Friend's Crazy Girlfriend & Her Yelling

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twheels14 : Y'all still watching this in 2018? You don't have anything else to do or what? Lol

Marissa Sue : The guy in the red shirt though lol. He was the real star here lol.

MrRiggyRiggs : this chick needs to die

r0sen : @2:14 RIP headphone users.

Usagi Tsukino : That muffin top tho.

• liokin • : If this was the other way around the police would be involved.

Col. Cotton Hill : This isn't funny. it's domestic violence.


Max Warren : "If you can't handle me at my worst, you don't deserve me at my best."

Durahan82 : MGTOW.

Kate : "You treat me like shit!" *hits him multiple times* She's so abusive. Geez.

Nick W : she can hit him all she wants, then if he hits her back he's the one who's wrong? and there's literally no such thing as a men's shelter? Nah, feminism is right, women definitely have it worse.

McC1oudv2 : This is rare? I thought this was normal in a relationship.

Delfin Lopez : Stay in the Friendzone guys!! It's safe there...

Tony Ferrari : Yall, I was married to a girl that was worse than this. This girl will one day try to hurt herself and/or others. Mark my words. Please steer clear of women (and men) that are this nuts.

Denis Parent : She is borderline. It's not a childish insult. That's a personality disorder.

Amanda Purviance : This is repulsive. This right here is why I don't like most females.. I work with a troll like this one here... My dad was shot to death when I was a kid by my stepmom of less than six months .. she always hit him and even slashed his arm open with a knife. He covered for her saying he accidentally left it in the couch and it slashed him when he sat down.. She was the clerk of court and took us to church every Sunday, great citizen!! right?! . She would berate him for everything constantly in front of my siblings and I for being five minutes late from work and anything else not worth hurting someone over. She was cruel to us as well.. She did no time for killing my dad and even tried to claim she had battered women syndrome.. lying ass skank.. then she got a fraud life insurance policy in addition to getting away with murder. I don't like most females because I, personally, haven't met many decent ones. I don't know how men put up with their manipulation and b. s.. In my life I have had great men.. from my dad(rest his soul he was leaving her when he was shot to death on his way out the door) to my grandpa and especially my husband.. I bet if I treated my husband like this winner treats her man when we were in a disagreement, I wouldn't have a loyal and loving husband ..You reap what you sow. My experience with females? Not good.. I tolerate them.. but I am glad I don't have to have a female in my life. Everyone has different experiences from which they form basic opinions.. and those are mine. I have so many more examples of abusive women in my life but, nah.. you get the point.. if a girl wants to hit and kick a man ? that's asking to get hit and kicked like a man back.. If you cant take it? then don't dish it out!! Anyone of either sex is wrong to abuse their partner but I'm tired of the double standard and women acting like this and then playing the victim.. That needs to stop. I think most women feel that playing a damsel in distress role will justify their sick urge to feel a sort of validation while making them the good guy.. Sorry to offend anyone. If you're a woman and you're not like this? Then this isn't directed at you. I realize I am a female myself and not all are like this.. but 95% of females i know or that are in my life are.. And men out there be careful! Don't stay with a woman who cuts you down and hurts you.. She is dangerous in many ways. Abuse goes both ways no matter what and it's not less important or less dangerous when a man is the victim. ::end rant :::

Trailers Edited Badly : Mate, run.

Real Name : I remember growing up thinking girls were so sweet and cute... women are such a disappointment, they're all horrible and rotten inside

Robert Renton : Well, that was disturbing. It's hard to understand why someone would think so little of themselves that they would put up with that kind of abuse. The verbal abuse alone should be enough to make anyone leave, the physical abuse and destruction of personal items are a crime. I guess the worst part is someone else is probably dealing with this same messed up girl who won't have learnt that this is not okay.

MaximumCat : This is a perfect example of a toddler who only changed physically.

Robert Hickok : It's miserable how much I relate to this.

Killphace : Whats this dude doing? Pretending he's so sucked into a game of minesweeper that he doesnt acknowledge whats going on?

