how to create billie eilish's "bad guy"
Seth Everman is a creative genius watch with subs on to for an extra laugh

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hello here is the easiest way to create billie eilish's song "bad guy" from scratch. yes i actually used those items to create the sounds you are hearing. i am so sorry for this Thank you so much for watching! my social media: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: YOUTUBE:


SophieIsInSpace : The fact that that wig actually looks good on you slightly scares me

randomness things with Ayden : Friend: what stuff do you like to watch? Me: ... It's complicated

GandalfPotter21 : I admire your ability to maintain a straight face while playing We Are Number One

1000 subs without any video challenge? : I hate myself, I was ignoring this video when it was in my recommended tab. oh never mind, It's still there

Divraan Power : I really loved how *BadGuy* turned to _We are number one!_ 😂🤣🤣👌🏻

deltar : Doctor: Billie Everman doesn't exist. He can't hurt you. Me:

Azul Jimenez : Estuvo genial!!!😮💕 We ARE number ONE 😂😂😂

Ant Bar : This is what she really used in the back stage. CGI is now improved to level |[][]

JAKK0 : When I first heard the melody I was like, well I recognise this. You have just confirmed it by making it sound like we are number one. It would be good to hear a full remixed version but keep it up! 👍

Jamie Lannister : Only 0.45% dislikes Amazing 😍👌

Danva-co ™ : The amount of times I’ve watched this is unhealthy

BATMAN73006 : you need to play more of the couch man best instrument

bLuE pOtAtO! : *_When the title is all lowercase, you know it's a good video._*

james 'M' : Bahahahaha did this just become the official version?!

Blue Milk : Tbh they should have used this version at the end of Brightburn SMH 😤😤😤

Misea : when you are a bad guy but you remember that u are the number one too


Tyler Bugica : Psychiatrist: Me: Psychiatrist: wh— Me: *CoUcH*

Datotherboi Official : Love it. Like it.oscar. 10/10 ign. Red carpet.

Fire Ring : Bille eyelash: no Billy Irish: no Seth Everman: Yes

rihasanat rofolo : how to create billie eilish's *"bald guy"*

Tegarpmngks : btw, i need the we are number one full version xD

Unknown : Haha so much better with the caption on. Who tf put it😂

Chad Morrow : The fact you made it number one at the end so seamlessly proves you are no bald man, but a god in disguise

aVeryCoolDude22 : 0:27 When you see a Spider on the couch

Mek : Person: what instruments do you play? Seth: yes

Random Person : this made me snort and I don't snort

Tragic Adot : Me: 50 second remake of the real song gets 2m likes Billie:

Ryder Pieczarka : Imagine all of the Billie Eilish fans!😂

lol_really : when you do a song too well that it instantly gets copyrighted from the original owner

Katana Seiko : Patrick: Is Mayonnaise an instrument? Seth: Probably. Have you tried Couch?

Gacha Gurl_playz : The best instrument of all time is the... COUCH!!!

Billy Bob John : As Will will say That’s hot

Dimi Evol : now i found the beat maker 🤩

Luna Moon : This is funny helpful! ^w^

Yojara C. : im offended by the fact that this isn’t longer, we need an extended version

XANZA 69 : It’s genus...pure genius

PauSG / Sub 2 PewDiePie : the melody sound like pvZ

Nojay HD : Duude thats perfect 😂

Sive ;-; : The subtitles. Omfg I’m dead 💀 😂

Pramila Murphy : We Are Number One is literally a tutorial about how to be a bad guy, it all makes sense now.

.Sheldon. : RUS SUBTITLES XDDD Не, серьёзно молодетс

El'Capitán : Nobody: Nothing: **The We are number one part**

HavenBroz : Wait *where is door*

B C T!! : What??? We are number one x Bad guy🤣

Jiren chillin in the comment section : My friend; So, what instrument do you play? Me: Couch My friend: Cool, I play Nintendo 64 game that won't start

Redpandaman885 : My friend:Hey man what instrument do you play Me: oh you now couch

Sarah Khan : Stop staring into my soul!!

Кристин Оведи : Norwegian subtitles 😂