Ram Jam – Black Betty | The story behind the song | Top 2000 a gogo

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William Tower : Thumbs up everytime this song comes on the radio and you crank it up instinctively.

PtolemyJones : Radar Love is the best driving song ever, but this is definitely top ten... maybe top five. LA Woman is also up there...

guibox3 : By far he grooviest rock riff in history. It annoys the piss out of me that radio stations always cut out the upbeat guitar solo part. I mean...WHY?? They will play the last 16 choruses of 'Hey Jude', but they won't include that part of Black Betty? Same thing with the middle guitar part of 'Don't Fear the Reaper'. Stupid radio...

Maxwell Pollville : This band is much better than they got credit for.

JoseitoEdlVodao : Racist leftists never change. The more I get to know about them the more I despisetheir hypocrisy. The distance between theory and reality is so abysmal it's disgusting. Now, they have other PC things like trans to focus on.

Cynthia Nicola : Leadbelly got Black Betty from prison road crews in the south. It was sung to time the rhythm for breaking rock to gravel the road.

Josh Gellis : The Hell?! It's a fantastic, stunning and timeless HARD Rock song version that doesn't 'mock' the original, rather is some kind of Concorde style vs. the Wright Brothers plane original. lmao.

# Hashtag : The song Leadbelly got his version from was about a gun. "Black Betty" was a gun, hence Bam-a-lam.

Siegfried Braun : ...pre-historic SJWs. Stupid then already!

velociraptor898 : One of the greatest rock song ever ...

coolal19 : SJW's.  Stupid then.  Stupid now.

Joalberto JPro : Fantastic tune. As hard hitting as ever and I don’t hear anything “ offensive “ in it other than the beating the drums are taking.

Justin : PC SJW culture ruins everything!

kirby march Barcena : Whoever wrote this originally really love rock music.

rula42 : That's Van Halen tapping style 01:58 - one year before VH debut album. Anyways....Steve Hackett did it on Musical Box 1971. Just sayin'

Richard Williams : Leadbelly didnt write the original, it goes way back

kenneth tamburro : This is still one of my all time favorite rock songs ! It has everything a Rock song needs to rock out !

Eric Dee : Bill Bartlett was the lead guitarist for the band The Lemon Pipers in 67/68'

Larry Sizemore : The NAACP didn't want it released _because_ they knew a black man's estate would make money off of it. Funny how leftist groups are the real racists.

oåooåo ipip : Ram jam ma goo jam. That's vietnamese.

TowManDave00 : I played the shit out of this song in the early 80's

Dell Extron : This song is a jam.

Grumpy468 : Yep Black people causing shit where they dont need too , and the music industry screwing a black man out of song writing credits. This is why i hate people.

Offramp Tavanipupu : Bring it! Bring the amberlamps!

Ryan Alexander Bloom : A kid tried to tell me this wasn’t a double bass song. Uh, dude, did you watch the video? Of course he didn’t. But then he tried to tell me he could do it with one foot anyway. Uh, dude, you’re leaving out a whole bunch of notes. No you can’t. This song has a cool drum part, try actually learning it if you want to cover it.

john reynolds : black betty was the lemon pipers of green tambourine fame . there management changed there name when they released black betty .also stole all there royalties . no one knew who they were.still a big hit. bartlett was a mail man in cincinnati last i heard.excellent band.when i hear there songs being played as elevator music i think someone is still making money off them.

fridgemagnet : spiderbait do a killer cover of this track

DigiPal : "best driving song ever made"... No... "Radar Love" is the one, the lyrics themselves are about someone driving, and the music is just perfect.

Ron Skotnicki : umm, this song was originally sung in 1939

TheBassmon : None of these guys played on this song!!! This was Starstruck from Cincinnati with Bill Bartlett and he is the only one in this video that plays on this record. Look it up!

Shawn FitzGerald : Did not know all of that. Thanks!

Jeannie InaBottle : It’s also the best song to run/jog to :)

Dorf Googlesteen : So I'm not the only one that thinks that they f*** that black man out of money and at the same time claimed that the song was racist just needs to get around everywhere

Robert M : It was a segregated prison work song. Leading those song was Lead Belly's job in prison. I was hoping they would talk about why they used a disco beat.

Harvey Wellington : Stupid song lol

Mike n Deb G : Cool vid. Thanks. I've loved this song since it first came out. I always thought the band was super tight.

Monica Jones : I love this song. I'm black and this was my go-go dance song in 80s. Awesome.

G Perrin : I had NO IDEA that Ned Flanders wrote Black Betty...I'm Shook

Jon Trownson : I challenge anyone to walk down the street with this on headphones without syncing up your footsteps to the kick drum.

Mike Yerke : ...also amberlamps. 🚑

joedell71 : Dat VHT pitbull amp doe 😍😍😍

JoeBob Jenkins : Spiderbait version rocks.

Shawn Fox Firth : Huge tune for me in '78-'79 grade 7to8 we would take lunch at a small burger joint and they had a juke box that was ancient and the buttons were wonky so if not careful instead of Ram Jam you'd get Gary Wright's Dream Weaver , the chick's liked it but it took me a long time to like it . Black Betty was on heavy rotation in my '75 Camaro in high school too ..

jammer3618 : The truth about this record is more complicated than these guys allude to. In fact they may not even know the whole story. I worked in the industry at the time and was told by the label that Kasenentz/Katz(sp?) the producers had the track laying around for quite a while. Remember the producers were the bubble gum guys like the lemon pipers. As for publishing and the writer not getting any credit and stopping release if he did, that is categorically untrue. That would have required an injunction. Unlikely the publisher would have gone to that expense.

jim randles : hadn't heard Black Betty on radio since I was a teen, in 2006 I bought a 76 black Mustang II, trying to name her. Then one day crussin around Black Betty came on the radio I cranked it up and said that's it, and she's been known as Black Betty ever since! just want thank the band Ram Jam

XavierKatzone : Great story!

Penny Davis : To me,this song pays homage to history, it is a great song, nothing malicious....I Loved this song since I was little...

Aye Lmao : We play this song before every football game

Batphink Reynolds : Awesome song.SHAME Dave Bartlett the original singer of the song vanished? It appears he must have hated the manipulative sleazy music business as I myself do.Good Luck Dave and what's left of Ram Jam.

Mike Page : The "Everybody Dance Now" mashup is exquisite.