The Biggest STARBUCKS In The World Is In CHINA

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Daniel Kwan : Phrase of the day: 对 bombs

Gilles Heirbaut : Pricewise? *Sips again* ... Yeah I'm getting totally ripped off.

James blunt : 越来越喜欢马马虎虎了,加油,雄起,干巴爹

Lawrence Wong : If u r a foreigner who able to speak a little bit Chinese in China, they r really happy. Just a little no need too fluent (it's the best if u r fluent in Chinese) had to tell u Chinese young people quite enthusiastic. Those the west media reported all r old minded Chinese, new minded Chinese have good characters seriously

Lucas gangx : That place is awesome! Gotta get there next time I'm in Shanghai! Love your videos guys, keep it up ✌️

David Harrison : $5 for a cookie..... That's insane

Paul H : Interesting, you guys should definitely do more vids like this in bars/buildings/restaurants/cafes/tourist places of interest etc. Good craic to see you interacting with locals and informative too!

Supernaturalme Supernaturalme : Biggest country biggest Starbucks

ding dao : You guys are the best channel maker wherever in mainland or not.

Wandering Ravens : Loved this! I'm originally from Seattle, so it was cool to see a video that reminds me of home^^ Also, the new hair cut looks great! Makes you look 25 xD

Rowan Beard : Loved how you shut down the chick from Ohio from quickly cutting away from her. Brilliant.

Xi Chen : Yaaas mamahuhu update

Edward : hahah I live right next it just saw my apartment building

jeremig : Great video ! love you guys !

Robert Hardy : When Starbucks is a major attraction you know you're in a boring city.

Michael Kosasih : The million dollars question is :"why?"

Kpop Lab Pro : Cheers lads🍻

alex watson : What’s with the Ohio cow ?

Robert Hardy : Lol if cold brew is not cold coffee then what is it?

WELEH TV : I went there, so expensive dayum

Maurice Supot : Lol that Ohio chick got snubbed hahahahaha

Wesley Kokosnoot : Enjoy the coffee, Mamahuhu!

Career China : Awesome video guys!!! That is a BIG Starbucks. Thanks for the insight 🤘 - Josh

Alex Stratis : haha they can get away with charging so much because of the experience and ambiance. Mamahuhu want to see more surprising locals with your mandarin skills xD

tenchichrono : Love your videos guys. I watch every video. Much love from a displaced Chinese brother living in Orange County, CA.

Maverick Johnston : 对bombs 🤣🤣🤣

Phat Hacks : I join long queues in China just for the experience.


Jose Nava : Alezzos haircut is ridiculous. Lol haha

Alice Gatto : That’s ridiculous, the map looks like the one they give you when you go to the summer palace in Beijing. How big is this place?!

The Simple Life : Naaaahh Matt, you haircut is fiiiire 👌 first thing I noticed!

Jack Jellybean : I remembered nearly 3 years ago, on occasion with my cousin we walking by the world coffee expo in one of the new shopping malls. Now that was great, got to see all these coffee making contraptions and even try for free some coffee made people who were really into it.

Annie_baobei : Got a coffee at the Starbucks reserve in Suzhou and it was horrible for the price i paid... they totally burnt the beans... I’m just gonna keep on ordering the good old watery americano

Jack Jellybean : Ahhh... so coffee shops around the world (perhaps outside US) are usual quaint places in the neighbourhood where you can sit, relax and enjoy the scenery. I guess bigger isn't always better, from the video it felt a bit like a themepark!

K Jeathro : After I had a cup of long black in NZ I think I will never drink coffee in Starbuck Coffee.

Lars Chue : A white college girls paradise.

kangla sha : Next video. Plz do on china flower market... It gonna viral hopefully.

Jack Jellybean : Omg when those guys scanned your wechat code :D well you are doing it right, and frankly if I were to meet you guys on holiday in Shanghai it would be my honour to scan

神秘德里克 : Insanely expensive

al4sake : I know I'm getting ripped off at Starbucks but why do I keep coming back

james chang : what's​ up with that iphone X natch in your head BRO! hahaahah the barber must love the iphone x too much!

Zhigong CHEN : mamahuhu is a very objective channel introducing the Chinese life style

Zeyu Wang : I’m surprised that they sell it for the same price as it does in America.

刘鸣谦 : 搞得我们上海人智商很低的样子....

David in LA : This is like a child of Eataly and Starbucks.. pretty cool

Lepol Hart : I think Starbucks are the most expensive coffee shops out of the franchise coffee shops. Those prices are extreme.

Simon bastin : I felt like she was applauding for me when I understood the word jiu

San Zhang : You guys are both Tuhaos.

andy zhang : 8:00 Girl: "apple,xx,xx,xxx.“ Matt:” yeah, you're right. Got it. “ Do you really get it?

Hali : living the Shanghai sheeple dream!