How to Scythe + STOP Weeding, Watering and Fertilizing

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Mike Barnes : This guy is so awesome, by far the most personable and knowledgeable person on the tour so far (OK there's Salatin, but we knew him...) what a treat he has been for every video. He would have his own audience if he started a channel, also seems to be a natural born teacher.

1234 : What a cool dude. He seems like just a genuinely good guy.

ThinkerThunker : I have ZERO idea why I watched this. But I'm sold. Don't mo, scythe. Plus, it's a great work out, and meditative.

Garren Lake : all the fortnite kids clicking on this video lol

Izaiah Gonzales : *yeah,i like teaching girls* lmao

Polarus : I guess the grim reaper mowed lawns for a living at one point

Jonathan James : This dude really loves what he does

Brandon Shave : I don't even have a yard and now I wanna get a scythe.

BOB White : Am I the only one who came to learn how I can help with a bad weed problem and not fortnight? Ps: I still have no Idea how fortnight=scythes?????

chbrules : Austrian here. My cousins near Vienna use a robot electric lawn mower XD The husband works for Siemens, so I guess that makes sense.

MrScienceGeek : Watching him use that is better that one of those "most relaxing videos" out there. I want one now for my 1/3 acre, wonder what my neighbors in suburbia will think?!

GordoWG1 WG1 : Used to use one back in Scotland, SO easy to use - never even seen one down here (NZ). Keep it sharp* and it is much, much easier of the grass as it is a clean cut and not ripped like other methods do. *same applies to a hand or power mower - keep the blades SHARP and it will also allow less rpm and use less fuel as there is a lot less power needed.

jl3laze86 : There’s no way this is easier than using a weedwacker

Massimo Rago : Mowing starts at 12:15

Tommy Hinek : This video was in my recommended for a while and I had no plan on watching it, I decided to watch some of it and by the end I found it very interesting. Jim seems like a great guy and now I really want to use a scythe. Best video I've seen in a while.

ART and BRI : This is awesome! Did y'all see us trying to use a scythe the other day?

Sun Dog : Teenage grass! I laughed at that, but I know exactly what he means. I live in Southern California, the worst weeds here are Foxtails. If you cut them right when they start to flower, but before they go to seed, they have pumped most of their energy into flowering, and will have a harder time bouncing back. Also there will be a lot fewer foxtail seeds to sprout the following season.

NoSurrender1872 : Sounds like Wade from GTA 5

William Guenthner : If you are removing biomass (aka selling produce or anmals) from the land then eventually you must "fertilize" to replace what you are removing. You can go a long time between fertilizer applications with low intensity agriculture but it's delusional to think you can remove calcium, phosphorous, nitrogen from the ground year after year and not replace it. Bottom line, you may not apply commercial chemical fertilizers but you are either fertilizing or you're depleting the land.

AehxyTV : What an og player

NoXpert7 : I came cuz fortnite, but then this video turned out to be interesting

Ryan Lambert : He’s so happy because he knows it will help other farmers that are less fortunate, very genuine guy

Bez Tom : How come t isn’t making the cool noise like in frontnite

BreezyHD : All the Fortnite virgins in the comments smh...

Jerry Campbell : Well, now I need a scythe.

Joshua Highfield : This dude could sell a scythe to someone how doesn’t even cut there own grass

Kade : When did they make the Sycthe from Fortnite real?

Fortnut God : This man is a og

Ak Builds : Ehh i prefer the rainbow smash😂

Noah Linnik : 5:05 He’s got a hammer and scythe.... my god he’s a commi! Lol jk this is pretty awesome:)

Hurt greysworth : He sold me. Nicest guy in Maine 💪

curioushooter : These Scythes are nice; I have a long grass blade and a short ditch blade. Austrian made. By far the most useful is the ditch blade. It takes too long to cut hay with a scythe unless you are the sort of person that just wants to swing a scythe around all day. There is much more to do to make hay, and if you exhaust yourself with the scythe, you wont have much left to ted, rake or gather/bale. The ditch blade on the other hand is very useful, and nearly as fast as a gasoline weed whacker. Very effective for cleaning fence lines and working around electric netting. And quiet. It is worth getting a snath just for the ditch blade. Scythe supply is where I got mine.

Mercury Loco : This dude is a og(only fortnite players get it)

Zemplify : Who else clicked this because they thought of scythe pickaxe in fortnite

borjarojo : "I'm no scientist... I'm just gonna try stuff, and see what happens." Congrats, you're a scientist.

Thomas Hugh : Deadass thought this was a fortnite pick axe in real life video

E drop : The straight razors of farming 🌱

MerAngel12121 : Justin, If I could give this vid another thumbs up, I would. Came back to watch this episode again, with my husband. He is very impressed by this custom scythe and considering purchasing one. One thing people should consider is that when scything your lawn, you will want to leave it at least One and a half inches high, to protect the roots and preserve the moisture. The hay field and the lawn are horses of a different color, so to speak. Justin, I betcha if there were enough women interested in learning how to use a scythe, that he would give a group lesson. I believe a lot of gals would see using a scythe as the easiest way to do a whole body trimming workout and or meditation/quiet time. Please let him know about this idea, if the Gals respond to it. Could call it "Double Trimming" or something like. You are trimming your body while you trimming your grass.

JTsuits : lmao ,, sad thing is this vid went viral because of fortnite ,,

Keykers77 : You have met a lot of very intelligent and just cool people on this tour. Thanks for the awesome video!

Error 404 : I had a question about the face of the blade. I have sharpened with flat stone all my life but recently I have given some tools a convex edge with a belt sander with super super fine grit finish(3 stage). Sounds gimmicky or whatever but the "bulging" edges theoretically push the material away from the edge. Seems to work fantastic on a hatchet and kitchen knives. Durable for sure. I haven't done it to nice knives, yet. I would LOVE to hear from someone who has done this on a working blade like this. The key is the belt is loose so it can wrap around creating a convex edge face. I know sharpening is a religion but seriously this has changed my idea of sharpening. Belt over stone isn't sexy. Overall it's the best edge for longevity so that's why I commented. edit: I know you can do a convex on a stone. Does anyone do that and how?

Power GamingHD : *Haters will say its fake*

Calvin Gilbreath : 20:23 "So are you familiar with witchcraft?"

Esjellz : This guy has been playing a long time.

Reom One : Bro I literally don't know anything about farming or cutting grass why am I watching this video hahaha it's pretty dope though

NightNight58 : Season 1 player

Tameem Omar : Who’s here from Fortnite

Dennis Diamond Belvis : Wow! His natural teacher.

ginger cox : It makes a great prop for a Halloween costume. I had some baby trees, maples, oaks, sycamore. I planted the maples this spring and my son weed whacked all the bark off one and it died. . He also took the top off one hosta about the time it was coming up. He breaks the mower and string trimmer and goes away for the weekend. My yard is more of a pasture tight now. I think I'm going to try and scythe it.

Skyler Ruin : when the folks you are taping start talking passionately about the thing you are making the video about you sound uninterested. im new to this channel so im not sure if that is just how you are or what the deal is. it almost makes me feel bad for the person you have the camera pointed at and i might not be getting all the information they would share if you sounded interested. i hope this doesnt come acrossed in a way i dont intend. its not a criticism. maybe just a missed opportunity. very entertaining video.