Ali G - Vets vs. Veterinarians

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Asim Ansari : He's probably wishing he was back in Vietnam

philip013 : Guy's losing the will to live.

Allie S : That man just lost his faith in humanity.

Hamsaphina : I feel bad for a lot of these older people who just want to talk about the stuff they enjoy.

mindatrisk : This man survived the horrors of war but Ali G broke him!

Makeveli The Don : Veterinarian: This is a farm, you know what a farm is? Ali G: well its like a rubbish zoo obviously Lolololololol

Sander van der Hoek : Poor old guy aged 10 years in just an hour.

Cole Blackman : -I'm doctor George Washington. -What? -I'm doctor George Washington. -wicked.

Ludak021 : oh man, the state in which Ali left this poor man in...LMAO

Gfresh844 : Some say he's still shaking his head to this day.

Dennis213100 : That headshaking in the end was the ultimate confirmation that Sacha done his job good.

Sanjeet Singh : Jizz over their babylons... Haha, the silence. That's real skill not to laugh there.

Real Name : Poor man. I have a feeling he was really hyped to show people his trade, and got really disappointed by the whole affair. Me on the other hand, was laughin out loud throughout the wholle thing

extinct : I actually feel really bad for the guy :(

Fearz Mez : This guy invented trolling.

Ranjit Souri : 0:59 "I'm a veteran. But I'm also a veterinarian. I served time as a veterinarian in the military." Well that clears it up.

tjokolat : This is, by far, the best Ali G interview ever! "How come he's wearing that??"

travellerandwriter : has you got any photos of the ones that ain't been discovered yet...

whyaremeninmyshoes : I'm actually crying

Sleeping Powder : The poor vet have like three Vietnam flash backs.

srbaruchi : "So the man cow just whips it out and jizzes on the babylons?" Funny enough. Even funnier, the vet seems to understand the question and answers "No".

psycheisssdelic : poor doc is like, 'humanity has no hope'.

Mr1987Joe : This is, hands down, one of the funniest things I have ever seen. I still laugh so hard I start crying.

Rob k : you can see his pain for the future of society that he fought for :)

peptobismolsaves1 : That's a chicken. "Wot? How come him is wearin dat?"

Alejandro Nava : I think even sacha outside character was surprised by the chicken

TheHawk2001 : 2:37 he's trying so hard not to laugh

Chris Munoz : "Well it's like a rubbish zoo obviously" LOL

White_Shadow_59 : HIS FACE AT THE END

greenrobot5 : I cried laughing, only Sasha can accomplish that

colombotron19 : idk why but I look this video up like once a month

rkent06 : 3:00 is the exact point where his soul perishes

alliwanttosay11 : The vet has got another PTSD in the end

Dan S. : I looked up "farm" in the Oxford Dictionary, and the third definition was "a rubbish zoo".

Ross Cicero : 2:03 to 2:09 = The most uncomfortable silence in the history of the planet.

Taj B : Watching this in a lecture was a bad idea, I couldn't stop laughing out loud for 5 minutes

Jacob Smith : "That's a chicken!" "Is dat a real animul?!"

TashaM : "When you was a kid did you know that you'll grow up and be a veteran?" Is like a philosophical question.

XY ZW : He left the man depressed

Lee Arthur : How does the camera man not burst out laughing? I'd give the game away if I was filming that.

GeneticJulia : Oh god. Hilarious but at the same time I feel SO bad for the veterinarian

Peresee : ''When you was a kid did you know you wanted to grow up and be a veteran?'' LMAO!

ShivneilTV : 2:37 you can see Ali G trying to hide his laugh for a sec

derrik tribble : The Chicken bit is Off the Chain! I've probably watched it 50 times! Respect

Sean William : -I'm Dr George Washington -what?

B K : He broke him at 2:56

AGL : I forced myself to stop watching this. My jaw's hurting!

perfect stranger : my favorite interview of his.. the guy's reactions are priceless

DJDrPepsiDew : #bringbackalig

Dick Richards : Sacha broke that guy.