What Happens to Your Stuff When You Get Sent to Prison for Life?
What Happens to Your Stuff When You Get Sent to Prison for Life

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JLConawayII : Pro tip: don't go to prison for life. Or at all.

Broken Eyes : How did people describe clockwise and counter-clockwise movement (spinning in a right or left direction respectively) before clocks were invented?

Shadow81989 : It all goes to a wooden chest in the entryway of the prison, duh! Everybody who ever played Skyrim know that, no need to watch the video.

FredMonster : Dammit Simon! You’re always answering questions I didn’t know I had!

Christian Hine : I had the misfortune of spending a year in a state prison. There was absolutely no access to YouTube (or anything on the internet) unless you had a contraband phone...which I avoided like the plague. This lack of accessibility to information and entertainment frequently led to issues with both violence and depression among inmates. Phone calls were extremely limited and expensive. You had to call someone with an account, which while preventing harassing calls to strangers also prohibited legitimate business and requests from taking place. So much of what I encountered is not only counter productive, but also bad for taxpayers and those who want to see problems get resolved and not simply shuffled out of sight. Major prison reform is necessary and will be a focus of my life in the future. This goes beyond partisanship and can actually be a uniting idea. (The edit was for a typo.)

ShinTsu : wow, sounds like going to prison is basically killing your financial capacity, ruining your way more than just taking away your ability to make money

Matthias M : If you get life in prison than why would you care about paying debts. My credit score is not my problem anymore.

Johnnie Hougaard Nielsen : Increasing recidivism (by destroying chances of returning to a normal life) is very much in the financial interest of private prisons.

Chef Dean : As a victim of US penal system, if one has no surviving family or friends . . . you're screwed.

Misty Lane : The short of it is most people lose everything when they go to prison regardless of the length of sentence. Without out help from family and friends most are completely lost when they get out

Jason Knox : Well, at one point in my life a long time ago I made a few bad decisions. From experience I can say, before spending 2 years in jail I had a new car, apartment, and alot of household type stuff.. upon being released a year and 7months later I found myself owning only the clothes I was wearing when I was arrested and subsequently sentenced.. sneakers with no laces, pants with no belt, and a sweatshirt with no string in the hood.. so in my experience if going to jail/prison, be prepared to lose everthing...

Eric Market : I watched the ad at the end for the first time today. Damnit Simon you got me.

Shane Slosson : Well, damn, Simon, way to guilt me into watching the ads XD

SOMETHING FUNNY : can we get a Simon Whistler biography episode?

eli mcguirk : Ads made by you are far better than ads added by YouTube.

matthewweaverworks : Asset forfeiture is government robbery in most cases. You don’t even need to be convicted of a crime to lose your stuff.

Marco Meijer : I'm not surprised that the US makes this particularly difficult. They don't like the idea of an inmate getting back on their own two feet after their sentence. They want former convicts to have to commit crimes, so they can then send them back to prison.

David Whitlock : Hats off to you guys for another great video. Thank you dash lane for supporting my favorite channel.

Mihovil BeckV : Damn you're looking DASHing today Simon

Erus Townsend : If I was to go away for 10-20 years, I would convert the money in to bonds and place them either in a safe box or with a trusted relative. This way it can grow while in there.

Marcus Mravik : "If they ever do get out..." *cough cough* Michael Scofield :P

rlsaine : I was going to click off the video near the end.... like I normally do. But. then your statements made me feel guilty so I let the video play out to the end through the advertisement. Didn't listen to the ad but Google doesn't know that.

Sean Hirsch : I found a bank account that was 20 years old. I made money off it. I wasnt in prison i just forgot about it

Cody Golden : America loves locking people up

BroImpeccable : *When* you get sent to prison for life. How optimistic...

Conway79 : The US prison system must be the worst of any developed country. They're definitely more about punishment, dehumanization and stripping away as many rights as they can get away with than they are about helping inmates to clean up their lives and reduce the risk of reoffending.

chadoftoons : No suprise that these people have such trouble starting their live over if they just lost everything because of debt created by the goverment. I mean it would not be different if the goverment just seized all your stuff nowadays the end result for the person is that its pretty impossible to have a chance at a nortmal live or even trying to recompensate the person you might learn to feel sorry for.

Nick Dawson : I'll tell you one thing you won't lose when you go to prison. Your passwords, since they're stored safely with Dashlane!

Marvelo Mavo : I really thought there were going to be bonus facts and Simon would say something like "for those of you who stayed and watched the whole sponsor ad, here are some secret bonus facts for you" 😂😂😂😂

Scott : The government steals it. Just like taxation

raider4997 : How much is that exorbitant fee inmates have to pay to watch a video?

Chuck Keough : "Lol, I died"

Sydney : You kind of look like the guy from vsauce

Anthony Hewitt : This guy is almost always good interesting man keep that sht up. Never anything controversial just interesting facts that couldnt hurt to absorb.

Beau Bell : Spent over 5 years in prison for dealing. Been out 3 years, make decent money cooking and i just had a son. Prison sucked, but made me appreciate shit alot more.

Fried Mule : Great but what about your shoos, wedding ring, jacket and so on, where do that end if you've got 10 x life? What if you get 50 years, how do they ensure that your belongings still are in the same conditions as when they confiscated your items?

improvised racing : never knew that until now. thanks mman for the information. looking forward to future videos.

Greg Kamer : In my forty three years in law enforcement, I have never run into a situation in which a criminal I was dealing with and expecting to serve a long sentence to have a bank account, credit card, or substantial property, in their own names. So getting their affairs in order usually amounted to deciding who to give the property they had on them at the time of arrest. In fact is was a pretty common practice for "friends" to check the local jail rosters to see who was down, so they could go to that persons home and rip them off. Ah... no honor among thieves.

Josiah Georges : Thanks so much for this.... I have always wanted to know this

AliasUndercover : I know that if they arrest you for drugs, they take your car apart and then auction it off in several boxes.

dcom : I clicked on you cause I thought you were vsause

jumblesgoodridge : In other words, you gotta be rich to keep anything- and if you’re poor, you’re SOL.

MotherSweater : Thanks YouTube for recommending me this video

Robert Emerson : Finally, information we can all use!

TopShonuff : you just made this more confusing

Bangshot Muddafuka : Oh, wait i thought i clikked on a visause vid...

Quick Fix - Thought Provoking Videos : I was just going to commit a terrible crime and go to prison for the rest of my existence. I'm very I've watched this video before.

Ashir Malik : Do a crime for money> Go to jail> Get out of jail broke >Do a crime for money (Its a never ending cycle)

Anon Fan : But Andy DuFrane did it