Content Deputy - AJP

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Salsabila Putri : hey edups, it's time.

Vega ツ : Did it feel good tho ?

Lucy the artist : Ricegum: uses a post Malone song in response to idubbz Idubbz: has post Malone in his response to ricegums response

Can I get -1 subscribers with no videos? : *ricegum uses post Malone’s music* *post Malone in idubbbz video*

PokéLife : The funny thing is Rice Gum clicked the video thinking it was about Jake😂


Tucker Anderson : Wait when you had the glasses held out in front of your eyes you looked like Steve from American Dad when he doesn’t have his glasses on

r : Just realized this but... Ricecunt uses "rockstar" in his response video. That's awkward

TeamSASH : I thought asians were supposed to be smart bruh

Lindsey Lou : Rewatching this because it's too good. Legendary.

Brooke M : This vid really got me thinking about how nice Ian’s eyebrows are

Marvel FTW : A Q U I M A L A T E D

Sam Smith : sssniperwolf content cop!

FPP TROLLS- FORTNITE : He protec He attac He diss track

Theflabergaster : Ricegum is so cringy i had to take a pause midvideo

DammitSinged : Ohhh boy Content Deputy usually means death.

Gjorceski Matej : The sandwich looks sooo fuckin good

Naomi Roval : I think there should be a limit at which people need to watch a video in order to like or Dislike it. If YouTube had such a system implemented you would have, no joke, 0 dislikes. Because no violently autistic riceball dickrider is going to stick around for that long on a video they clicked on literally just so they could click dislike. On a side note, you didn't even need a content deputy on him, the Asian retard convoluted his own arguments and refuted his own points. He even made an apology and then retracted said apology within the span of 7 seconds.

Monika with circular saw : Why do I watch your content cops again and again? Because I like that fact, that you shut down someone, who totally deserve it. I love it. And what makes me laugh is, that he thinks that you are not on his level. Yea, he is kinda right, because you are on higher level, than Rice. In fact, you are that much higher than him, that if you jumped of your level on his, your whole body would burn out, cause of the change of atmosphere :D Loveee it. Just what drives me crazy, is that he responded. He is so under you, so low, that we can tell he has no right to respond :D He just confirmed your criticism. Fuu I feel good. He got what he deserves. Shame his whole channel didn't shut down.

MadTitan 66 : So if you show your black friends throwing up gang shit your automatically cool, and you win the argument? How does that make sense?

Chicken Permission : *The beginning was so satisfying.*

Wut : *S H E E P*

Niels Christian Rasmussen : Anyone else looking for salty ricegum fans

Carlos Cardona : That sandwich he made though

Pacen Arnold : That sandwich looked almost as disgusting as Ricegum's attitude.

Jenastaso : loool Post Malone

Coco W : Agagahagahag the interactions between rice gum and that girl make me so uncomfortable I do not understand why she’s so chill w him ahhh I really don’t get it someone help

Maggie Moo Moo : AJP= Asian Jake Paul That’s awesome 😂

Daniel Jackson : He says that 1 rape victim isn't mad so he thinks it's ok but doesn't take into account the other rape victims who will be scared from their experience and what ricegum joking about rape does to them

E Judge : *why was idubbz making a sandwich more entertaining then Ricegum’s entire channel😂*

Kreachure : Just when I thought I was done beating my meat for the day...

Aaroni Peperoni : You just accumulated one more sub

Inia Spooner : *Before the Content Cop* Ricegum: "I really don't care..." *After the Content Cop* Ricegum:*Cares*

Obi Wan James : man, idubbbz would make an amazing lawyer

Tom Nippleston : Y'all notice how in his content cop or even his disstrack he never actually said ricecum's name? Like how vegeta never calls goku goku

WhereTimeFlows : jesus the likes


Kevvey kev : That rice guy is an absolute knob head

killercane 349 : Rape is good

NeverFallenn : iDubbbz Wins like a rockstar

Ian and Owen : That sandwich looked good

Kaustubh Bhagwat : Ricegum used Post Malone music. iDubbbz used Post Himself epic XD

Atabak Mohabbati : Like this coment. aNd I ,will n0t shot a sch0o1

Joseph Gaertner : And I thought Asians were supposed to be intelligent.

Andrew Wright : Ian is like the Ben Shapiro of youtubers.

Vizually : Post Malone YES! biggest L ever for Rice

colin kuykendall : Content cop game theory. Not because I hate mat pat I just hate all of his lazy content, theories you have to really reach for, and spilling videos up if they reach ten minutes.

Forever Uknown : At Least Idubbbz Sees' That It Would Become An Endless Argument If He Didn't End It

quietrioter : I'm surprised Ian didn't challenge him to a fight like he did with the Jonx. That would prove that Asian Jake Paul is a bitch

DARTH VADER : He protecc He attacc But most importantly What we do here is go bacc