HANDJET EBS-260 - improved hand held, portable, mobile ink jet printer - ver. EN

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candycarton : You guys could turn the promotional items industry on it's head if you launched a smaller, hi-rez printer for marking coffee mugs, USB drives, etc...

BiggieToad : B E T A R D

Temmie : Ahh. The future of vandalism

Jed Teng : Does it work on human skin?..

DIE_Kuehlung : A thing that I absolutely don't need. But want it so bad. Looks like finest german engineering.

Floyd McCauley Jr : $5000-$8000 no thank you.. i can buy lots of markers and paint cans. now if it was like 300-500 i would be in.. and you website isnt very good on getting a dealer in usa.. i gave up after the first 3 maps of the world.. why cant i just click on it or whats with the names of country it dont work

Shaji Sulaiman : Is it possible to print on top of vinyl stickers

Ryan Seitz : you guys could turn the promotion items industry on it's head if you picked up the phone

Abdul Wahab Dennaoui : i can print 4 lines in one print.

Caesar : Be tard?

Kevin Coastline : Easy to apply tattoos! :D

Yvonne Be : When is it deliverable in Germany?

Brad Michael : Is there anything special you have to do to get a demo? We have been waiting for close to three months and nobody has responded or showed up. Sales must be good???

Dennis b : My thoughts.. If you cannot give a price, then it's probably too expensive

許育琦 : how much?

Husain Arsiwala : What is the price of this product (EBS-260)? Is it available in India since I need the product in India (Mumbai).

Hendri Setiabudi : how much the price?serious

ประเสริฐศักดิ์ บุญตระกูลพูนทวี : Hi, how about use it on the pig back?

tegra2012 : how about tshirt printing

Daniel Lo Nigro : I have no need for this, but it looks like an awesome product.

J Tanashi : At 2:39 you spelt length wrong! Lenght? Really? Instant graffiti maker!!!

dphotos : If your business could use something like this now it would be worth it to buy but once the cost goes down more people could use this and be creative with it as an artist tool. Like anything else in time the cost of the unit should go down in price. Right now it is at a price point not for the masses. When 3D computer printing first came out the price of the printers were a lot of money but now you can get them at a much lower price point. This machine does look to be very cool .

curious info * : what is the cost of this I am for it from India( Bangalore)

Volpe David : cool ! ;)

Tom Stern : this is awesome!

Krishan Bhatia : wonderful machine. Send more details if possible.

BASMATI RICE INDIA : Pls send me yr price and sourcing place with contact no.

kim hock Soh : any malaysian agent? if not will be interested

bahadır carbaş : Available inTurkey ?

Sayed Hussain Belagavee : can be used on the oily surfaces.

陳偉鵬 : Do you have a distributor in Taiwan?

Philip Mathew : Do you have a distributor in UAE?

Joselito Ellema : where to buy?

Sulfi shalu : How much its price

Jon : How much?

Mahabub Rahman : I want one of this. how can i get one?

Jeremie Taylor : I instantly thought of metal gear!!!

dias2betterthan1 : How Much?

JUGGALO FAYGO ICP WHOOP WHOOP : I see used for clothing is it water proof like washing machine

FlamingoSalad : I found this song used as background music in porn.

Adi Satzinger : Can you download print data in real time or is the text pre-configured and does it always print the same until it is re-programmed??

신세무 : Good

Huss Nam : The technology is excellent. I just want to highlight that the Arabic letters are backwards (minute 1:38). Arabic is written from right to left and the letters are connected. To sell your product to Arabic speaking companies, I suggest you to have it looked at and corrected.

Ilario Lavieri : è molto difficile utilizzare il programma EBS Web User, l'assistenza non è delle migliori.sono pentito dell'acquisto.

Николай Васылив : Добрый день. А на сколько хватает картридж?

Beau Zorgdrager : How does the ink hold up on a painted metal surface exposed to wind/rain/sunlight? Does it was/fade away?


Alex G : Neat!

LAW Graphics : Can your logo be uploaded to the device ?

Neil Ryan : how does it work With low surface energy plastics like polypropolyene...