offense to people with facial piercings hers just don't look good.

Excelsior Patakanaikos : Kinda romantic? More like kinda gross

Kenneth An : I'll move whatever I gotta move? Tough guy

Luke T. : waiting for the thots to say: "why am I single"

Vanilla orca : Bruh just buy salads! They are sooooo delicious I'm a health nut but I'm 122 pounds! You can put chicken, croutons, and bacon so pls just have a salad!

3xoticx : These people are too lazy to WANT to make a change. I'm sorry theres no other excuse for it. I lost 160lbs not because it was easy, not because I didn't/don't currently LOVE food. I did it despite those things .. Why? Because it was important to ME. My quality of life was important to ME. Fashion, dressing up looking good was important to ME. Staying alive was IMPORTANT TO ME. And one day when I realized I am losing my life as a result of a snickers bar I decided to make a change. These people know what healthy food is. They know when they are digesting junk. They know they feel like shit. They refuse to do anything about it. This woman here is saying the only "fun" in her life is going grocery shopping... Like are you kidding me? Even if thats TRUE, don't say it outloud and imprint it in your mind. Tell yourself the GYM is the most fun place and excite yourself. One day at a time. But no one can truly help these people until something hits. Until they want to change themselves. You have to really really want it. And you can do it.Theres no secret pill, theres no instagram miracle. Eat healthy, and go for a 15 min walk every day. Drink lots of water and no snacking. Thats it thats all. DO IT. You can do it. If i did it, anyone can do it. Think of the prize think of how good you will look and feel.... "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels".................... I don't care what anyone says that is the truth. None of these fat advocates are truly happy in their own skin knowing they are borderline DYING to say the least....

MissLilRedRooster : "Candy.. My love". Wouldn't have known..

metalmario298 : Man she should do her grocery shopping online to save her the embarrassment.

jimmy perkins : Why is the food blurred out ?

Goodbye everyone I’ll remember you all in therapy : *Me: gets 3rd bowl of cereal and thinks I’m overeating*

Fatima Pacheco : *but after I shop I can’t wait to go home and eat*

sadie smby : And it starts...I watch one video then I watch all of the other videos as well...

Rich nigga flex Jam jam : This lady scares me with how she only talks about food 😂 but she’s blessed to have a man that loves her for who she is

Doug N : She hates it but look at all the garbage they by and she eats. She is the one to blame and he enables her.

Colin Weiss : i just wonder....does she think the lip piercing somehow enhances her beauty?

may situmorang : Drop her to my country,it’s almost Christmas we need more meat and she is perfect for it 😂

Imani Williams : She needs to stop she's killing herself 🤦🏽‍♀️

stuckIN801 : In a way he is slowly murdering her. He is a murderer in sheeps clothing. And she is a cow in elephant clothing.

Ms.Trish S : And im single? Damm!

Jenny cheeks : And here i am, single

mmm : She's T H I C C *AF*

Alyssa Pastore : Ok but can we all admit that those lindor chocolates are bomb lmao

Joseph Mccracken : She must of paid him to act like he loves her. That man deserve a good wife. Not............. this

F.A.R. Official : she said food shopping is romantic omg wth

Scarlet Moonlight : Omg I almost threw up a little noticing that fat whale has a man who loves it 🤮

Kahlaa Jordan : She really worried about food and she that big🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

392_fam : The car was leaning when they took off OOF

garyrockdastage : They are even more disturbing than the movie human centipede🤮🤮🤢🤢

chowder125 : I need a relationship as strong as the passenger side tires.

Thunder Potato : 0:42 yeet

NutKraKa : 2:27 "all I want is food"

Kevin Martinez : Am I the only one who noticed the car tilted to the left lmao


Talha K : So I gained 5 lbs recently and now I'm watching these videos to get my life on track