How to Scythe + STOP Weeding, Watering and Fertilizing

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Mike Barnes : This guy is so awesome, by far the most personable and knowledgeable person on the tour so far (OK there's Salatin, but we knew him...) what a treat he has been for every video. He would have his own audience if he started a channel, also seems to be a natural born teacher.

Nico Flihan : time to harvest some souls.

1234 : What a cool dude. He seems like just a genuinely good guy.

borjarojo : "I'm no scientist... I'm just gonna try stuff, and see what happens." Congrats, you're a scientist.

Ted Williams : He does other types of stoning in those fields

Trigg Ethridge : seems like a lot of effort, i'd rather just pour bleach on my lawn so nothing grows

ShadawGaming : Seems like Justin didn't like being lectured? Every time the farmer had a longer dialogue it felt like Justin cut him off quite abruptly. It seemed as if he thought "I know a lot about this stuff, I don't need you telling me about it", which would defeat the whole purpose of the video? To gather knowledge from someone who knows their trade.

Wanky doodle : You are looking for 12:12

Gibblets : It's always awesome to see someone excited to share their passion.

Mike Jakubowski : So... what's the guy's name? What's he affiliated with? Glad you post all your commission stuff in the description but a little more credit to who's in the video would be appreciated.

MrScienceGeek : Watching him use that is better that one of those "most relaxing videos" out there. I want one now for my 1/3 acre, wonder what my neighbors in suburbia will think?!

qazzar2255 : its 213 am and i live in a suburb. what am i watching?? 20 min in though imma finish

Michael Gorlitsky : unless you can prove that grass can exist, I see no reason to believe a word of this video.

Sionnach1601 : I IMMENSELY enjoyed this. This guy is incredibly intelligent, has a very fine engineer's mind, and is so fantastically discerning. He looks at just about EVERY possible angle and judges it so well, but in balance with all other relevant parameters. He could be put to just about ANY situation and make the system better. NASA are probably, (or should probably be) populated by glittering minds like his. I thought he was a bit 'nuts' at the start hitting us with a million points like a machine gun, but in his simple worker's garb and long hair, until I paid rapt attention to the content of what he was saying, and *not* who was saying it, and I'm really glad I did. I really commend both of ye for this video. Brilliant, brilliant stuff. Ye really enrich Youtube and our world. Thank you both of you, for all your hard work.

It’s Nezji : Damn this dude is an og player he was around during the Halloween update in fortnite

ART and BRI : This is awesome! Did y'all see us trying to use a scythe the other day?

trvp.wavyy : The guy recording is annoying lol he so dry and sounds disbelieving "ok, Yea, alright, sure" that's mad annoying

jokubas jankauskas : Nice he loves STONING in the woods every minute :D 420

Matthew Paiz : His voice is so calm and friendly Bob Ross of farming

Ryan : Anyone need a translation for the guy videotaping its, "Okay, Okay, Okay, Okay, Okay, Okay, Okay, Okay" That covers the whole video there ya go!

Jerry Campbell : Well, now I need a scythe.

Chasper Jay : 15:28 "I like teaching girls" lmao

Cel : regardless on how the grass is - as a professional landscaper - we use machines to lessen the stress of physical work and also take off time from 1 hour of mowing to 10 mins - this scythe technique is only effective depending on the field . If the ground is wet then yes use a weed whacker or a scythe. now about the quality of grass - when feeding livestock of course. you do need quality grass of your choosing . but it doesnt have to be from a field that is treated with water and fertilizer. using a scythe only works for large fields and farms - and its actually great in many ways from saving money to managing a treated field.

Andrew hope : Cool video. Very entertaining watching this scythe master, but a tip to the interviewer, please stop interjecting with “ok” and “yeah” as an acknowledgement of every few words he is saying. It’s quite off-putting, and distracts the listener from what the subject is saying. When you have an interviewee that is such a natural communicator, just pose a question, and let him go. I realize this format is meant more as a two-way discussion, but this guy loves what he does, and doesn’t need the encouragements.

Ryan L : they have lawn mowers for that.

Keykers77 : You have met a lot of very intelligent and just cool people on this tour. Thanks for the awesome video!

MrKilios01 : Some people call it a scythe, I call it a slingblade hmmpphhh

Penn Tarleton : I hope this guy is actually the Angel of Death. "Yeah I don't water or fertilize or make life of my own I just have this rotational culling process on all living things. The balance is working out pretty well though..."

Rat King : damn i’m watching this during game 1 on the 2018 finals jr smith is the worst basketball player to walk the earth

Cass Kinsella : Lol they made the harvesting tool from fortnite in real life

NAJ : I live in Detroit, and this guy is so excited about scythes, he got me really wanting to run out and scythe a field.

Megalodon Vesper : It's awesome and very useful for those tough bushes and weeds. I love the sound of the scythe. It also doesn't make a huge mess as it automatically ends up piling the cuttings where you could easily collect them. We have bushes here that grow short but are so tough people tie their livestock to it and the animals could go jumping around and still never uproot the plant. Using the scythe though is bound to make some people do a double-take.

Nathan_ Kul : 12:10 your welcome

Hapmaplapflapgap : his chest could use a swing of the scythe

Reom One : Bro I literally don't know anything about farming or cutting grass why am I watching this video hahaha it's pretty dope though

Liberty Justice : These is a cool, laid back, and knowledgeable dude.

Friendly Metroid : I always love watching those people who seem mildly crazy, but really they've just figured out their lot in life.

God : Wow the made the fortnite pick axe into a real thing

Togsig : came here for a fortnite tutorial

Skyler Ruin : when the folks you are taping start talking passionately about the thing you are making the video about you sound uninterested. im new to this channel so im not sure if that is just how you are or what the deal is. it almost makes me feel bad for the person you have the camera pointed at and i might not be getting all the information they would share if you sounded interested. i hope this doesnt come acrossed in a way i dont intend. its not a criticism. maybe just a missed opportunity. very entertaining video.

Nerya Avraham Mofaz : Is this an outlast 2 prequel

Alex Blad : Real life skull trooper

David Hannah : 15:14 this is what your looking for

High Maco : How much v-bucks did u spend 🤔

Des1reGG : Where my fortnite boys at

ghost 948 : That's satisfying I could watch that for hours.

David Whitten : This guy is a scythe master and I am lucky to call him friend. He taught me just about everything I know about scything. His farming system is pure brilliance. Permaculture to the max.

LickMy Toaster : Yeah but whenever you work harden steel it gets to a point where it becomes extremely brittle and snaps like a toothpick. You would have to reheat in a forge or with a torch

GoOutsideMan : Its 2 AM and I have work in the morning, why did I just watch this entire video?

adarg2 : I bet he is stoning every minute.