Content Deputy - AJP

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Blob Zilla : Top 10 anime sequels

Salsabila Putri : hey edups, it's time.

Hollywood Hawkins : I just made a sandwich thanks idubbbz you made me hungry. Rice hole

dat calculation tho : Yo this video has been out since forever but I still dont know the meaning of AJP. pls help guis.

ت : Content cop- VINERS

Chicken Permission : *The beginning was so satisfying.*

alphabrogaming : Content Cop - Hiroshima Content Deputy - Nagasaki

Jorixonian : That sandwich at the beginning actually looks good... Except the extra mayo

Shomari McKinney-Watts : How to like a video twice

The Useless Duck AKA Talia M : Lele Pons. Please.

Pacmanghost : Brian puts a Post Malone song in his video. Ian puts Post Malone in his video.

Me eM : Is it funny how Tana has a bigger bulge than ricecunt

Asroc Inferno : rice gum sounds like he got some cold

D.A. La Ghetto : Making Shit tracks does not make Ricegum a rapper. That's an insult to all musicians everywhere

Paolo Sorinio : I just subscribed to ricegum, just to unsuscribe to ricegum

Dino Razor : ricegum says "27 year old guy" in his song it's confirmed, leafy is the ghost writter

lt red a : Guys instead of suggesting what idubbz should do for his next content cop how about we let him decide

Ruby Shawty : Kinda wanted the sandwich

OneRealKid : BEATZ

Pyroboy : What you think about the Logan paul thing that went on in the suicide forset?

Dylan Howlett : Do a content cop on the actual jake paul next Also you also should've brought up how he bullied travis barker's daughter

SMG4's SuperFan : You know you've lost when Idubbbz says that Leafy made a better response then you.

SmolGengar : His L just increased twice the size.

The Ace Of Spades : The only way to come back from a content cop is to not get one at all.


Yoshikage Kira : RIP RICEGAY

Piotr Boruch : I'm here on 2018 and its still the best thing thst happen in thus year

Mn M : Hopefully one day Ian will make a video about a massive YouTuber, and then titles it, Content Sheriff.


Real EtchASketch : At the end it sounds like he misses Leafy 😂

Fluttercruel FIW : Roses are red, If violets are blue, They might as well be black. But just remember, At content cop, What we do here, IS GO BACK

SWFL Canes Corp : you should mail him a sheep shirt

DarKSpideR99 : English is not my first language so I don't understand a thing ricegum says but I can understand Ian very clear. (Also I don't know why I can't stop watching Content cop and deputy videos)

__R3TR0__ : Daddy Malone

Dagga9979 : He protec He attac But most importantly, he go bac

A Money//A Nation : CONTENT COP ON LOGAN PAUL (if you know what I’m talking about then like so he can talk about what he did)

Justin Long : A Paul is deserving of a roasting. Get to it.

Raydon 32424 : Just here to look for hate comment

Michael Aron : best comment section on youtube right now.

LokoLukeADuke 7 : Content Cop - Clout Gang?

Katie Torres : Aww Post Malone showed up:)

Broken Stick : Shove it up your rice hole

BManHD : *Why should I correct a child that says ammulance or.... sammich* I'm dead 🤣

Zee Vlogs : I love idubbbz

xx_xx : You know Logan Paul is next

Steve Detrow : 💪=☠️ remember that ricegum XD

L.T.W 10 : Do a content cop on logan paul

Neworder 93 : Content cop on Logan Paul.

Raveler : Purple on jacket drinking lean knocked him out!

ANGRY SLAVIC OWL : Anyone watching this in 2018