Catherine Tate - The Offensive Translator [HighQuality]

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Sebastian Murphy : People who deem this to be racist really are pathetic - she is mocking the way the languages SOUND.

Skai : the African man was just waiting😂😂


igor matijevic : She speaks foreign languages like my country's politicians.

Eltie B : Man, I want to see bloopers of this. xD

Soralella71 : As an Italian I can say that she sounds from Naples.

localtortoise : Makes me wonder what English would sound like if this sketch came from another country

AJ Chiong : "Mungu Mungu Mungu Mungu this is not my sandwich" 😂😂😂😂😂 I'm dead

Martina Capodaglio : Italian accuracy: 100%.

conatcha : I'm a Spaniard and I only have to say ce ce ce ce ce ce ce ce ce ce....

masteraj57 : I love how for the more stereotypical ones they didn't even show the sign.

Darkstar263 : I think this is the best sketch she's done.

yetijoeyetijoe : I work for an international swedish company and support people in all of the countries represented in this skit. I laughed hard enough to get tears. I don't know what this show is but will look it up and watch more clips.

Dominic Voon : "....... ... ... gurdy."

D-no : best thing is the black guy at the end.. literally looks like hes trying not to laugh aswell. great scene... probably not loved by 2017s offended snowflake movement

TimNorrisTV : This never gets old

PensilKase : I swear her French accent got me through my 5 months in Strasbourg

Dzul Samad : If we r able to laugh at others as well as at ourselves then the world will be a better place

Derek Von Hohenheim : They should have added Russian, German, Japanese, Arabic, Indonesian and Tagalog. Hahaha

Kani Fuker : This and the gay maaaaan are hilarious. The Chinese womans face is brilliant in this sketch.

Alice Cheung : I'm Chinese and I can't stop laughing omg

Fajar Suryawan : How does english sound to speakers of other languages? I really wonder...

Ursus Eugene : omg the Indian one completely killed me lol cause the real indian language exactly sound like that to me

Stringbean : Brilliant sketch. There is no way this would get past the Censors today. The lefties would create uproar. Political Correctness destroyed comedy in this country.

Sophie Render : LOVE 'this is not my sandwich' :D

Sebastian Stolz : why she wasn´t making a german ? As a german i feel offended not to be in a part of making fun of nationalitys :D

Jay B : Ahhhh budbudbudbudbudbud lol! So funny >.<

julie bennett : Hurdy gurdy gurdy

lola a : This is one of the funniest sketches I've ever seen

JockBaloney : Offending and insulting the ENTIRE PLANET - and ABSOLUTELY LOVING IT!

Katharina Winder : This video never gets old! :D LOL! Does anyone know if "This is not my sandwich." has any specific meaning?

Sea Catt : When your French teacher asks for the answer but you weren’t listening 00:55

dofusm : Best part the boss doesn't stop her.


Dani : Mother of God I can't take it anymore :D :D I miss the good old days. Wish how awesome it would be if the Queen of British comedy makes a return with this show ?

Samuel Toposona : She can even speak the language of animals. I could not stop laughing. Rating out of 10 would 11/10

mediapark101 : Does anyone know if there is a non-english centric language version of this sketch. Would love to see how our friends from other countries "do" us Englanders.

feltum : It's easy to get foreigners to understand you. Shout, and put 'o' on the end of every other word! Love her Italian the best. 😊😊

David Lane : How the f did they keep straight faces?

laura nereyda : I just put this on repeat 20 times!

Dandalf Woodward : Could you imagine how many people this would trigger if it was on TV nowadays? Kind of wish it was.

Elarion : As a Sweden - I am not at all upset! :D Brilliant Catherine Tate, we love you! (gurdy hurdy gurdy!)

Patricia Alvarez : One of my all time favorites!  This is not my sandwich!  Hilarious!!

Ben Arkell : I love learning different languages. I think I might have even been able to translate slightly better than this lady!

platinumblondebiatch : the black guy at the end obviously spoke English.

Cl4rendon : Most of them seem to have a hard time keeping their faces straight, except the Spanish guy & the Swedish woman.

Alexander Athanasiades : I would love to see the bloopers! Might have taken half a day to complete the scene.

Александр Гуров : Scottish , Aye man ae ken no man aye man ae ken ya trumpet

spacedoutartkidl : my French teacher showed my class this to show us how important it was to pronounce properly when talking in foreign languages😆😆😅

Tom Murphy : This is not my sandwhich