Drunk anime girl has an existential crisis in VRchat

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Syrmor : If you'd like to keep up with updates on the channel and additional videos this is my twitter https://twitter.com/SyrmorS

Mr.Pat : I want to hug this guy irl

jennypenny : This was sincerely beautiful

Thomas Owens : Directed by Stanley Kubrick

Ness - : This shit is deeper than my Student Loan Debt

wtf jyy : "And I'm real." God damn

Mr. Got That : "Yeah but I'm not human..." "Well you are not human okay" This gave me life.....

shiusa : It's really cool how you capture so many human moments on VR chat. It makes me feel like the world is connected

bophi bop : some people laughs uncontrollably when they get drunk but this guy gets 200+ IQ when he gets drunk

somecallmeawesome : Like, actually just take a step back, observe and think about it: There is this guy who is drunk, has a VR Headset on his face, thereby enabling himself to enter a virtual reality, as a full chested anime girl and talks about Existentialism and the autonomy or heteronomy of our subjective conciousness. And it's all real. Seriously. You can't make that shit up. And that's the time and place of the world we currently live in. I think there is seriously some kind of beauty to it.

Helen Aliabadi : This video said so many memorable things I've compiled a list: "You are not human... that's okay, I don't mind. You're still a mind." "But you are still a person to me here right now who is talking to me." "It's just so mind boggling that I have actually [been] born at a time when it's possible to talk with people all around the world. So you can just imagine what kind of [a] world we're [going to be] living in, in like one thousand years or so if humanity doesn't nuke itself." "Nobody can say for sure that free will exists because if the reality we are living in, if that is completely deterministic -- and we can't know that but if it is -- then our free will... it's a really beautiful thing." "You should question everything, you know? Even if humans think that they have cracked the source of code of creation, they won't have cracked that. We are not outside observers of this reality, you know? We don't have [a] third person perspective of this. We are just existing here and pondering. And that's beautiful." "But there are these real gems of human moments that occur despite the context in which they occur, and it's just a crazy thing to be a part of." "It's so horrible to think about, that someone will actually create minds like us. It's completely cruel to let a human being exist for over one hundred years. We would just lose our minds." "Somewhere there is a limit and somewhere, in the hundreds or in the thousands of years, you would just want to pull the trigger and just be gone." "These are just thoughts in my mind and I have to let them out someday." "I really appreciate the fact that you guys are listening to me. I love you guys, I really do." "I just want to think that something great is in there, in those voids. And I'm real."

ReesesSkater : I give you credit for subtitling the whole damn thing.

Jdog : That moment When you click on a video expecting to get a few laughs but instead come to the verge of tears and start thinking deeply about life

DoctorSess : Man that was some heavy shit... really like that you didn’t ridicule him but instead were courageous enough to allow yourself to have a genuine moment with a total stranger.

Kool aids : This channel has changed me. Seeing military bird, and Jordan, and middle school Sans with the zebras in his front garden. I feel more in touch with people. I want to become nicer and okay with the world. "If someone hates you, don't hate them."

Humphrey ! : Goes to a studying program for 4 months *Exams 60%* Plays VR chat for a week *Exams 97%*

VRT0AST : "Imagine 1000 Years from now if humanity doesn't nuke it's self" - Drunk Anime girl 2018

Cherri loves coffee : I go on discord voice channels, and sometimes when the chats get dead, people end up talking about their lives, and normal stuff, and it's great when that happens, because for once, i don't feel alone on this planet. We're all just talking into our shitty microphones, miles, states, countries away, and, im glad I can be a part of that, like, just actually speak to somebody and feel like i know them after 30 minutes to a few hours of talking to them. Sometimes I just get really sad, and then some guy joins a voice channel, just being really nice. I remember one time I said i wasn't too good at something, and he said stuff about how if I kept trying, I'd get better. They always tell us that in school, but, it never sank in for me because its just some guy on the white board being projected there. With that guy on discord, it was different. He was really down to earth about it, and thats why it actually sank in. People say the internet is toxic, but, they don't tell you about all the people that are so kind, even with their anonimity allowing them to just mess with people. They don't tell you about the people who can make you feel good about yourself though a two dollar microphone from somewhere that could be half way across the world. They don't tell you about the people that are so far away, yet you feel so close to.

