Good Time flashback scene (Ray's story)

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Mark Hazleton : Not only is Robert Pattinson AWESOME in this... but the actor who plays Ray just feels REAL. He really needs to be in more movies. He reminds me of people I know and it's crazy... and this entire soundtrack is insane.

fox5 : One of the best movies I've ever seen

8MMMedia : This monologue was all in one take.

macedonia : Robert Pattinson was a bit too convincing in this film, lowkey scared of him now


UnbelievabIeMontages : this scene is so martin scorsese esque

shawn lilly : Great scene from what is in my opinion the greatest film of all time.

mikisotak : Blade Runner 2049, Dunkirk and Good time. Best of 2017.

Rathees U : How it feels like to chew 5 gum

The Great Hangman : The longest Sprite commercial ever..

Blake Fowler : That guy literally got more money from the RadioShack than they did from the bank.

Eliot Kersten : I knew I was in love with this movie as soon as I saw the Pepe

Cole Rieger : He takes some sticks, I take some sticks

wizard thoughts : I want to drop Xanax and Acid with Necro

EtchedInStone : This is a first rate film and one of the best I've seen in years. Love this scene; it's so intense.

thefilmfanatic23 : One of my favorite films of 2017! Robert Pattinson gave a raw and gritty performance making me forgive his performance in the god-awful Twilight series. I also love the film's neon drenched cinematography and electronic soundtrack.

Cinema Sorcery : This scene is so hilarious, great scene in a great movie.

Courtesy of Perception : KINO

SuperShah201 - Tell and Embrace : This movie is indie film at its finest. Seriously. SO GOOD

Hey Bro : so much fun watching this film. this scene was as legit as scenes get.

noemy emma : Ray should have his own movie about his would be the perfect mix of tragic and absurd

Evan Martin : the bald guy is necro. YouTube necro I need drugs

Owen Graziano : How this movie got zero accolades is a mystery to me. It should’ve gotten way more buzz than it did.

Philip Zamora : I have never simultaneously cringed as hard and laughed as hard than I have watching the end of this clip.

Chris B : Awesome movie! All the actors were on fire and delivered! Not the type of people I would hang out with, but it was a nice ride for an hour and a half.

Nayden : Truly great film.

Timmy Too Turnt Up : are these supposed to be the same characters from heaven knows what?

Peter Cady : Great movie

Lately : Funniest shit

Solar Macharius : This clown Donnie

EpicStrawberries : this ray character is so spot on... terrific

Michael Gundersen : Good movie. But brawl in cell block 99 was better in 2017.

Cameron Duffy : Great film!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Scapegoat Mechanism : The movie kind of lost me after finding out that Connie grabbed the wrong person at the hospital. Everything after that seemed so disjointed from the original storyline.

Armando Gomez : i was late at the movie thaters and this was the other showing, one of the best movies ive ever seen

Mandy's World : This was a great indie film. Loved it

Evan Monroe : No one talks like this. It's a massive exposition dump that is only meant to set up the LSD drink. I am of the minority that didn't like this movie too much.

Ronnie : Caliph!

The Protagonist : 0:55 lol

Jessy Leppert : I know the EPIC Players who appeared in the movie

Adamantus XCV : I LOVE this movie! Now whenever someone in my life is telling me a flashback story or something. I try to visualize it so viscerally like in this scene. It was such eye candy for me, although I struggled watching this scene while I was tripping out on LSD coincidentally enough.

Aehs7 : Completely seamless

dandand317 : This movie is so so good.

b sher : NECRO!

pope quiet : necro

Peyton King Likes Movies : so i dont get it. Its a great movie but what was with the sprite. it confused me. were they putting in the acid in the sprite

Nine-Tailed Kitsune : And literally the next fuckin' thing I remember is I'm fuckin'... I'm runnin' down some random street and I just see a fuckin' cab and I hail it and I just get in.