Deaf kitty excited to see owner for 3+ years

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glowworm2 : Your cat is gorgeous and so sweet!

Yam Jam : This cat is an angel what kind is it?? Where do I get one??

Natalie Alfera : Wholesome af

dumb weeb : she SCREAM

Karlea Bramow : Such a sweet little puff ball ❤

jessica humphries : Please tell her I love her

DeniceDraws ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ : I love the fact that deaf cats don't realise how loud they are...It is adorable!

Courtney Thomson : My cat gets so salty when I watch this 😂

hoshi : What breed of cat is she/he I want one ;; Correction: I need one.

Noah C Cornelius : A CLOUD!

lucyisalone : that meowing is so cute

imaginary92 : This is ADORABLE. Who said cats don't love? I can't understand where this legend began. Cats love more than any human being, and they'll show it without fear.

Starr Lights : "mOOOOOOMMMM"

Jasper : all i hear is “yAAy”


Morgan Lemons : I love these xD

Dimas Akbar : May god bless your kind soul, and your cat. I hope you have a long fulfilling live together with him/her

Pixel : the last clip had me dying of laughter


Robzilla : You rescued her from a dumpster? Well, I guess one mans trash truly is another man’s treasure. And this little ball of fluff is certainly one hell of a treasure.

Julianne Glahn : That would be me Mom: walks in Me: screams HELLO Mom: walks right back out

Jo Yin : I love it goes from: “omg hooman ur home” to “JESUS CHRIST U SCARED THE SHIT OUTTA ME”

Asmr Cruise To Snooze : LOL poor thing so funny and yet so cute

DorkiDorki : She's so cute, what kind of awful person would throw away such a perfect cat, you're an amazing person for saving her, it's great to see people have so much care for animals with disabilities or just any animal that would normally be "undesirable" or "ugly". People like you have a big ass heart ❤❤❤

trash : My cats are shook

Dolphinboi : "Huh? OH!"

never : i love her being asleep and then seeing you, i could totally picture her like "MOOOOOM. dont scare me like that"

M Fitzburger : Cat: Ah, it appears my dear owner has returned. I shall greet her sweetly, as I always do... **TEARS THROUGH THE GODDAMNED SOUND BARRIER**

Sword Master Felix : Thats a weird lookin' dog ye got there

Lisa Rodjer : she screm

Sung Rin ARMY : Oh my god. So precious!

Raythulhu : Whenever someone says they have a deaf cat, my normal response is something like "Your cat's not deaf, it's just a boss at ignoring you"...but this cat is so amped by your arrival, that quip just can't apply.


skinny legend : She’s so gorgeous! My cat is totally blind and I love her to absolute bits. People actually ask me why I kept her after she was diagnosed. Just shows how disgusting people are tbh. I would do almost about anything for my Molly, she’s my world :,))

MinersLoveGames : This is so cute.

Ava In Currant Red : Her eyes are beautiful.

Death Mark : Fluffy!,deaf!,adorable!,different color eyes!,cute meow!, I want one!!!!!!

John F. Kennedy : This video is a national treasure.

Anastasia Rose : this is one of the cutest cats ever

Isabel Vaca : *MEOWWWWWWW*

EffoVex : OMG HER CAT IS Cute Deaf And has Heterocromia! Amazing!

Likeman4 : Ma sul. Ma hert


Ophelia Sheep loves Sans the Skeleton : She has no idea how loud she is and its actually so cute its painful.

babybluex : Back again

RelaxWithReena : So loud, so cute, so sweet!! 😍😍😍

Cartoon High : This is soooooo sweet! People think cats are incapable of love but they are wrong!

Angelina Baker : This never lets me down when i need to smile 💙💙💙💙💙 you have a special kitty and needs to be p r o t e c t e d

nickita mayes : Cat: y'all mind if I SCREAM?

binch : This is the quality content the internet needs.