Cyanide & Happiness Gets Hydraulic Pressed
Cyanide amp Happiness Gets Hydraulic Pressed

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ANerdNamedTrevor : "He looks quite harmless, but he can make an offensive joke at any moment, so we must deal with it." YouTube's demonetization system in a nutshell.

Justin Y. : This. This is how you advertise.

Name not found : And they said Infinity War was the most ambitious crossover yet.

Hugo : I'd totally get the Joking Hazard game, if I had people to play with

Lamers : Was that a Finnish dude?

Daniel Duncan : WHAT?! HPC collab with Explosm? What is this sorcery!

Bruh moment #82 : what a waste of food oh wait nvm its a *joking hazard*

LazyTushR : Crush sad larry's sadness with this press lol

Andrew Kovnat : The most ambitious crossover in history.

Zacharias : lol, torille, nyt on taas laatu suomalaisia kanavia haha

Russian Friendly Stewart : 1:43 how YouTube deals with offensive jokes

Xito : Cards: 0:56 i don’t feel so good

Languste : *Did he **_press_** the button?* ._.

Grumpy Cat : Dare I say, this is a very pressing matter.

Nurdin Hossain : The press will be on you guys for this advertising

Just An Edit : _"Okay Jimmy, let's just press the facts out."_

Turin : That "rallikuski" finnish accent 😁😂 It sounds so bad to us Finns

Grimno : "You ever play 2,194 pick up?"

Kaonus Maximus : Press F to pay respects

happyguy0105 : The last one was a bit too bloody to go on a press

Robert_Void : 0:54 Mr. hydraulic press, I don't feel so good...

FoxyXs : omg, pewdiepie did the subtitles for this one :o lol

Malek Samir : Thanos striked again XD -Cards: I don't feel so good mr Stark

caffeineadvocate : Apparently, they're still pressed for cash..

Soaring Faithfully 1111 : 0:46 *clears throat* Oh no." "I don't think this worked." Smart guy.

Marius Granbo : only me that heard chocking hazard box? xd 0:21

Baron Anoch : "Oh no I vink it did not vork" On the contrary my pressing friend it worked very well! Just not in the way you were thinking.

Luffy D. Monkey : Two of my favorite YouTube’s collaborated together for the first time!!

Igyzone : I am... *IMPRESSED* I'll leave now.

Red Bluefish : The cards busting apart was amazing. AvE, in one of his earlier videos, explains nicely why this happens.

ApexTrueno : "Ah, perfect". -Lord Farquaad

Big Brudda : You're making friendlier content ;-; How do I know this? When you smashed the cards, there was no blood! Going soft now eh?

Kentama : I'm usually annoyed by all the self-promoting Explosm videos these days, but I'd be lying if I didn't think this is one of the best product advertisements I've ever seen.

Krish Thakur : Crush'em all 😂😂😂

Mynameis Chef : Masterpiece. Absolutely beautiful.

samtherat6 : Have they done a collab with another YouTube channel before?

KAMIKAZE : I remember seeing that channel months ago. "Wha da fock!?"

Sharky Shark : Hell yeah! Now I can fit all my cards in the box!

Assassin Crab : 0:53, Cards:”Mr. Explosmentertainment, I don’t feel to good...” *Slowly fades away*

RoryTGM : i tought i had a lot of *pressure* on me... k bye

Neurotic Sos : sweet I love hydraulic press channel! I also love Explosm

Zombieman_x : I’m glad they’re putting my patreon money to good use


Sareseras : Love the realism of adding stew for the feces effect of the offensive joker xD

Jesse Dobson : "But he can make an offensive joke at any moment, so we must deal with it." *- YouTube towards good content creators*

Light DRGN20 : "I think this didn't work." Was it not ment to explode?

Party Quackaz : *_RIP Green Shirt Dude in the Video, you will be Forgotten_*

Berat Emini : *This is the original HYANIDE AND HAPPINESS* xDDDDDt

TheRD : b l o o d y d i a r r h e a g r e e n b o i