C.L.A.P. - Lesson 3 — Pictograms

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Wrath Club : I laughed so goddamn hard at this with my tiny american brain

EsquirebobAnimations : Joke's on you, I GUESSED NARUTO HAHAHA.

Discount Ostrich : Why u no doctor yet?!

iusebatlereifel : Easypeasy-Japanisevil.

Adriahn Paulo Miguel : still waiting for lesson 4 wahaha XD

Discount Ostrich : B- = fail is still the funniest thing ever

Yonkerbonk : B-, you fail... That's very accurate I have to admit

Alptraum : I am still waiting for the 4th Lesson

ALP ELA : I'm so proud of people for not being offended.

Madmagicanman1 : I laughed for most of that Now I gotta go back and watch it again to listen to what you said

Sweetcommando : i like learning this way!

X Ry : This video is even funnier if you know Chinese XD

Meryetdead : I... failed? I have brought great dishonor to my family.

Bear Withit : this is one of your best Rice. I rike.

Bing Bong Boolius : Ricepirate, your name is finally appropriate in the context of your videos.

CroMagg : This pleases my big American eyes! Definitely a lot better with the visuals! Loved it man!

TheoBrixtonTheKid : I learned nothing, and I regret even less.

Killermy3 : Apparently "Thank very much all for watch." means Don't eat too much burgers! lol

METAS0MA : This is really interesting from the perspective a Japanese learner since Kanji is just the Chinese alphabet that is stolen and given mostly different names but the same meaning. Dirty Nips stealing from the Chinks, they're almost as bad as the Gooks.

Keanutex : I feel ready to conquer the world with my immense comprehension of the Chinese language after this 

Lex_Ka : I got an ad for a service that teaches chinese lol

MRcakeDragonMan : I'm so glad I gave this person my money...

John Smith : This is weird, it's a video on Youtube yet it isn't a prank vid, or a call of duty trick shot montage. It's funny and original. I don't get it.

Pika-Obvious : Well, i got the Naruto one. .-.

X Ry : play over and over again at 0:23

SamaRaffe : B -  you fayul >:C

陳紜璽 : 哈哈 超好笑的 中國的文字很難得 除非你跟我一樣是中國人 Taiwanese

Lovatic4everDemi3 : I'm a chinese myself and I know chinese but I find this amusing. This is legit funny lol. The dragon is the best part and the sky one. Omg so great

HalberdierV2 : 謝謝... did I get it right?

DinoSir : These are amazing.

Red Kopler : Easy easy japanesey.

彭信文 : The final line of staff "別吃太多漢堡!!" which means "don't eat too many hamburgers!!".

Hanson Chen : Dude I'm begging you, make some more please XD

Inferno 54 : I need more of these chinee lessons

The Illuminati : We don shound like dhat, yu not wercome to my shittyWok no moreeee. Fuuuck yu strupid Merikans!

まち K : I think that's why many people in Taiwan dislike simplified chinese it ruins the origin of chinese words' creation 很高興你用正體字當教材! 影片真的是太爆笑了XD

Hi People : 0:54 Japan is evil?

jabronie25 : We need a lesson 4!

Joseph Chung : Thanks to this video, I aced my finals for Chinese AP!

Celia51128 : 別吃太多漢堡哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈

shw : Lol. I need more of this

Neuralhub Spaxxor : "别吃太多汉堡" actually means "Don't eat too much burger". xD I used 汉 here since it is the simplified, modern version of the traditional 漢. So if you actually think it means "Thanks for watching"...

Volden Dream : hamburger pizza lol

usedforstuff56 : "easypeasyJapanisevil." I c u hidin' dere.

Die Ente : pause at 1:18

PaperBoxHouse : I learned alot today. After watching with my one big American eye I have learned it all today

Patrick Connors : Did he say easy peasy japan is evil?

Skage Reistad : I feel like this s offensive, but I can't really tell.

Fabrizio Illuminati : BIG AMERICA EYE HOW YOU NO SEE

張益嘉 : why u sound like Mr. Chow from hangover? r u?