Daniel Stittums : You can tell he is a genuinely nice guy.

imtrash : A drunk man words are a sober man thoughts. I would like to talk to him i love having deep conversation but nobody wants to

roseibach : god has joined the server

Brodbrody : The way that long pause and turning to the dinosaur at the end gave me chills.

Hazqier : Not even joking... I shed a tear listening to this... for some reason my brain thinks this is really beautiful

991yugioh : You know deep shit would start happening when that character skin is from Expelled from Paradise....a post apocalyptic earth with most of the human minds are living in a digital VR world.


Luz Naranjo : wow i uh i have never heard anyone say something actually considerd really deep but this, a lot of this is actually scary and he isn't bullshiting what he is saying, and saying for attention or to sound deep etc, this is actully something (atleast some of these things) ive thought about and its scary, i can feel fear, real fear, if you dove to deep and over thought this, it could drive you mad having to accept the reality of things. We don't know all the answers and we don't know where were going, and thats scary. Maybe this sounds preachy and cheesy but i just want to say, the stuff he said scares me, because this is a thought other people also have, to know that you are lost and that it can happened to anyone with that mindset. That probably made no sense but whatever, good video and i hope the best for that guy.(im not editing this anymore cause im to lazy so if there is grammatical error or spelling error oh well)

s a m p l e t e x t : That was absolutely beautiful.

Valarion : This guy is so precious, unlike most humans who can't frickin state their mind...he can actually say what we all want to be saying but are afraid to. He might of been drunk but everything he was saying needs more thought because....it's real. This was really beautiful tbh and I think that maybe someday he might be a great figure to people, if not already.

RainbowWolf : *The New Steven Hawking*

moth : *Is it weird that i think blackholes are the gods because galaxies form around them. In Hinduism, shiva is the destroyer of worlds and blackholes are that and one day there will be nothing but blackholes which will fade into nothingness/void. Blackholes bend the time and space, nothing can do that. Gods are the creators and destroyers and so blacks holes are gods. This is my theory...*

tank_mc_dank : When he said " and i'm real " that shit hit me like a truck. Anybody who's lived in this day and age has had conversations whether were drunk or high and have these conversations that are hard to talk about when we are sober. Were more open to being vulnerable and I love it we express our selves more openly and it's great to realize that their are people out there that think or even be in the same level with you just to understand you more. I love talking to people when i'm drunk i'm not an alcoholic but I do find it the best way to open up and also bring up topics that aren't usually broght up in normal circumstances. I think it would be great to go out and grab a drink with this dude sounds like his a genuine person and probably a great person to talk to drunk AF omegalul.

MountainRain : This is beautiful holy shit

DropBombs Mv : I wish i could find a group of people like this guy. Friday night, you have your 6 pack and your friends are already online. The whole night you all drink, laugh, talk about real life or whatever. It would make for some great memories.

R M : That anime girl is from the movie "Rakuen Tsuihou (Expelled from Paradise)" and in it the humans are actually just human minds converted into datas and transferred into a huge hard disk because they were waiting for the earth to be habitable again after an apocalypse or something like that, something like what he talks about at 4:00

Sol Animations : I find comfort in drinking Getting wasted and so messed up When i do I cant lie to anyone Myself Nothing but the truth And Pain It feels amazing to just talk and to say something And people look at you and they know your wasted and they take it in a laugh or listen which is amazing because when your Normal And try to tallk they Wont listen They will look at you with nothing but discomfort I think thats why my mom did what she did So she didnt have to hide From herself To just let everything out and Cry Since you have so many reasons to cry but Thats the one reason theyll accept without you being ridiculed So you can cry just cry and talk and think and look at nothing but the truth as you percieve it in your reality To say a word and mean somthing to yourself to think of something and know to cry withought any fear to be you without lying But then agian Im just wasted Should i be ashamed To be real

Slime Mapper : Is this guy Finnish? Because it sure as hll sounds like Finnish accent.

