How to Scythe + STOP Weeding, Watering and Fertilizing

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Mike Barnes : This guy is so awesome, by far the most personable and knowledgeable person on the tour so far (OK there's Salatin, but we knew him...) what a treat he has been for every video. He would have his own audience if he started a channel, also seems to be a natural born teacher.

ThinkerThunker : I have ZERO idea why I watched this. But I'm sold. Don't mo, scythe. Plus, it's a great work out, and meditative.

Bluu Aqua : Who else is looking for cringy Fortnite comments?

Jake PC : How much for that account

Anthony 3lTroll : 12 years old kids be like... They turned the Fortnite pickaxe into a real life object!

Powers : He must have OG skull trooper

Chris 4hunnid : 9 year olds seeing this video saying “omg that’s the scythe in fortnite”

Undexx The TryHard : *_"12yr Olds"_* *_They Made The OG PickAxe From Fortnite_*

Jakobus : the camera man sounds like a son that is annoyed with his father's lecturing

Macon . Guillaume : I love how he says he's not a scientist, and right after he said "it might be a bunch of bull, i'm learning to try stuff and see what happens" ... This man is more of a scientist than a lot of people who claim to be ...

1234 : What a cool dude. He seems like just a genuinely good guy.

McLoviin : Why is it so fun to just listen to someone cutting grass with a scythe

Sahil Dogra : ‘I don’t weed’. Yeah sure, with those eyes.

ROC : He said "I'm not getting friendly but" and then legit gets right up on his ass lol I died

Memes For America : Bob Ross Landscaping Edition basically

Daily Blank screen : I’m not some fortnite fanboy or anything but I wonder what it would sound like if you swing it

Sol Solis : WHY, seriously WHY the internet is full with those "so awesome" guys, that are peening the scythe WITH THE WRONG SIDE OF THE HAMMER? I really want to know who the hell started to spread this MISINFORMATION, that you use that side of the hammer?!?! The worst part of this whole thing is; that this guys knows so much (and true information) about scythes in general, and about hammering a scythe, yet still doing it wrong... I'm European (Hungary), and I grow up in a village. My grandfather was a very good, well known reaper when he was young. Even when he was older (in the '80s), still lot of people call him to mowing grass on large fields, when they can't afford to use machinery. So, I learned to use and sharpen the scythe when I just a kid. Believe it or not, but we even have small scythe for us kids, to learn how to use it. (I'm not sure if they are "legit" scythes or they was something home-made, but they are real scythes, that you can work with, not just toys.) Here is a photo of old folks how they done hammering IN A CORRECT WAY: As you can see, you must use the other side of the hammer, and if you look close enough, you can see they holding and hitting the edge with the hammer in an angle. Something like this: //// When you finish with the hammer, you use the stone to finalize the sharpening process, as the guy shows in the video. Oh, and by the way I worked for more than one and a half decade in forestry, gardening and similar fields using professional trimmers, but in some cases we still used traditional scythe. They are incredibly great tools, sometimes they are really better than any modern machinery. Have you ever thought about WHERE those plastic trimmer lines are gone? They don't just vanish into thin are. In global scale, what you think how many TONS of plastic dumped into the ground by this way, and poisoning further our lands? On my own property (everything TRULY organic) I never-ever want use those trimmers, even if it means several days of difference how long it takes to finish the job. Scythe is an ORGANIC and GENTLE tool! :D I really hope my comment will get a little attention, and helps people to learn the PROPER WAY of sharpening a scythe. I wish you all happy reaping, mowing (or whatever you do) with your properly sharpened scythe!

Richie Mann : "can you smell the chlorofill?" "oh yeah" ha ha ha

Arno Kilianski : Awesome! I own a scythe; the blade was made by some blacksmith in Lithuania. My grandfather used it to work his land there; then, after WW2 he used it to mow the lawn at the officers' quarters in the town where he lived in occupied West Germany. When he came to Canada, he brought the blade with him and made a new handle here. i use it to mow my lawn. Thanks to this video, I will be able to use it more efficiently, and may never use a power mower again -- even if I move to a house with a bigger lawn!

JTsuits : lmao ,, sad thing is this vid went viral because of fortnite ,,

Scum Fuck : Awesome vid and the scythe guy is such a natural teacher and mower - very relaxing to watch - I live in the UK so my grass is probably only about 7 by 7 feet... but I need to now convince the wife that I need a scythe!

Backwoodsmachinist : Cool guy cool technique. I just cant help but wonder how much money or exceptional luck you have to have to be able to these petty things for a living. I mean come on I felt like I was watching a home renovation show and the guy who names paint chips makes $350k a year. Like how do you luck out and be able to be a hipster scythe expert when Im working 12 hours a day 7 days a week and have trouble financing yet alone buying things without feeling financially strained?

