Drunk anime girl has an existential crisis in VRchat
Every so often I come back to this video of a guy having an existential crisis in virtual reality and it makes me emotional

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Delano Santiago : That moment when a drunk weeb is more woke than a college student in philosophy class

αle : Last part actually made me tear up a bit "I just want to think that something great is in those voids... and i'm real" That made sense af even if he's drunk

Freeden : That final shot in this is just so perfectly cinematic. Sometimes things just line up so perfectly, and the music, combined with your POV turning towards space and his final words just line up so well and beautifully together, it's like some kind of movie finale.

Gierom guy_does_nothing_productive : This literally made me tear up, especially the ending statement "im real". No kidding

5 9 : It's true what Syrmor said about the real gems in a ridiculous context. Never in my life have I thought that I would be tearing up over a drunk dude with an anime girl avatar speaking their mind, or a Korean man with a bird soldier avatar talking about how his brother passed. But here I am.

Me Too. : I've never heard somebody talk about such a topic, drunk, on VR Chat, and dressed as an anime avatar. This is a topic that I can get bored of but this man was just so interesting. He seemed so passionate. I'm so glad we have VR Chat because it's not only just a goof-around type game. It has real people, real lives, and real emotions.

Jani K : This guy is from Finland 👍👍 #torillatavataan

Badthingsgames : You're real bro and there's definitely something great in those voids.

Cemil PCMR : Finally someone can understand me, a drunk anime girl

bophi bop : some people laughs uncontrollably when they get drunk but this guy gets 200+ IQ when he gets drunk

prakong kanistanond : I just want to think that something great is in there. in those voids. [starring into the virtual space] and I'm real... (my tears started to fall)

-/p l u t o/- : i'm definitely not the kind of person who cries very often but that ending had tears rolling down my face. literally bless this man i hope he has a good life

Vishal Farma : I come back to this video every now and again for motivation.

Viper : I don’t know why but I think his voice suits his avatar really well

Kool aids : This channel has changed me. Seeing military bird, and Jordan, and middle school Sans with the zebras in his front garden. I feel more in touch with people. I want to become nicer and okay with the world. "If someone hates you, don't hate them."

Judson Sucksatgames : Me in the beginning:hahaha this anime girl is drunk Me in the end:crying* how does a drunk person sound so smart

shmless : this guy makes me want to treasure all the moments I had a genuine conversation in vrchat. I wouldn’t trade the time I talked to a pikachu that sounded like a 25 year old man discussing about pop culture and the pokemon movie for all the rarest gemstones in the world.

NINJA's Depression : This. This is the kind of thing that makes it all worth it.

ink and fable : 4:51 Did I hear a cry from you right there?? If yes, you have every right to, this is the most beautiful, yet very deep thing I’ve ever heard. I literally feel my eyes getting puffy after crying so many times

Alexander Ryan : "...and I'm real." - that was beautiful. So much emotion and feeling behind those words. That was a moment in history we can be proud of.

Caleb Guffey : I. Can't. Stop. Watching. This. Video. Please find more stories like this and investing your effort into such beautiful, raw art! This stuff is changing my life... I can feel it literally change my life. Thank you so much

BeastRequiem : I remember watching this video at a really low point in my life after I lost someone important to me. It made me change my perspective on life and death. This video was my first step on my journey to finding closure and moving on from that dark state of mind.

Sam Levy : I clear my YouTube history after watching Vsauce videos. This guy just shared his/her deepest thoughts with total strangers on VRchat. I will likely never know this person's name, but they have shown more courage here in the span of 6 minutes than I usually show over the course of a few weeks, I respect them immensely for this.

Safir : I have the same thoughts... Hearing someone say “I’m real” & their perspective really makes me feel like I’m not alone in this seemingly robotic unconscious world

Victoria : I never thought.. A drunk guy wearing an anime girl morph talking to a fox and a dinosaur in space would open my mind in such a way...

Musical Butt : I want this guy to be my philosophy teacher.

Kanden : I feel like Syrmor is the kind of guy that always tries to avoid people. But then he tells someone "Hello" and the pour out their heart to him with that one word.

Kornikus : There's something great out there, in those voids. And I'm real.

Kameron Jones : La la la la la la ooo drunk man on vrchat seems interesting I'm in the good mood for laughter I'll watch 5 minutes later.... This is so beautiful 😭🤧 ...and I am real😭

ParanormalMoon : “I know it’s crazy, but I want to think that there’s something great out there, in those voids.... ... ....... and I’m real.” - drunk philosophical man on vrchat 2018

Dua I دعاء : Thanks for adding Arabic My English not that good but this video made my heart cry

__Ndnny __ : i agree with him, existing for so long is like tourture like theres a limit like he said and it'd be so hard to process, the length of your own existence if it lasted that long and time would just loose its meaning

Juksu : Omg.... This user is finnish 100% sure finnish. I'm finnish and that accent just screams Finland.

Sol Animations : I find comfort in drinking Getting wasted and so messed up When i do I cant lie to anyone Myself Nothing but the truth And Pain It feels amazing to just talk and to say something And people look at you and they know your wasted and they take it in a laugh or listen which is amazing because when your Normal And try to tallk they Wont listen They will look at you with nothing but discomfort I think thats why my mom did what she did So she didnt have to hide From herself To just let everything out and Cry Since you have so many reasons to cry but Thats the one reason theyll accept without you being ridiculed So you can cry just cry and talk and think and look at nothing but the truth as you percieve it in your reality To say a word and mean somthing to yourself to think of something and know to cry withought any fear to be you without lying But then agian Im just wasted Should i be ashamed To be real

wtf jyy : "And I'm real." God damn

ericbazinga : Wow. He's right. This truly is a beautiful time to live in. If only I had a VR setup of my own.

Joe Bianchi : me: attempts to go to sleep my brain:

Shuzzo : Neon Genesis Ethanolion

Joey Beans : I liked the video but I’m a bit disappointed that I couldn’t find Swag Lords comment.

VRT0AST : "Imagine 1000 Years from now if humanity doesn't nuke it's self" - Drunk Anime girl 2018

Victoria Lana : The void is a cool thing... you can float in the air and all that. Lol Jokes aside this guy just wants to live a happy life and he is not happy with how things are. I hope he can find peace and be happy.

Carbon Connection : The ending was brilliant! Ive watched about 6 of these VR interviews and every one of them were gold! Keep em comin!

kayah • : I never thought I would be interested in somebody's drunk speech. That man is so lonely, thank you for spending some of your time and talking to him.

KvAT : His words actually gave me an insight on mortality, digitalization, and all the moralities surrounding it. I can't say anything but give this man a place in the world and some booze and he'll cure world depression in 5 years.

Mr.Pat : I want to hug this guy irl

Marla Robbins : ** In the end ** Me: *Sheds a tear and starts clapping*

Kevin Getzoff : Reality is hard to live and explain, as 1st person perspective beings we are all able to comprehend that. Virtual reality is not hard to live or explain, as 1st person perspective beings we are all able to comprehend that. Therefore, it is much easier to explain a 1st person thought process while viewing life virtually than it is realistically. However it is hard to guess another's philosophy in either reality. Unless we simply state our own. Or in this case... if you're drunk.

Chang JY : This brought me to tears

Leslie Aguirre : Wow didn't know I have been having existential crisis for like years now