Elle FatNugget : He has really pretty eyes ❤️

Amos Moses : it drives me nuts that 100% of those Domestic Violence/Domestic Abuse ads are targeted at Men only. yet there are plenty of videos online that show women being the violent aggressor, yet its still only men that are the violent ones.

John : it is amazing what some guys will put up with just to get laid on a regular basis.

Joel Camacho : freaking nightmare. my ex was exactly like this.

DementedButtHole : Now I get why my mother never writes any script for contraceptive pills. She told me that she's seen girls turn into zombies due to the pills :(

freaky channel : damn yo how good is it that you put up with this?

Robert B : The best part is she is hitting him while saying she is going to call the cops. 70% of all non-reciprocal domestic violence is female on male, and it's almost never dealt with. For the reasons you see here--if that video had not been running, and if that lady had called the cops and said "I felt threatened", I guarantee he'd be off to jail despite her behavior.

MrBorderdown : This is textbook BPD. Quite a disturbing functional level actually. She needs professional help.

Robert Dallmeier : I need subs

Bouxesas : She is a '4' Hot and a '9' Crazy. That's a 'no go' zone pal

Samuel Urrutia : Borderline personality disorder, psychotherapy helps.

Amber M. : This makes me far too happy. :D Thank you for that.

Rafael Soto : I bet she's great in the sack.

mama 79 : Her voice is enough to drive anyone nuts!!

AmanOU2be : lololoolololollo That boyfriend must have large balls. I would not taken more than 10 min of that.

Kev : NUHH!

Mike D : At 2:02 & 3:00 & 3:25 - It is fucking amazing to watch her flip from calm to psycho. It's like she puts on the fake face of a nice girl [hoping to get something], and realizing that it's not working, she immediately reverts back to yelling. I don't know her, but I'm going to guess a) she is a spoiled brat, and learned early-on in life that throwing temper tantrums was the only way to get whatever she wanted, and b) she cannot stand the rejection of the guy in blue - that's he prob breaking up with her. Also, at 2:26 - the reaction of the guy in red is fucking hilarious!

Jace Rose : u know how some people have no chill, its because this bf took all the chill lol.

The Cats Pyjamas : reverse the roles/genders and its abuse.... its abuse whether its a WOMAN HITTING A man or whether it is A MAN HITTING a woman. Screaming/hurting/ ranting at your partner is abuse. Nobody should be treated like that in any relationship.

Xack Stryker : Unfortunately this is most modern western women in today's society. Also if he had touched her in anyway even to protect himself (self defense), he could of been sent to jail. And women wonder why men don't want to get married anymore... The result is movements like MGTOW, and women hate it.

Justin Krueger : You have to give her a little slack as she is obviously pregnant. Being pregnancy jacks up their hormones and makes them say and do crazy stuff. She definitely takes it further than I have ever seen from a pregnant woman. Just hope that doesn't mean she is harboring 2-3x the normal children in that big ol' belly.

NZScruffy : I shouldn't laugh... this girl is really stressing out, she needs some help. poor thing.

Final Boss Music : sooo fake, how do people not realize how fake this is

Purpose Bleeds : "I.. need the broom to walk" GIRL TAKES IT AS FAR AWAY FROM HIM AS POSSIBLE

Cedar Herron : Me and my husband live in a two family house and almost every day we can hear them fighting like this...Sometimes it's over the dumbest things but other times it's frikin' hilarious and we can't help but laugh. For example... My husband is in the bathroom one day shaving and all of a sudden he comes running in whispering "SHHHHH! They're fighting again! I wanna know what this one's about!" So we both run into the bathroom to listen (since it's where the wall is thinnest). We sat there for about 10 minutes trying to figure out what the issue was and suddenly she yells out that she "knows that he ate that bitches pussy and hit the bowl right after" and at that point we just started dying. Another time he was screaming that she didn't roll the blunt right AFTER she got the wrong flavor wrap in the first place... As much as I hate the fact that some couple can't get along, it sure does make for some entertainment....and makes me grateful that I don't fight like that with my husband!

Xero the Fallen : That's why I'm terrified of dating that I'm gonna pick up a bat shit crazy one like her and have to deal with it...

Marius Lie : he is so whipped its embarrising