Easy Clip : Rip og scythe.......... some people will understand

Sirisma : "Keep it on the ground" *Proceeds to pick it up like 50 times*

borjarojo : "I'm no scientist... I'm just gonna try stuff, and see what happens." Congrats, you're a scientist.

X- DaveOnPC : That's what I like about those kind of videos . The guy here , you would simply brush pay no mind to him if he was walking next to you in the street , you may even call him a weirdo in your mind because he looks/acts different than you or the rest of the people you know . But then , you watch this video , or simply start talking to him , and it's a whole new perspective . Most of people like him are smart , humble , and just simple , they don't need fancy things like instagram , snapchat or shit like those . You take a basic topic like here , a scythe , a mere tool , and you can discuss for hours without even realizing it , and every second isn't wasted because you learn something you wouldn't have expected . I would rather choose to speak to that guy about simple things for days than spending ten minutes with most of the people my age or a bit younger than me , complaining and whining about this celebrity gossip or politics or whatever .

Chief : Lol he’s a OG

Ghostzzz : Who else came for fortnite 🤷‍♂️😂

Bob Proctor : funny, I'm not much of the gardening type (although I admire those types) but I hate lawnmowers, especially I hate the "middle-class lawnmowing people of the Sunday mornings" keeping their front lawns looking pretty and useless. I've been scything for the last 8 years. got my scythe from the same place. Once I've started using it I felt exactly like the dude in the video. Also, with 3 blades you can really take care of most residential regular maintenance, even on uneven grounds.

G Speezy : Not sure why I'm watching this as a city slicker

Eddie C : what a nice wise guy. I'd share a hemp papered saint's tobacco cigarette with him.

Matthieu JOLY : Just bought two scythe here in france (2 old ones) with an old rattle for 25€ (30$) I have not a huge surface to do, so i just want to use my arms instead of my electrical mower. Just have to found back the hamer and the required anvil, already got an whetstone, next time, when required, i'll done this. I just don't know why this vid was suggested to me (i'm NOT a whatever gamer at all), so it''s a going coincidence :)

don't believe the hype : They're big in Hell along with the pitch fork.

Grant Ritter : Just watched a 23 minute video about cutting grass

_ JaxTheGameBoy05 _ : 13:25 what fortnite player be like when they get the reaper pickaxe

bashpr0mpt : Due to this video 'austrian peening song' is now an actual search term when you search 'austr' - as an Australian this annoys me. :P

EK II : wOw ThEY tUrneD ThE ScYthe inTo a ReaL tHinG?

Water : Wow nice cosplay

Reom One : Bro I literally don't know anything about farming or cutting grass why am I watching this video hahaha it's pretty dope though


gunny : in essence you are realigning a rolled burr. i thing you wouldn't want it to finely sharpened or you would have to go back to sharpening, honing process all the timE, a thin bevel does not necessarily mean sharper, . Know we see the man going back to stones creating a bur a knocking it off, i gues he uses a hammer for that , for high tech kitcor hunting/survival and mil knives, all yo do it use apese of leather glued to wood with a rough/ then fine compound on brush side of leather, or just gently draw egge across wood with no pressure will work too.

WoodPlayzNET x MC Server : Hes a OG

SPINXO : Fortnite players?

DoctorRobert23 : He reminds me of Viggo Mortensen

JustAnotherYoutubeChannel : Yo the turned that thing from Fortnite into real life heck can I buy that account

Pride-Krazy : (Fortnite players)- so that’s what a sythe is.

Daequan Fangirl : This dude wasted his Vbucks

wotan20 : This venerable, kind gentleman knows what he talks about. I am from Central Europe, and skilled scythers used to be well paid and well respected there, even in rural areas, because even there, only a minority could scythe well enough. In the time before combines were invented, these selected men were responsible for the entire grain harvest, thus their importance couldn't be overemphasised, so they were justly proud of their trade. Scything is deceptively simple, yet it takes a fair amount of practice to master it, in order to instinctively put the effort where it is needed, and nowhere else and just the absolutely necessary effort expended at each cut and no more, so the scyther could be able to do his duty all day, if it's necessary.  This gentleman marvellously demonstrated newbies' mistakes, who put too much muscular effort imprecisely, to humorously abysmal effect. Note also, that the tool was carefully fitted. In summary, it's a bit like playing a musical instrument, but the activity also has a strong physical dimension, so it is like playing a set of drums or something similar.

Midnight : Fortnite in a nutshell

Carlos Morales : Does it come with skull trooper?