Startling my deaf cat for 3+ years

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annosmoo : omg I literally cannot get over her. I have to watch over and over.

Mrs. MooGoo : 0:55 Is my favorite LOL


zomgtehrei : IN b4 some scummers ask to buy your video

Seán Roy Mac Aodha : She reminds me of my precious orange and white boy Campbell, who passed away a few months ago. He always had something to say! <3 <3 <3 I laughed and cried through this whole video.

Skull Monster : That is so cute that made my day, she knows that's her mom that's the one who saved her 💖🐱💝🐱

ReaLSpiN : i watch this video everyday shes soooooo cute! :*

TheCanihavaname : Your cat is an absolute treasure god bless her

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Colleen MOR-gan : By far the best video!🐱💕

mjoshi7 : She looks lovely! And, she has heterochromia, that's so cool!!

Jonathan Madsen : can i have your cat

trinitynight00 : I love this cat so much

Angela Wilberger : I LOVE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have watched this over and over and over again! SO precious! I love when she's bathing and stops mid lick to meow LOL!

Ha ru : When I played at this my two cats started to freaked out trying to find where is she xD

vampirkatzchen : Cutest. Meow. Ever.

Michelle Crook : When I played this video my cat jumped on my bed and started licking my arm 🤔😂

Dafeaz : Messing with your cat is half the fun of having a cat.

Katharine Leppert : Thank you so much for sharing. I had a white cat who was odd eyed and deaf and meowed just like this when surprised. He was my soul cat and I still miss him.

Trevor Collins : She’s so precious! 😻

Thủy Hoàng : She's so beautiful 😍😘💖

Skolmr : the cutest cot in the world ;o;

Boredpersons55 : She doesn't even look real.

RenoVega88 : You can is so adorable.

Riccardo Pinna : I love the way she screams xD

Little Ghuleh : SHE'S SO FLUFFFFYYY I seriously love your catto. Thanks for the video!

xMisaMii : Your cat is ADORABLE! Such pretty fur and eyes!

Hulyo Marso : that's a lot of meow

Téa : Aww she's so cute!!

Daniel McAlorum : Vertical video. :(

Cassie Simon : My heart has melted.

stop screaming ok ? : *let me fucking sleep you cunt *

iraqiyoutub : Soooooo cute and lovely 😊❤️❤️❤️🌺🐯🐱🌺

uchihaitachi34 : That cute meow! She's soooo floooofy.

sela quintanilla haughton : awww what a precious gem!

Mathias Rymenans : ..... too ... much ...CUTENESS !!!

Michaela Skittle : I love it.

Gaby Baker : Whats her name ? She’s so precious 😻

rachael wills : Is she a Persian ?

andrea021 : cat breed??

ilovesummer32 : Please make an instagram for your car :)

themusikguySPECIAL : What a cute and funny cat! I could watch this for hours :D This compilation totally deserve millions of views. Please make more videos with her :)

radicalfaith360 : What's her name? 😻

Ari Achterberg : I like her favourite snooze/spying spot.

Echoblast53 : So does anyone have permission to repost onto FB? Unilad specifically already has 2 million views...

Queen Churro : If I could only watch one video for the rest of my life it would be this one I'm so happy 😭❤️

P Crimson : What is her name?

AmirrezA Se7eN : From what race is your cat? She's absolutely beautiful ♥_♥