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Kerrick Sanker : Me when I finally try to communicate my feelings.

The Two : This is me after I had a few taco bell quesadillas.

Milk : Music - Beethoven - 7th Symphony - 2nd movement

MrGeorocks : Well timed score

Levi Valenciano : Its funny because tae means shit in Filipino, which seems to fit the video

pedro luiz : what lars von trier movie is this

Maddinhpws : It is because of the weirdly shaped tea can. It is build in such a way that the tea can apply maximum pressure and thus works like a hose.

Kit Keating : Very nice! I actually laughed.

ƧÜ : tanrı kraliçeyi korusun

wackywankavator : First pee of the morning.

The Government : *the Queen cries*

NuclearKnives : It's like one of those videos where the pimple pops and all the puss comes out

Jon Irenicus : Tae

BD Forniés : Weak payoff

tv34291 : Subscribed. Would love to see you do more slo-mo to classical music.

EpicDonutDude : Interesting

Chancey Dicklord : that's doep

Dimas Karabas : Sup from Reddit)

stillsleeping1080 : fantastic sound work

Jeff : I'll watch anything with Music from West World in it!

E : Gravity be on that shit

Zapdog : my brain at work

George Michael : You, my friend, are an artist!

Inky Draconian : i have no idea why but i thought a frog was going to jump out of the tea pot

Pavan Punjabi : This is so spectacularly bad which is also what makes it so spectacularly good! More please

Nguyen Ngoc Kien : I am literately burst out laughing, while waiting for the cap to fall off

Walter Röhrich : the morning after you had hot food

YourFavouriteKal : Kubrick's finest film yet

1,000 subs with no vids challenge : Lil. T A E

Al Guien : Was this a deleted scene from Inception?

Richard Klein : I wondered why she was pouring so slowly. The soundtrack is fabulous!

NTH THN : Yes.

Sean Mooney : Barrys Tea I hope? We don't be having those heathen Lyons brewfiends here!

Marachime : this is so brilliant

Kacper Szymański : When she's doing BJ and finally touch nuts

Kate Minogue : hahah thomas what the hell, why does this shave so many views? :-P