Senor Chang Paintball Scene

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krneel128 : Korean Spanish Teacher, intro music Chinese. Illegal entry into paintball tournament.

Brandon Pham : A Korean Spanish teacher with the accuracy of an American walking in with Chinese music looking like a professional Russian.

Ryan M. : The floor is lava and the paintball episodes were the best episodes ever

Michael Martin : Gotta hand it to Chang - He went out LIKE A BOSS!

Andrew lin : That moment when a pro paintballer joins your game.

ITRY TO : The asian joker

EDDSWORLDMEGAFAN : I have no understanding of what this is from or the context but its amazing.

Scrypt Arch : 0:27 Global Elite walking into a Silver 1 game

David Nguyen : If only pain ball matches is that intense.

TheSirvladimr : 1:45 predator laugh

Xepherotful : Am I the only one thinking this guy could voice the joker? I mean that laugh at the end was pretty close to the real thing.

Kickassman 4 : Lord, He totally Ditched that woman in that Room x'D That was priceless, "Bet she was thinking" i just made out with that dude and left me for dead. xD

SuperFizzy : Magazine, not a clip

David W. Smiecinski : This is basically how Nintendo came up with Splatoon

Josip Mršić : One of the best actors Edit: tnx for likes ✌

Vyse Arcadia : 1:55 why did the doors close all by themselves.... :O

buddi matti : Its possible, that The Community ist one of most underestimate shows of all times?

JaySharp604 : I can't believe no one recognizes Chow Yun Fat's "Hard Boiled"? So good!

ackbarfan5556 : Chang turns into the goddamn Predator!

Lone WolfGaming : 0:37 bitch

eric wong : six seasons and a movie!!!!!

L mor : Ghost recon wildlands bosses in a nutshell

Ryan Liu : One of the most epic scenes I've ever seen

rainbow jackal : 0:15 vietnam flashback

Fred Freddy : John Woo

The Anti-Parents Organization : 0:27 Diamond player joining a ranked server full of Gold players in Rainbow Six Siege

Daniel Rodriguez : I totally thought this would reference school shootings

Timothy Wolfgang : Can someone please tell me what song is used in the beginning

Host Joe : Who wears a suit to paintball?

c@mbaz : 29.10.2017 still watching is that awesome...

Brad Michael : Who takes paintball that seriously?

Sebastian Chavira : i love this episode

Diego Bojorquez : Who understand the Predathor reference XD

James Liu : Should have used airsoft

Special Fex : Isn't that the guy from Transformers

Jec C. : ...what?...

Matthew Taylor : BIETH 0:37

羅少文 : 1:50 the bomb exploded from sides instead of in his jacket -3-

89BlackGatomon : EPIC XD Was that a Predator laugth or Joker from Batman?

최정한 : Best actor ever!

Randal Z : What song is that

Cis Staright White MeatEating Male Shitlord : Did they just call clip what is obviously a magazine?

I can't fart : Winner winner chicken dinner

1enaic : Never saw one episode of Community, but this scene was the most epic scene i ever saw in a tv show ^^

janosrock : so that's where all the budget went....

-BeyondAir- : Allahu Akbar YU KNO DE WAE BRUDDAH

世界大師未知 : Top ten school shootings.....

Host Joe : Why are they playing Chinese music for a Korean dude, Did they think that we wouldn't notice. I wouldn't mind listening to some K Jamz

çin malı kızılay : Music ?

Tucker Kennedy : I love how when you watch the bomb go off it is from 3 places and none of them are chang