how to create billie eilish's "bad guy"

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hello here is the easiest way to create billie eilish's song "bad guy" from scratch. yes i actually used those items to create the sounds you are hearing. i am so sorry for this Thank you so much for watching! my social media: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: YOUTUBE:


S : wow can't believe Seth actually got Billie in the video

Above and Leon : I wake up and start everyday with this video hoping that it would somehow magically turn into the full version....

Skōlās __ : Now when I listen to bad guy im always expecting to hear the « We are number one » song Guess im the only one 🥴

RealmBoy : Dude Billie Eishlish covered your song and she’s super famous now wth

Darkness : Billie Eilish: "my song is perfect" Seth: "Hold my couch"

rihasanat rofolo : how to create billie eilish's *"bald guy"*

Sara Najem : I've rewatched this so many times i think its unhealthy

떡과엿 : I guess he made 1M people to search and listen WE ARE NUMBER ONE

A Person : billie eilish: this is cool *gets copyright claimed billie eilish: w H a t

NotNotAHuman : "Wow his melody kind of sounds like We Are Number O- WAIT JUST A MINUTE"

David Shen : we are number one, but it's billie eilish's "bad guy"

Annika M. : Can you make like a full Version I just loved it to mutch

Swiss Reenactor : teacher: what instrument do you play setheverman: yes

Icezy Yeah : Can Someone Do A 10 Hours Video About This?

Angie Felix : This is so good that i keep replaying it it's 1:46 am rn and i have to wake up at 7:00am for school

SAVUFILMS : Lyrics: Verse: I'm the bad guy, Duh.

Annika M. : I watched the Video one Million times just f ing loooove it!😂

没有人爱SummerVibez : Someone: Oh, you're really talented! What instrument do you play? Seth:Well, depends. I play the couch, the fan, the dishes and sometimes the Nintendo game that won't work. You? Someone: ...the guitar


Rose Essence : You should wear the wig more often, it compliments your skin

Yojara C. : im offended by the fact that this isn’t longer, we need an extended version

Tj Aj : Damn you actually look better with hair😂😂 Nice video btw

ThatGuyJames S : For the best experience, turn on subtitles. You can thank me later...

Em Pask : Who replayed it more than 10 Times? XD Edit: congratulation for 1 Mio likes 😃

dolceclavier : I can’t believe Billie Eilish made a cover of this song and didn’t even put in the We Are Number One part

Ramen : Ah yes, my favorite instrument. *_C O U C H._*

Софья Ефимова : Это был парик... А мне он так понравился с волосами в

Gabby : what instruments do you play? *its complicated*

Kute Kookies : Person: hey what instrument do you play? Me: Oh I play the couch

Rhed Gaming : He protecc He attac And most impotantly He plays the couch in the back

Scarlett Xx : *what instrument do you play?* Seth: *c0ucH*

Grimmoon 678 : The melody part sounds like a plants vs zombies map

Random_Dork : I put captions on... thank you for this amazing descovery. u should trrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyy

Sophia Clough : I've watched this so many times now and it's epic 😂🙌

Ramen Lover : Me: WOWO *Tictok joined the chat* Me: *Fudge* no

Marco Emano : Lyrics: Im the baldd guy, DUH.

S a : The part at the ending sound exactly like " We are number one" *Hold a sec*

ElvizNation : Omg I died laughing at the end when you started playing We are number one

Edvardius : I can't get this tune out of my head. I've been listening to it every now and then for a few days already.

The Lonely Gamer : I know for sure this guy isn’t bald at all For sure

Misea : when you are a bad guy but you remember that u are the number one too


conorgray511 : Every time I see this thumbnail I think that mic is your leg wrapped around the keyboard. Always take a second glance and hate myself for it.

Sister shookif : *how to create Billie Eilish’s “bad guy” in 47 seconds*

Adriana Miranda : “Bad guy”? More like “Bald guy” HAHAHA srry I had to😂😂

Summer Yin : Oh right, i remember i learned how to play the couch in middle school

Matt Y. : How could the hair keep attaching to *"his"* head while doing the couch move?

Don't Open This Channel : Why does he look more like Ghostemane than Billie Eilish

KemptKevin : People who came from this video: Did he just end it with We are Number One?? Fans: Yeah it’s Seth Everman lol