470lbs Belt and Lever Medieval crossbow
Tods Workshop testing a 470lbs Belt and Lever Medieval crossbow

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This medieval style plain soldiers crossbow (I call it a munition style crossbow) is 470lbs and is set up to use both a goats foot lever and a spanning belt to load. As far as I know this was not a usual arrangement at the time, but the customer required this adaptation. The crossbow has two interesting features, the first is the doubler pulley on the belt and the other is the steel bow limb that is dressed up to look like a composite bow. If you are interested in budget but excellent medieval knives, have a look at https://todcutler.com If you are interested in museum quality medieval replicas including crossbows, have a look at https://todsworkshop.com or https://todsworkshop.com/collections/historical-crossbows 9 ways to span a medieval crossbow https://youtu.be/2IdfmaC_t-Q Andreas Bichler Composite Crossbows Please note he is Austrian, not German as stated. Sorry Andreas! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHLaA0T9Y1sy2EhGLzXgXeQ Music by J Sayles http://www.jsayles.com/familypages/EarlyMusic.htm#Rights