The Best Viral Video I've Ever Seen + A Medium-Sized Announcement!

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Drew Gooden : The event is cancelled sorry guys: I was way too ambitious with this, sorry. Learning experience.

Danny Gonzalez : Really excited for this! This video is the first I’m hearing of this but I’m definitely down. I’ll be there! (Edit: to clarify this is a joke I really will be there)

Shannon M : This sounds ridiculous and I'm am very upset i cannot attend *Edit:* Welp ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Quinn Reynolds : *Shits on Floor* *Throws at Employee* Sorry about that.

J.Cyrus : I can’t wait to touch Danny. I bought two tier 3s to touch him twice!

Unstable HD : As a fellow Floridian I feel your being memed on pain

Marshall Lee : "Florida man rents a gallery to display his Ms Paint artwork"

Tyler Aav : Who watched this while shitting on the floor of a Tim Hortons and throwing it at the employee

Hilde : LA people are so lucky

Mieke Fransen : This sounds like the greatest thing I will ever experience. Sucks that I live in Europe :(

Chris LeeWoo : So when is that lady's TED talk?

deadly lazer : the entrance sign of the event should be “event up ahead? uh yeah I sure hope it does”

King Dip Dip : do a face reveal at 200k

finella k : You should do this in our homeland Florida, where ALL of your fans could go. My friends and me. Your only fans. That's it.

offbeat kiki : This sounds like the coolest, most fun meet and greet ever. Wish I lived nearby D:

Gracie Thibodeau : It would be a dream to go to your event, but I live in Canada with that crazy poop lady:((

fran rose : So I take it you paid your rent on time this month? I miss your landlord in this video. 2/10 :-(

Katherine Langford : I WANNA GO. IM SO SAD. also the danny part 😂

Lanky Kong 64 : So how much for the lotion?!?!?!?????

Barstooly : The real crime is how many napkins she took

David O. : I refuse to comment “drew you stink” for you do not stink and I fully intend on attending this art show

DarthShadie : I guess she really had to go! Maybe doing it on the floor was better for her pride than doing it in her pants, it maybe was the difference between deliberate and accidental. Oh, and I'm the same at the end of my videos, I can just ramble on and on. I need to work on that.

Diana Escobedo Luna : Poor Steve was like, “A woman just threw her poop at me... That noose I once bought apparently wasn’t for nothing”. Sorry if the humor is too dark.

Emi Belcher : i love the thought of people explaining this to their parents before buying tickets

lucy rhodes : drew and danny both uploading in the same day? sweet

Estefani A. : i wanna go so badly but im nowhere near should do a poll or something about where people are and try to a tour! (also i love how unique and actually worth it your meet is)

Jiff Bombastic : Have some more faith in yourself. More than one person will show up. 1.5 people will show up.

their ship name would be tian : you're going to LA?? I can't wait for more crossover vids

Gobs : Please do extensive coverage of the event. I am so sad, that i cannot attend it, but i would love to watch a long vlog or something to feel like i was a part of something amazing!

Faisal Plays : if i lived in any part of america i would've 100% went there now i'm sad that i can't go...see what you did drew! :(

Sunflower Bae : My friend showed me that in class and my first question was “did it happen in Florida?” and she was like no girl that was the first thing I checked for. I understand the struggle.

ali : if i lived anywhere near LA i would snatch those tickets up but rip aussie me

Crash Bandicoot : Horton hears a poo!

DarthShadie : So you are real too then? :p hehe love all the joke jokes.

Sarah Rothermel : wait.... you and Danny aren’t the same person??

Anubis Cat Lover : I really hope someone brings their dad.

Sarah Lucescu : I’m gonna go look up Vancouver poop woman now, thanks

Tim van Emmerloot : True artist. Not giving a shit and just doing whatever!! Awesome drew. Inspirational!


Fhennerius : Drew Gooden is a gift from God. Drew Goden. ha. puns.

Enthusiastic Agnostic : Ugh okay I live in San Diego and can totally go but I don't know anyone else who watches his channel... so its like do I buy two tickets and try to explain to someone what youtube is and how he is the only youtuber? Cause thats 80 bucks... I wish I knew another person who would want to pay 40 What would you do?

ツTara : Wait Danny's there too? Wtf I wish I was close enough to go...

MyNameIsNidos : You’re the best Youtuber. I love you, Drew. All homo, because we’re both homosapiens. You’re cool. I wish we were brothers. Can you adopt me? I’m 18 but my parents grounded me for not doing my homework and getting drunk on Mike’s Hard Lemonade. They suck!! Please adopt me as your brother, Drew. Thank you. Sincerely, Big Daddy Dave

Todd Charron : Your'e Amazing in 13 reason why Season 2

Santiago Arxé : It more bizarre it sounds, the better. I'd love to be there... But attending from Spain sounds a bit too complicated. Both money and time wise. Anyway, I hope it goes extremely well! You deserve it.

emma : Lmao I live in Florida too and I agree that seeing all the “Florida man” headlines can get really annoying

Stella Wood : “it’s something a lot of other youtubers have done in the past” but drew... aren’t you the ONLY youtuber???

Mallard Valley : Top 14 Most Shocking Anime Betrayals

Levi Hott : Dang, I really wish I could go but there’s no way I can get to la. Well good luck with this, and to the people going hope it’s gonna be a fun time. Ps: I had fun watching your stream on twitch. Hope you do it again soon.

Ginny Jaitlin : Is the podcast ever coming back? Those videos were amazing.