How to Scythe + STOP Weeding, Watering and Fertilizing

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Mike Barnes : This guy is so awesome, by far the most personable and knowledgeable person on the tour so far (OK there's Salatin, but we knew him...) what a treat he has been for every video. He would have his own audience if he started a channel, also seems to be a natural born teacher.

ThinkerThunker : I have ZERO idea why I watched this. But I'm sold. Don't mo, scythe. Plus, it's a great work out, and meditative.

Brandon Shave : I don't even have a yard and now I wanna get a scythe.

Polarus : I guess the grim reaper mowed lawns for a living at one point

Jakobus : the camera man sounds like a son that is annoyed with his father's lecturing

1234 : What a cool dude. He seems like just a genuinely good guy.

Anthony 3lTroll : 12 years old kids be like... They turned the Fortnite pickaxe into a real life object!

Crow Migration : This dude is a mad genius. I would watch a weekly TV show of him just doing farming stuff and talking about it.

BOB White : Am I the only one who came to learn how I can help with a bad weed problem and not fortnight? Ps: I still have no Idea how fortnight=scythes?????

M H : $30,000 biology degree here<----- Fertilizer is only needed on plants youre not eating (lawns) if the microbes, bugs, and worms (natural ecosystem) have been killed. Fertilizing kills them, ironically, and makes you more reliant on fertilizers. When mowing, there is no need for bagging. If you cut often and use the mulch feature, the natural ecosystem will degrade and recycle your clippings to reproduce natural fertilization.

JTsuits : lmao ,, sad thing is this vid went viral because of fortnite ,,

reggiep75 : Some of the comments have commented more on the man's personality and the way he carries himself rather than the superiority of old tools. Yep, he sounds a bit gay, camp or effeminate and comes across as a bit of an odd bod character but does that make him a bad person.. of course not! Society has slowly lost too many characters like him and the ones that replaced them all look the same, sound the same, bleat the same way and yet they proclaim to be different and unique, when they aren't, and look like a field of new born lambs - looking and sounding the same! I'd rather spend hours discussing the world with this fella rather than some of the societal rats I have crossed paths with in my life. He's got character and maybe a little repetitive but that's cos of over-flowing enthusiasm and he's interesting and entertaining. People with an interest in this need to seek him out and transfer the skills for the modern times as he's a massive asset to his field... pun intended!!

Macon . Guillaume : I love how he says he's not a scientist, and right after he said "it might be a bunch of bull, i'm learning to try stuff and see what happens" ... This man is more of a scientist than a lot of people who claim to be ...

jordotech : I envy this man. My hope is to be as happy as him in my old age.

Arno Kilianski : Awesome! I own a scythe; the blade was made by some blacksmith in Lithuania. My grandfather used it to work his land there; then, after WW2 he used it to mow the lawn at the officers' quarters in the town where he lived in occupied West Germany. When he came to Canada, he brought the blade with him and made a new handle here. i use it to mow my lawn. Thanks to this video, I will be able to use it more efficiently, and may never use a power mower again -- even if I move to a house with a bigger lawn!

borjarojo : "I'm no scientist... I'm just gonna try stuff, and see what happens." Congrats, you're a scientist.

Tommy Hinek : This video was in my recommended for a while and I had no plan on watching it, I decided to watch some of it and by the end I found it very interesting. Jim seems like a great guy and now I really want to use a scythe. Best video I've seen in a while.

Jake PC : How much for that account

bitchboy555 : What I watch at 3am

Backwoodsmachinist : Cool guy cool technique. I just cant help but wonder how much money or exceptional luck you have to have to be able to these petty things for a living. I mean come on I felt like I was watching a home renovation show and the guy who names paint chips makes $350k a year. Like how do you luck out and be able to be a hipster scythe expert when Im working 12 hours a day 7 days a week and have trouble financing yet alone buying things without feeling financially strained?

john papple : I never thought I'd see a man so excited about a scythe.

Chris Merkz : 9 year olds seeing this video saying “omg that’s the scythe in fortnite”

Richie Mann : "can you smell the chlorofill?" "oh yeah" ha ha ha

Powers : He must have OG skull trooper

david m : Plus!!!! you get the added benefit of shaves strokes off your golf game.

Reom One : Bro I literally don't know anything about farming or cutting grass why am I watching this video hahaha it's pretty dope though

FH UK : Awesome vid and the scythe guy is such a natural teacher and mower - very relaxing to watch - I live in the UK so my grass is probably only about 7 by 7 feet... but I need to now convince the wife that I need a scythe!

Please No : I bet he has wicked abs from all the twisting

I just spilled lean On my truey jeans : He sold me. Nicest guy in Maine 💪

Mr.Techaky : Wow, that's badass... You put in a hellovah lot of work into this. Also, met Joe Salatine once. Interesting guy, not really into raising animals but still interesting so see old world tech put to work. You know, people think old world stuff was so primitive but I think the olden folk knew a lot more about stuff than we did... Being a logger with all modern saws, equipment, etc. I couldn't imagine logging before that tech came around but after listening to my Grandpa tell me stories of ol' Uncle Edd who was a logger in the late 1880s and early 1900s, I think they were a little further ahead than we think.

Grant Ritter : Just watched a 23 minute video about cutting grass

G Speezy : Not sure why I'm watching this as a city slicker

Bluu Aqua : Who else is looking for cringy Fortnite comments?

ROC : He said "I'm not getting friendly but" and then legit gets right up on his ass lol I died

WoodPlayzNET x MC Server : Hes a OG

MrScienceGeek : Watching him use that is better that one of those "most relaxing videos" out there. I want one now for my 1/3 acre, wonder what my neighbors in suburbia will think?!


k McGreg : perfect zombie killing tool

Ak Builds : Ehh i prefer the rainbow smash😂

timmy is ur dad lemon : man he's an og player

Joshua Highfield : This dude could sell a scythe to someone how doesn’t even cut there own grass

Gabriel : Why is it so fun to just listen to someone cutting grass with a scythe

T M : I love them passion this man has for this old, valuable, method.

pyro : This man is skull trooper

Alejandro Zelaya : fortnite is in real life

Jerry Campbell : Well, now I need a scythe.

DoctorRobert23 : He reminds me of Viggo Mortensen

gsilva220 : How does this compare to, say, a zero turn mower and a hat with two cold sodas?

Esjellz : This guy has been playing a long time.

Bez Tom : How come t isn’t making the cool noise like in frontnite