Beary Boy : I regularly come back when I'm in a crisis to calm me down and rethink life

sophie : Can I just hug everyone right now?

Izaya Evarez : Drunk people always talk about existence like this. Like why can't we be like this normally? Why is it considered depressive or whatever to talk about this? This the stuff I love listening and talking about!! This dude is cool and I'm glad y'all listened to him!! I love it when my friends listen to me talk like this!! I'm not being depressed, I'm being curious!! I'm glad y'all let him speak his mind!! And I'm with him. I have all these thoughts in my head, and I don't like being the only one to bear witness to them. I want to share them. I also don't mind having my mind put into a machine. I don't have to have my sense of self anymore and be like an animal - pure instinct. LoL!! But I guess that's no different than saying "you kicked the bucket", huh? A new way to die is what that sounds like - transferring your mind from a human body to a computer body. Because that literally proves you always exist. Especially if your sense of self now is derived of electrical impulses. Couldn't those impulses be existing elsewhere in the universe? Who remembers that Futurama episode where Bender met that consciousness made out of a galaxy? LoL!! That's gonna be us I know it!! Or it could be!! Couldn't it? A random assortment of things put together. The universe could be large enough to where the actual universe itself is a giant brain and we're just the dream characters of the sentient existence that is the universe. What's the point of wanting to know why we were created though? Has that been asked? What are we trying to find out? And what would change from all this knowledge? Like would we just stop trying to make money. Would fun become space travel? And what of life? We do what we do, but even if we had stuff like 3D printing, and maybe interstellar travel, what's the point of all that? Life seems to be about living random things and learning that you can make whatever you want of those things regardless of who you are. Dunno, but that's just me. Oh yea, that dude got me thinking!! I love people like that!! They always get me thinking about cool stuff!!

Apalagi08 : 5:46 I can't see the man's face behind that dinosaur avatar, but i can totally imagine his speechless face behind the Dinosaur's face.

logoffkid : And Im Real And Im Real And Im Real To be human Not to be a robot Humans have feelings Robots dont I want love I want to care But not to hate We are humans Not Robots We decide who we are

trycoldman23 : Learning more about Philosphy in VR Chat than by reading Steven Hawking books

PeteTheBush - RBLX : Came to laugh, went out crying.

Shook : Damn this was deep... **wipes tears** I'm not crying you are.

Freeden : That final shot in this is just so perfectly cinematic. Sometimes things just line up so perfectly, and the music, combined with your POV turning towards space and his final words just line up so well and beautifully together, it's like some kind of movie finale.

Available Use : You are an amazing youtuber, you're so much more then just vrchat shits and giggles. Your videos go deep, And i am so inspired rn and i hope great things for you ps: i'm not drunk... yet

Swarga Vasi : Who said Stephen Hawking died

WeirdPandaa : I'm going to write a song based off this person's words.

WMan37 : 3:23 is a good point. VRChat is really interesting. You can see many aspects of humanity recorded and documented in this one application. I've seen from mob mentality with the ugandan knuckles thing and the hank hill police thing. I've seen stories of people who have faced hardship and come out a nice person from it like the korean military bird talking about his brother's death. I've seen people humoring an innocent kid behind an adorable cat avatar that in a way, kinda reflected their personality. I've seen people stopping all the shitposting they're doing to try and do everything they can to help someone who had a seizure in front of them, and how the assholes who don't really care are much smaller in number than negativity bias and mainstream media would have us believe. And now I've seen a drunk man behind an anime waifu avatar talking about what it means to be a consciousness. The more I see videos like this, the more I "get" the appeal of VRChat, when I didn't initially. _"You mean you just walk around and talk to people? That's it?"_ but like, slowly, I'm understanding through all these videos that get uploaded. Especially the ones on this channel that always find their way to me via my friends.

ParanormalMoon : “I know it’s crazy, but I want to think that there’s something great out there, in those voids.... ... ....... and I’m real.” - drunk philosophical man on vrchat 2018