Egyptian Mythology As Fast As Possible

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Will Fleig : This is great, I hope you find success. You certainly deserve it.

Paralusion : Loved the information!

Patrick Gill : It was Ptha the first creator god who rose from the primordial waters or Amun, but not Ra - In most myths, the progenitor of the gods is described as "honking like a goose" to herald the rising of the sun (Ra - hence existing before the sun). Further, Osiris did not judge the dead, as they were judged by Anubis. The dead instead become Osiris as the Ba (Ra) joined them at night. I know that there are various traditions over three thousand years or more and telling it as one story is difficult, for that reason I only mention things which were never the case in any time period, there may be more but I'm not going to watch to the end of the video. Please do different traditions and focus more on the sex and violence (the best parts)

Eylon Levy : Is it supposed to be like CGP Grey?

TR!PSTERGOD MED!A : Learn to pronounce the names right bruh