Is The BIGGEST STARBUCKS in The World Any Good?

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Daniel Kwan : Phrase of the day: 对 bombs


Gilles Heirbaut : Pricewise? *Sips again* ... Yeah I'm getting totally ripped off.

Lucas gangx : That place is awesome! Gotta get there next time I'm in Shanghai! Love your videos guys, keep it up ✌️

James blunt : 越来越喜欢马马虎虎了,加油,雄起,干巴爹

Robert Hardy : When Starbucks is a major attraction you know you're in a boring city.

Xi Chen : Yaaas mamahuhu update

Edward : hahah I live right next it just saw my apartment building

ding dao : You guys are the best channel maker wherever in mainland or not.

tenchichrono : Love your videos guys. I watch every video. Much love from a displaced Chinese brother living in Orange County, CA.

Michael Kosasih : The million dollars question is :"why?"

Paul H : Interesting, you guys should definitely do more vids like this in bars/buildings/restaurants/cafes/tourist places of interest etc. Good craic to see you interacting with locals and informative too!

Maverick Johnston : 对bombs 🤣🤣🤣

Wesley Kokosnoot : Enjoy the coffee, Mamahuhu!

jeremig : Great video ! love you guys !

Jose Nava : Alezzos haircut is ridiculous. Lol haha

Robert Hardy : Lol if cold brew is not cold coffee then what is it?

Supernaturalme Supernaturalme : Biggest country biggest Starbucks

Alice Gatto : That’s ridiculous, the map looks like the one they give you when you go to the summer palace in Beijing. How big is this place?!

Alex Stratis : haha they can get away with charging so much because of the experience and ambiance. Mamahuhu want to see more surprising locals with your mandarin skills xD

The Simple Life : Naaaahh Matt, you haircut is fiiiire 👌 first thing I noticed!

Poemi10304 : Wow, I went to a small Starbucks in Shanghai a month or two before the Olympics over there. It was dead, save for a Caucasian couple in front of me, lol. What a difference now.

Seattleites Abroad : Loved this! I'm originally from Seattle, so it was cool to see a video that reminds me of home^^ Also, the new hair cut looks great! Makes you look 25 xD

Kpop Lab Pro : Cheers lads🍻

David Harrison : $5 for a cookie..... That's insane

Supernaltooth : Who’s the girl in white 2:11? I need to know her for research purposes.

Huiyi Wang : What really shock me was (everything because I've never been to a Starbucks and I'm not aloud to drink coffee jet 😂) that the biggest Sturbucks it's in China and not in America 😅

WELEH TV : I went there, so expensive dayum

ADC Melb : Interesting video - Yes it's a bad haircut

al4sake : I know I'm getting ripped off at Starbucks but why do I keep coming back

Archchill : I went there in April. It funny theirs another Starbucks right across the street

Kristoffer S : Weird question, how is the caffeine level of coffee in China? I lived in Korea and, while they had a big coffee culture, as in there were many cafés, the caffeine content was kind of weak compared to American/Italian.

Aydan Yenaled : Why'd you guys have to roast the workers' English hahah

Gamer Andy : Can you guys make a Q&A? Like why you guys are making these videos in China and what made you guys come to China?

Winnie Tam : I literally visited this place one day after this was filmed. So sad I didn't get to meet you guys! :(

kangla sha : Next video. Plz do on china flower market... It gonna viral hopefully.

Alexey Semenov : I hope Starbucks pay you for that!

Hali : living the Shanghai sheeple dream!

晓鹏金 : So expensive,how much do you guys spend,about 300 RMB?

Cuckoo : 星巴克…太贵了。也不好喝。

Spyridon Kakouris : Is it really? In Istanbul there's a 5-stories-high one. Maybe with regard to square-meters-space?

Juanito Alvarez : I went there for the first time a couple of weeks ago. We got three coffees and three pieces of cake between us and the bill was about 400 RMB. Cool place to visit once...and only once.

Bear Can : Your hair looks 'native'. Seriously though, you look like your a member of Die Antwoord. You should keep it! :)

NameGeneratorFailed : +Mamahuhu, Why can't I buy this MERCH in China?

北京 life : don't really look like a starbucks,怪怪的感觉😄 在上海有这么多人会说english?!吃惊 thank you for video

陈治功 : mamahuhu is a very objective channel introducing the Chinese life style

Xerxes Q : imagine u pay entry and all u can eat

Maurice Supot : Lol that Ohio chick got snubbed hahahahaha

Phat Hacks : I join long queues in China just for the experience.

Manish : Roast beef and cheese croissant is the best thing there.