Cyanide & Happiness Gets Hydraulic Pressed

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Jarl Balgruuf : I'm hydraulic depressed

Justin Y. : This. This is how you advertise.

ANerdNamedTrevor : "He looks quite harmless, but he can make an offensive joke at any moment, so we must deal with it." YouTube's demonetization system in a nutshell.

Lamers : Was that a Finnish dude?

Name not found : And they said Infinity War was the most ambitious crossover yet.

Zacharias : lol, torille, nyt on taas laatu suomalaisia kanavia haha

Hugo : I'd totally get the Joking Hazard game, if I had people to play with

Daniel Duncan : WHAT?! HPC collab with Explosm? What is this sorcery!

LazyTushR : Crush sad larry's sadness with this press lol

Blitzwingus Maximus : Press F to pay respects

Brown Overlord : what a waste of food oh wait nvm its a *joking hazard*

Justin Y. : imPRESSive


MR. comic• ✅ : 00:56 why it's so satisfied 😆😅😆😅😆😅😆😅😆😅😆😅😆😅😆😅😆😅

Justin Y. : Now that's a lotta damage!

Languste : *Did he **_press_** the button?* ._.

Krish Thakur : Crush'em all 😂😂😂

Upload Download : The press will be on you guys for this advertising

Cashawn Hightower : What is the song that plays at 0:54?

Grumpy Cat : Dare I say, this is a very pressing matter.

The British Aviator : Talk about explosm entertainment

Daroamer sanchez : this channel is dying :(

happyguy0105 : The last one was a bit too bloody to go on a press

Hello There : paper explosives

GameWorks12 : Rip Cyanide & Happiness

Russian Friendly Stewart : 1:43 how YouTube deals with offensive jokes

THE•INTROVERTED• OWL : *how about pressing an hydraulic pressed?*

Xito : Cards: 0:56 i don’t feel so good

caffeineadvocate : Apparently, they're still pressed for cash..

Abdul Rahim Khan : Hahaha nice🤣

Quahntasy - Animating Universe : Best advertising I have seen in a decade.

NIX-FLIX : 0:42 holy crap

B_D_W_S'_Animation_ : First " press " video I have seen , I felt a lot of *pressure* to finally watch one

Van Hendrix : Press to delete

The RD - Toast Eater : b l o o d y d i a r r h e a g r e e n b o i

qu181 : It was a good run but now that everything is just compilations and 10 sec videos with 2 mins of advertisements I think its time I remove the channel. Thanks for all the laughs though. If actual content starts coming out ill be back.

Kro : Joke me daddy

deathfireball28 DB : How depressing...

KILLER MANMAN : How to press just press XD

maximilian Lerch : 0:54 Mr. hydraulic press, I don't feel so good...

Just An Edit : _"Okay Jimmy, let's just press the facts out."_

Möhinder Pictures : Torilla tavataan!

Turin : That "rallikuski" finnish accent 😁😂 It sounds so bad to us Finns

L O F I & C H I L L : One like a day keeps the *Ligma* away

Pargus : 1:51 "And that's how I lost all this weight!"

MetalHeadToker : This is great, two of my favorite channels come together. Never would’ve expected it.

Miguel Flores : *explosm*

Andrew Kovnat : The most ambitious crossover in history.

samtherat6 : Have they done a collab with another YouTube channel before?

AguSedö : Torille saatana