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Cody Ethan : 0:24 Top 10 ways to propose to your girlfriend...

Gardner : What’s the thing at 3:32 called Edit - I found it, it’s called Onewheel

Tuxedo Cat gaming : The game he throws into the Xbox is battlefield one

CH _Yu : 0:14 Cody is peaking behind the door 1:20 Garret desk has a lot of paper ball 1:40 why there is a girl behind the door? XD

Andy Tommy Keddy : Do a video of just fails that would be a good one!

ねえ ねえ : カッコイイとは思うけど成功しても成功しなくても同じやん…

splif blober : Can you do a face reveal on the panda

Ivan : D : Какого фига всё на английском. Can be on Russia

The_Sparky_ PL : Amazing its amazin .best channel in the word!!!

Mike Mixtape : Show all the bloopers. The Dude Perfect bloopers are the best. :)

Jaydeep Valera : Don't try this at home If u r not a member dp team😂

Elvis Mårtensson : My fav shot is all Dude perfect = cool

Jhindy 817 : It doesn’t seem like this was posted a year ago...🤔

Isabella Kuhn : Was I the only one who noticed Ty walking around with no shoes on

Niraj Sarvaiya : Guys....please make another channel for bloopers!!!! WE WANT THEM

Arnav Kathuria : People - lets put xbox cd in the disc drive Dude perfect - lets through xbox cd in the disc drive Microsoft- WHAT,S A DISK DRIVE

Heaven Fell : “We have a hat rack for a reason!” Yeah in the middle of our putting course.

Hel per : Who see this video in 2019 Hit like 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

Sub To Pewdiepie PLEASE : I like to think they're absolute gods at this point and they just uploaded footage of a normal day.

Joaquin's Vlogs : You guys should make a compilation of all of your trick shot fails

The mystery Gamer : Dude perfect's every day Life

Dd Dd : 2 20 201 2019 2019?

l_e_a_v_e_m_e_a_l_o_n _ : 2:19 UPS when the package says fragile

vijay kumar : If u hadn't shown te errors I would for sure concluded everything was magnetized.

Matthew Wilcox : You should make a dude perfect fails video that would be so funny!

bang ardha : indonesia ? i like dp

ADAEL pita vollaseñor : like si eres mexicano 😀

pheeson : Inside their minds: “YES!! LETS GO!!!”

Chęn Richie : 2:21 This is how Canada post deliver the package

Alex Padilla : Yo please post a video of bloopers😂😂😂💀

Vishal Sinha : This is oddly satisfying.. loved your work..😍😘

Peter Vesalius : I was about to comment about just how many outtakes it would've taken to make those shots. And then I saw the blooper reel at the end! 😂 Kudos on keeping at it! 🤘

Oliver Sansum : Why so many more views than their other vids?

Evelyn Patrick : Why did it say "slogoman viewers also watch this channel

random dude : Do a fail compilation video if u agree

Sai Sidhartha Kamatam : Wow I like all shots dude

LineX240 : Admit it, you guys wish you could do that to impress at school, like me lol

Jennifer Krider : my favorite one was the "it's cold out there man" with cody

Juan Ayala : Son expertos bob.jpg (Recien me aparece en recomendados)

alexdrapeau : I'd love to see another video with bloopers!

ERINA !! : That's too much! by, Japanese

Dmitry Sawrutsky : А если представить что на посылке написано: Осторожно стекло! 2:20

Sinara Cavanholi : I imagine them after filming still yeeting everything around like that 😂

Júnior Julia Netinha SCR : 100001 tentativas 😂👏👏

pannenkoek met stroop : Omg we need more bloopers 😂

Monica Nieves : Garret plays the Xbox?! Wow I didn’t know that! Also, awesome trick shot!

pubg hunter : See that, but it is really satisfying Perfect

Darrion Burns : The most laziest bunch of people I've ever seen😂😂

Jasmine Plays : BOIII HOW ARE THEY DOING IT 👇 like it if there cool >:3