This is Stephen Hawking's Last Inspiring Message to Humanity | Goalcast

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aprilblenk : I don't think I ever actually considered Stephen Hawking would ever die. He just always seemed bigger than all of us.

The Exoplanets Channel : *We should make his dream come true: send nanocrafts to the exoplanet Proxima b by 2036*

Alex : Rest in peace, hero😔

HESMotivation : May God Grant Him Paradise!

young prodigy : He was the smartest human in the wrold. Welp guess that makes Bill Nye The Science Guy our final Hope

Apk Heaven : I am very happy to live in the same time line as Stephen Hawking. Rest in Peace.

xxx_tony _ : He had no physical ability to move anything,but had a mind and heart to move mountains

Hezigrimm : Men like him only come ever few hundred years. A great man he was indeed. Like some have said, I never thought of Stephen dying. He just seemed so larger than life, like how your parents seem when you are a child. I, like many, took him for granted.

Kysier : When he died, I wept. I wept for the death of my hero, the loss of one of the greatest scientists to ever exist. I wept for humanity, for we have lost more than we can imagine. Dark times.

Antonio Lansang : I don't believe in a Heaven, but if there truly is one, I hope he's up there with Einstein, Newton, Edison, Tesla, and all the other greats. EDIT: I hope he finally raps against Einstein.

I I M U S P : R.I.P. Stephen Hawking 1942-2018

pp™ : I'm Catholic and I've seen these other Catholics/Christians saying that Stephen is burning in hell, like WTF if our ideologies have things like "Respect your neighbor" should we really say this about an extraordinary man, kinda contradictory

Sushibomb : Its weird to think that Stephen Hawking died because he seemed like an immortal legend

Nguyễn Minh : Lol I can't stand the way some people disrespect this man. And I'm sure some idiots will try to make a hate comment on this video.

iDroNeZz : "Where there is life, there is hope" According to my k/d I have no hope :(

Shiva Reddy : *Stephen is not dead guys, he's still alive at this point in a parallel universe, while there's still hope!!*

Jibril Evans : He died on Pi Day...

Óscar Mateo Begué : He's the real starman

Jacob Wollman : 65% actual respect for a great man 10% “he didn’t follow what I believe, so he’s going to hell” 25% Memes about his death I don’t know how he’d feel about this...

NaviSky Hunter : I'll never stop being curious abort the reality I'm in, and I'll never lose hope for a brighter future, thank you Steven, thank you.

Sparkk : He will be missed 😔

Prestige Gaming : "Say not in sadness, he is no more, but live in thankfulness he was."

xVexx : Holy crap dude. This made me cry 😢

Zero iOS : How is he supposed to get up the stairway to heaven

Toonix : We people are lucky to have bodies, and yet the majority of us are lazy. Some people have disabilities. Stephen Hawking has some difficulties, but he is very smart, even though he has some difficulties, he is still aware of the preciousness of time.

michael Longford : Gonna live life looking up at the stars, and not down at my feet and remember that the quietest people have the loudest minds.

LejaxX Playz : I Not really good at physics.But then,I saw Stephen Hawking and i was so amazed by this man.I also wanted To be Like thet.I lerned for Physics then I was really good at Physics.My Teacher was amazed at what i mastered.

sikekills : i wish he would have run for president :/

I cannot think of a name : I got a son a few days after his death (19th March) and I can't wait to tell him about this amazing legend when he is older, RIP Stephen Hawking

Confused Doggo : The people hated this video are Nazi's

Smoov Operata : The most brilliant mind of our point in time. RIP. Hope you reached the stars buddy ⭐⭐

Sherly4685 : May he rest in peace ♥️ the most inspiring scientist

Tristan McMorris : He was such an incredible person, and made such a huge impact. Even when faced with paralyzation, he overcame it and found a way to make a difference. I think that’s the biggest thing you can learn from his life besides this scientific achievements, that you shouldn’t make excuses for not trying, for not giving it your all, for not being the best you can be. Steven Hawking changed the world in a wheelchair, imagine what you can do standing. R.I.P. Steven Hawking

Unoriginality : I am grateful for you Stephen, rest in peace.

ArchY : Him and Einstein probably chillin up there

Chicken Permission : *How can this guy go to hell if he's God himself?*

James YGG : Rest In Peace Stephen hawking 🧠😢

Mitchel Torrance : Very inspirational. Great person. Rest In Peace Stephen🙏

fslinnings : R.I.P Stephen Hawking ;(

The Illusion : God bless

A Channel With No Videos //TheGamerAlex2004 : I Can’t believe he died a month after my birthday, R.I.P. Stephen🙏❤️

Brian Carrier : All dislikes are from the malware left on his computer, considering he isn't running norton anymore. We've lost another legend, its time for someone to step up to the plate.

Rhody : Man,Stephen Hawking is not a typical nerd,he is a extraordinary nerd that everyone loves

Jack Van der luit : if men and woman dislike you are a bad person

The WhiteShadow : The world just got a lot dumber... R.I.P. Stephen Hawking 1942-2018

the random person : he was a genius and that was the saddest thing because the world......I mean we have just lost another genius

SuizaPrGaming : Respawn.

Quickk TO : "Remember to look at the stars, and not down at your feet" New legends are coming.

Joseph Marsh : He can’t even move but he’s done 1000x more than my able body will ever do. RIP, and farewell.