Deaf kitty excited to see owner for 3+ years

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lucyisalone : that meowing is so cute

ßhäd0w Øf Thë Rébëłłïøñ : Oh wow she's pretty.

Julianne Glahn : That would be me Mom: walks in Me: screams HELLO Mom: walks right back out

RelaxWithReena : So loud, so cute, so sweet!! 😍😍😍

kateMich : My cat kinda does this

Sung Rin ARMY : Oh my god. So precious!

Pastel Alpaca : She doesn't realize how loud she is

Tinopinoh : Oh my goodness xD the sound she or he makes.

mayorbud : Aaaaaah!! Aaaah!! AAAAAAA!!!

Husky ARMY : Haha so cute

Artsy Scrub : I love it when she relizes youre there. Her head whipping to see you and her meowing.

evil potato : 😂 0:53

Emppos : oh my goodness 😭❤

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DarkCloud Eye Of The Storm {PurpleExtinction} : AAAAWWW SO CUTE!!!💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

Aquarius Tail : Verticle of not this is just ADORABLE

Christian Clark : What I expected (meeoow meow) What I got ( MEEEHHHHH MEEEEWWWOOO) ...Not disappointed

Tania Ghosh : My cat just came to see if I m having another cat with me on the bed😁

Gray Mason Jar : The cutest sound I've ever heard

Aviana Clairmont : my poor fucking heart

Jewel Roberts : 2:22 Me when I wake up from a "30 min" nap that lasted for 10 hrs.

Eos+ : I got a tabby ( that I called Bilbo XD)..he's blind on one eye and I think the vision on the other eye starts to blur too...he's hearing has been deteriorating since a year and a half ago...He would never notice if I walked in the room and would be surprise by it everytime. He sleeps with me every day (he's not an indoor cat) and he would stick his body so close to me that I always accidentally squish him LOL...Atleast your cat's meowing is loud.. I need a megaphone to actually hear him meow loud enough LOL but he have the loudest purrs I've ever that's a tad bit hard to sleep with XD

Dimas Kai : What a beautiful kitty . I read the description. Keep making vertical video to piss off those people :D

Annisa Setiawan : So cute "meong meong" that meowing it's so cute

Alita Road : It's interesting how she cries louder if you are further away. I've noticed other deaf cats do this too. Sadly I've heard a lot of white cats have hearing issues or are deaf.


TkimTk : RIP headphones 😂

dylancandance x : After every cat video I watch I always feel the need to go and hug my cat

Brittany Stanley : So this video has become the official video my husband and I play at a loud volume every time we want our cat to come to us. For some reason, and literally without fail, whenever we play this video, our cat immediately comes out from wherever she is hiding and immediately rubs us.

Taylor Aesthetic : Hey HOOMAN!!!

christina love : Omfg I just don’t know what to do now

Jay Lew : Jesus deaf cats are loud as hell

caramel pie : 2:22

하하하하안녕 : Your cat has heterochromia... most cats with two different colored eyes are deaf! My cat is also deaf and has heterochromia also cats with heterochromia are usually white!

Axel Katt : Oml I love this loud fluffy baby

Téa : Aww she's so cute!!

Cya : The description is the best, after this video of course

vérouschkia : my cat heard this and kept trying to look for the noisy cat while meowing 💕

Sppookyy Spooks : This is the most heart warming video ever

PastelGrave : *sees someone you like* AHHHHHH

jιnnιღ 진우 : It's 4am and I'm watching this video for probably the tenth time just today

Dannie Bédard : That soo cuute 🐱😘😊

dreams of turtles : She's so beautiful, with those 2 different colored eyes. I wonder how she ended up in a dumpster. God bless all those who help the helpless.

Hannah Breese : Why is the fluffy cloud adorably meowing?

jessica humphries : Please tell her I love her

Love Sylvester : Like my cat :3

ARUNAVA mukherjee : 1:29-1:34

Avrozoex : Plz let me have her.

Levi Alali : Why is that cloud meowing?

À̷̖n̶͎͆t̸̢̄i̸̻̓s̶̫͂è̶̯p̵̲̄t̵̪̾i̶̢̚c̸͇̆e̶̯͌y̷̨̌é̶̝ : Omg! A real life angel caught on video! This needs to go viral!! 😻