Deaf kitty excited to see owner for 3+ years

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glowworm2 : Your cat is gorgeous and so sweet!

Artsy Scrub : I love it when she relizes youre there. Her head whipping to see you and her meowing.

Eos+ : I got a tabby ( that I called Bilbo XD)..he's blind on one eye and I think the vision on the other eye starts to blur too...he's hearing has been deteriorating since a year and a half ago...He would never notice if I walked in the room and would be surprise by it everytime. He sleeps with me every day (he's not an indoor cat) and he would stick his body so close to me that I always accidentally squish him LOL...Atleast your cat's meowing is loud.. I need a megaphone to actually hear him meow loud enough LOL but he have the loudest purrs I've ever that's a tad bit hard to sleep with XD

Nite Lights : Her eyes are beautiful.

fruitloops : Omg your cat has different colored eyes too! So pretty!

lucyisalone : that meowing is so cute

DarkCloud Eye Of The Storm {PurpleExtinction} : AAAAWWW SO CUTE!!!💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

Dolphinboi : "Huh? OH!"

Emppos : oh my goodness 😭❤

mata schmata : this is the cutest cat i've ever seen. she looks so happy! I just noticed her eyes are two different colors!! that's so cool!

jessica humphries : Please tell her I love her

Tania Ghosh : My cat just came to see if I m having another cat with me on the bed😁

Annisa Setiawan : So cute "meong meong" that meowing it's so cute

random trash : "AAAAAH " me when i see my best friend at school

Taylor Aesthetic : Hey HOOMAN!!!

Julianne Glahn : That would be me Mom: walks in Me: screams HELLO Mom: walks right back out

PastelGrave : *sees someone you like* AHHHHHH

rainbow sparkles : I wish i had a cat like that

fruitloops : Who else saw this on their explore page on instagram?

Oh Sangwoo : GIVE IT TO ME

Morgan Lemons : I love these xD

Levi Alali : Why is that cloud meowing?

pisse3000 : My heart is melting over and over again <3

john papple : lol. I played this video and now my cats are outside my bedroom door wondering what the fuck is going on in here.

IncrediBelleJessi : I like the way she wakes up **wakes** *G O O D M O R N I N G*

Sung Rin ARMY : Oh my god. So precious!

Lilly Cookies : I probably just died five seconds ago

Kiiara : Now i am deaf.

Cyanara : The description is the best, after this video of course

AroAce : Why is the fluffy cloud adorably meowing?

Just Promoting Min Yoongi, Please Appreciate Him. : Oh wow she's pretty.

batman likes pizza : My cat just ran in when he heard the meowing

Hannah Britton : aww

Jared : Why is this cotton ball screaming?

dreams of turtles : She's so beautiful, with those 2 different colored eyes. I wonder how she ended up in a dumpster. God bless all those who help the helpless.

RelaxWithReena : So loud, so cute, so sweet!! 😍😍😍

Takumi Did Nothing Wrong : Me when mother comes back from the grocery store.

진우jιnnιღ : It's 4am and I'm watching this video for probably the tenth time just today

Avis Caput : *What a cute fluffy potato :3*

jay : what breed is this?

Nexnor : She doesn't realize how loud she is

ʈɦɛ ʆίɡհϯ ɓɛhínd ყσմɾ εყεѕ : **stands there** Cat: MEEEOOOOOWWW

ARUNAVA mukherjee : 1:29-1:34

Dannie Bédard : That soo cuute 🐱😘😊

Ren Kiraly : It makes me really happy that this was uploaded only about three months ago, but already has over 1M views. :3

Untap And Swing MTG : I love it! It looks around and it's like, urmagurd hes here! Meww😸

Paige : Sounds like a newborn kitten.

SleepyLeeks : My cat ran into my room to make sure I wasn't cheating on him with another cat.

Absolute Inksanity : 0:53 meAAAAAAAAAAAaaₐₐAaₐ

She'Myia Malone : He's like "STOPPPP" 😂😂😂