Babbel Presents: An Alien Abroad (Director's Cut)

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Monique Amado - Artist & Life Coach : Love this commercial. Sharing.

Cartoon Warrior13 : Honestly if company's made more creative commercials like this more people will stick around I was about to skip the ad until the comedy got me so I just stayed for the rest of it

Nicky Nada : Whoever wrote this story is amazing!

Mukuro Ikusaba : For once I got an Ad i genuinely enjoyed, hell it even convinced me to look up the app. Its very nice. Now they know how to do marketing, props to Mr. Alien. Side note: GAH I WANT TO HUG THE ALIEN HES ADORABLE!

Eu/Me :3 : This was the best commercial I've ever watched. It's just genious the way that the Babbel people used the alien thing to demonstrate how important is to learn a new language. Congrats

TheMa5e : Babbel this is a very lovely commercial. It has a specialcharme about it. Like a ad that doesn't annoy me an isn't intrusive. Why not?

Spilt Lettuce : So sad but then so happy haha! Such a cool ad! This isn’t one I skip😊

Harby Franco Fernandez : I actually felt bad for the alien

Awster : do you have a *_CHEESEE SANDVICH_*

Toni-Symone // : This commercial captured me, i just couldn’t skip it, and was on the verge of tears the entire time. 1:47 wAs when I TRULY lost it!!!! Even though it was the simplest most casual moment of being asked directions by a stranger, there was so much depth subtly depicted. Alexis now has a more comfortable disposition and it makes others feel that he belongs, and he seems flattered that someone asks him because it validates him as a now local. In that moment he makes that realization and it kind of comes full circle because it’s a new person who is in the position he used to be. And o feel like he’s just thinking about all of this as he lets the moment linger. I could totally be reaching but I’m just so emotionally connected to this ad 😭 This commercial was so relatable and each actor was perfeccct. Perfect script, perfect use of pathos, perfect everything, I downloaded this app because of this commercial and am excited to finally succeed in learning Portuguese. 💘💘💘🇯🇲➡️🇧🇷

Patsy Patarchy : Oh my god this commercial is absolutely brilliant. Great humor (typical dry British which is always excellent), but also heart warming and endearing. One of the best I’ve watched, and I’ve gone out of my way to rewatch it and share it with other folks. Your ad team is a special one, for sure - please extend my compliments to them.

Icharcoalz / IchHolzkohle : Why? Why is this ad is well... Very fun to watch?

Joe Brown : is it just me or does his voice remind any one of greekgodx

Anno Mundi : By the way, I want to learn Alexi's language! LOL

Krystal Kat : This is super cute! :)

xAyumiAnimex : This was hilarious but geez that alien is terrifying 😂

Ricky Right : Oh god that laughing had me on the floor😂😂😂

Book Owl : This is sooo cute I wanna hug him! :D

Diego Casan : Kukuki akakakkiki krrrrrrrrkkkkyyyyky rrrrrrrrrrkrrrrr! :D (This ad is absolutely brilliant! And I want a miniature of this lovely alien so bad! :D)

Nørra Länder : In my opinion Babbel is by far the best app on the store for learning lenguages. You don't get bored and is very simple and complete. I ve been using it for quite a bit and you guys deserved every single cent that i've spent. Even if some lenguages like Swedish, Norvegian, Russian are not complete yet.....i hope you will complete them soon.

Koala : *Do you have an Cheese Sandvich*

Liam Burgess : I saw this on a YouTube ad I then found this video and shared it was a bunch of friends

anjakastelic : So, I was meeting a friend a few months ago and suddenly we spot this purple alien on the (most famous Slovenian) bridge surrounded by cameras. From that moment on I couldn't wait to see the finnished commmercial. It has turned out amazingly, funny and I love the fact you put an alien inside, because, you know, and correct me if I am wrong, the name Babbel just might have been taken from the Dauglas Adams' Hitchiker's Guide To The Galaxy where Babel is an acctual translating fish one put's in their ears to understand any language in the galaxy. Anyways, congratz to the makers!

chipette : Awww this made my morning!

Steph J : Absolutely loving this ad!!

jordan franklin : This is the only ad on YouTube I haven't skipped this year. We need more advertisements that can be this entertaining.

Andrej Damiš : Nice to see Ljubljana:)

Tom Bender : Trés funny!

Liam Does : This is a great ad

JoshuaWashua : First commercial I never skipped. Brilliant.

Datdisabledboi : Just because of this ad. I'm going to download the app.

Skylar Fairbanks : This was just... Heartwarming

Freckles McGee : Purple alien? Nothing new. DO YOU NOT NOTICE A THING?!

Teddybob : Hahaha i love it

DOGOID : I want a sit-com with this alien in it.

Wei : The most ****ing beautiful ad

Fabio Previtali : Amazing way of merchandising !!!  The best ever!!!

Anno Mundi : Best Ad EVER! Love Alexi!

Seth Maloney : Hey what song is in the background

King Palace : 1:14 that laugh is hilarious 😂😂😂😂

Mareli Saldana : Lol the part were the alien laughed was the funniest part lmaooo 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

Juan Olguin : Yo just make a movie about the alien, I’ll watch it day one

Isra man : This is such a great commercial hahaha

2012iwanttogohome : This is one of the very few ads I've actually watched to completion. Really well made! 👏👏👏

Tom Bender : Brilliant ad

Can we got 100 subs with no vids ? : Great ad, one I never skip... Great job

Sonic Fazbear SpeeePaints/Plushies : This is one of my favorite ads that I won't skip

Ian Lautert da Costa : Thanks to Babbel, I am startin' to get the hang of italian! È molto facile perché sono brasiliano!

Chris Flores : idk why i love this commercial a lot, it just makes me laugh

Nikolas - : This is one of the only ads I don't want to immediately skip.