Greg talks with the school shooter who killed his son 25 years ago | StoryCorps

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Nife : Man, that was heavy. My deepest respects to the father for allowing the shooter forgiveness so that he may hopefully exorcise the demons inhabiting his mind and perhaps one day contribute to society to repay at least 1% of the damage he caused. Thanks for making this, StoryCorps.

Jagi Frisbee : This was very deep, big ups to both of them and StoryCorps of course. Shame that Wayne took that path. He seems like a very well spoken and intelligent individual.

Aku Fan : Really sucks that it's easier to buy a gun than it is to buy a car or house.

MH3Raiser : This is why revenge is such a stupid and pointless concept. Sure, it can feel redemptive, but imagine this: imagine the man who committed this shooting never got to apologise, was surrounded by so much pain and anger (no matter how well deserved it is) that he was consumed by it. Imagine him, finally out of prison, a destroyer looking for more targets to hurt. But this conversation means that, even if he can never change the past, he may be able to help the world be a slightly, minisculely better place than that afternoon he killed someone's son. And that benefits everyone.

Elias Kakar : Thats a really emotional video u got there

KunoichiN3rd : Beautiful and incredibly moving, Storycorps. Keep up the amazing,  life-changing work!

Vanessa : Gosh, that made me cry.

Chase Listorti : Keep in mind this was 25 years ago

Animation Place : Wow

Bill Busen : I think I can see how Galen turned out to be a kid that got a standing ovation from a bunch of people who didn't even all know him.

Mattteus : remorse and forgiveness, we'd all be better people if we let ourselves feel these emotions

Joe A. : If it were me I’d want nothing more than to get payback. But as is the case, you often feel empty when you enact vengeance. You still lost what you lost. Only now you stooped to the level of the murderer. Forgiving is the tougher battle. And if you succeed you may not walk away feeling as empty.

pentuplemintgum666 : I bought a knife the other day. I was surprised how easy it was. I've never used one before. They didn't even ask if I was trained. The guy even threw in a sharpener... for free.

Draven Williams : I'm not crying you're crying be quiet😢

DVincentW : Is this agenda toward banning weapons? I like that this video happened, but you will never ever take away the right to defend yourselves as you see fit.

5Mariner : RIP Galen Gibson RIP Nacunan Saez

The real Vylarion : As a student of this age..... I find it extremely hard to forgive people who have done such things, the Parkland shooting had a real impact on me... I wasn’t there, far from it, but as an anti gun violence activist, this was a strange perspective to see, and an enlightening one

Curious rationalist : Every to be school shooter should watch this video.

O.H.T : Incredible.

Truth Seeker : I am from Great Barrington and was 13 at the time of this. Amazing strength by that Mr. Gibson.

Donny Waltkins : Only time will heal the wound and rotting in prison is worse than death

ajnode : What an incredible video.

Benjamin Luu : The part that got to me was when the murderer started to cry, it was powerful.

_.poser.kyle. _ : (Guns get banned) i bought a gun of the darkweb because criminals are going to make or have or sell guns any way and its just a matter of if your going to be able to defend yourself with your own gun that day... they didn’t even ask for my name it was so easy came in the mail 3 days later... first time buying and shooting... im so lucky that no one had a gun because now i can just shoot everyone without chance of anyone getting to defend themselfs

EsotericOccultist : And yet these shootings are always blamed on white people.

Carson dickey : Why are people spouting that this is liberal propaganda. Stop viewing this as a political statement and instead view it as a conversation between a remorseful criminal and a victims father.

TheGoliathBlitz : RIP Galen

Granger Does Art : How did he buy that gun so easily?

Ma Hobgood : I don't even know what to say in this.

EliteMation : I brang... my mothers fruit peel xd. I thought it was dangerous. Somehow

Schm11 1ty : It takes a very brave soul to apologize infront and to the man whom he killed kin or familiy of,moresoover notify his and their family, and even more bravery to apologize to them infront of millions, and billions of people. Even those who also may have been struck by a death with a family member included along with the death of the accepting family to forgive for a death of one person from their family. May he rest in piece for his brave act of kindness and bravery.

lovinglife : I have respect for the school shooter not cause he killed but he said sorry and he felt it...he cried

ToastyDoasty : This is a sad story but Looks like Buying things with your moms credit card just got extreme

Vine Street : The conversation was very intense and pure. I am amazed with the father’s wisdom. Hope he continues to remain strong.

Ceptecatoto : That father is incredibly strong.

x_maddie salikhova_x : This is so sad 😢😭

The Melvin Man : When the killer mentions how easy it was very deep and disturbing. Well made and just deep.

Hey, It's London : Why do people need guns? People can’t fight anymore sheesh

{}Icecream Faggot{} : Imaigian being in this convo

PowerPuffGirl68 : This shows how people change as they get older, may Galen Rest in Peace.

Canadian Tapezoid : WoW

TheSusMaster : What a man, what a man! That father must be so so strong to do this. To speak to the man whom killed your lifeblood, your one and only and not break down and kill him. Massive respect towards this man.

YOUNG DOMIN8OR : Greg Gibson, in my opinion, is someone we should all have as a role model.

Clark Powell II : WHOA

The Anime Civilian : Interesting... This is pretty deep. Stuff like this is really cool...

Legokid : It takes a man to accept an apologie.

PS : I love your channel. Thank you.

YourFakeMustache : I do not believe I am a big enough of a person to have this kind of conversation without holding major contempt and anger.

soulfulpizza14 : Chills.

Dave Nixon : So where's the conversation?