Office 2010: The Movie

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Roberto Von CupCake : RIP Clippy

winabpc1564 : 0:32 Clippy did not die! He never died. Oh, Clippy was not born in 1997, that is just when Microsoft added him in Office. And he never died in 2004. 2007 is when Microsoft removed Clippy. But he never died.

MaxxCrazyroller : gdzie jest ciecionka?;)

winabpc1564 : And i use Office 2013 btw.

ragequitter93070 : Clippy is not dead, he lives on in our hearts *single tear*

Thu Ya Win : I wonder what the new font is.

John Mc Cormack Jnr : use the printer safely.

John Mc Cormack Jnr : for printers usually the printer needs a new or spare power cord connected and a printer disc software with update from internet. Or from disc software update and printer depending should be connected to wifi. restart computer after printer driver updates then when the computer has restarted do a test page of word or excel to see if it works. Once it is working run it at full capacity. then send in the ink trucks and run the printer at full capacity.

Verna Barnet : I have got my 100% genuine office 2016 key from this link: cost little but works great.

shankar reddy : Its 3.8.2017 Still waiting for the movie to come out .

andrew tu : what happaned to cliply

rkclg rkclg : This must be a real movie and now!!

Thinh Pham : Is this a real MS commercial or just parody?

Marquis Kurt : Can't wait to see this turn into a real movie!

Mohamed Imtiyaz : Lol classic love it

Almy : holy crap this is great.

Indra Nando : this guy is  bad

TheVideoKid782 : At 0:42 or 0:43 there is a frozen reference. Which is cool. I have office 2010 BTW on this laptop

Mr. Toonster : 0:42 Frozen reference

ThePatryq1 : 1:09 tego się nie spodziewałem :D

Roadsguy : Hopefully some wood, otherwise you're not using it right.

Farhan Syafiq Fadhillah : Windows 8, Start Button 1995-2011 lol

Farhan Syafiq Fadhillah : 2013 Version! Collaborate with Office 365, so, if there is an attack from hackers, there is still hope to summon assistance from Office 365 (5 contingents from all over the world)

Fry3000 : I'm french and I didn't understand at first that the girl was supposed to speak french.

JedrzejP : Gdzie jest ciecionka? GDZIE JEST TA CIECIONKA?

Chase Bailey : at first i was like, this movie is badass, when he was talking about the font that hypnotizes people... then I saw clippy's grave, and I fucking lost it

Adam Kollár : Well his co-partner actually did! ;P

DerFuchs111 : I want the new movie "Office 2013"!!!

Georg : nooooooooooooooooooooooooo :DDD

DerFuchs111 : I like him :o


Michal Kundrát : *replaces all fonts with Terminus*

EntropyPressStAt : ok who the heck down voted this. Seriously?! Its got everything. Motorcycles, punching, a shady boardroom conspiracy and FONTS! pure art.

thecartoonboy999 : I can't for it to be released!!! ... It IS being released soon....Right?!

cruiltyx : Some idiots do everything for a like. poor human

Shaun Milfler : piratebay?

gonfle10 : I did.

kamran sanghera : fuck that french bitch

kamran sanghera : wingdings?????

kamran sanghera : is he playin on an iphone

kamran sanghera : fnnnnnnnnnnnnyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

kamran sanghera : this is beast

Lutz Peyton : its somewhere around ariael and wingdings LOL

Guru Laghima : R.I.P. Clippy. You will be missed. D:

KevinyMelvinVIDEOS : I Want Clippy again :(

Kylee White : Very fun way to make a product known! I'm not sure how many people saw this other than on here but it is very creative!

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ADO Photoshop Breakdowns : WHAT?! He was my HERO!

prathmesh dhadker : WTF???????????

Nermal Cat : Please wipe your feet! Take a bath! Gain some weight! Your so skinny! Don't go to school at Wednesday,Thursday and Friday! OK?!