Calling an Artillery Strike on Your Own Position: The Badass that was John R Fox

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Comments from Youtube

John Hayden : I never heard of John Fox before. Glad I watched this video on a true American hero. Everyone should watch this.

Mike T : A movie should be made out of this story.

BLOODY POND LIVES : That brother went out like a soldier. The artillery unit that brought the steel down on his position. Was my grandpa's unit on my maternal side. The 598th field artillery regiment, 92nd Infantry Division. The Buffaloes. He took a hundred Nazis with him when he died. I would say that's a very good day's work. Because the only good nazi is a dead nazi. Lieutenant Fox May You Rest in Power ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

GigawingsVideo : I want to know how many more races got passed from receiving medal, like Navajo code talkers and Asian American soldiers as well.

Mr Saturday Night Special : My dad's, dad jumped on a hand grenade to save his unit in World War II. Turned out it was an Italian hand grenade in Sicily. It didn't explode. Italian made.😳 That's why I'm here today writing.😜

John Doe : Heroes of our country are heroes no matter what color or creed

Morgan423Z : John Fox is almost criminally unknown, even among people who know a lot about WWII. When I first read about him, and his sacrifice, a few years ago, he instantly became the pure definition of "selfless badass" in my mind. I can't even imagine how he must have felt as he was ordering that strike.

Joshua Hunt : Taking 100 opposing units down with you, what a way to go! A noble sacrifice, indeed.

Sebach82 : That is badass. I'm going to tell my friends about him. But also want to give a shoutout to the 8 Italians who gave their lives alongside him.

B May : I commend you for speaking about the racism element in this story. I don't think this man's exceptional act should be discussed without also mentioning how it wasn't fully appreciated for decades simply because he wasn't white. Quite a story, and one that we need to remember.

Sharon Hall : THANK YOU! My grandfather served with the Buffalo Soldiers and I’m very happy you did a video of one of his comrades.

Rath Burn : Danger Close That would be a cool name of a movie if they made one about him

Sgt D : Any dislikes to this video are people with a warped view of the world.

xbox432 : For those who might comment about the fact that the picture used at the 00:40 - 00:50 mark were of Soldiers wearing a WWI era uniform and not a WWII uniform, see below. You can tell based on the collar. "Pretty much this, heck it still happens today. Which is why you see so many Reserve units wearing outdated uniforms. Our military is just so large that it struggles to outfit everyone at the best of times. And considering that this is in regards to an all black unit in the 1940s right when the war broke out... His unit was probably at the very bottom of the list to get new supplies. It's sad that things were like that, but it's the truth."

Anthony Ciccariello : Another bonus fact, if you win the Medal of Honor your children can go to West Point.

Gale Memee of 6 : Thank you for telling the story of these war heroes. People should know the story of real heroes as well as fictional ones.

John Mista : Couldn't say if I'd do the same. Actually, I can say I wouldn't. Dimond balls that guy

RandomStuffFixer : RIP Lt Fox. <3

Hukbong Inteligencia ng Pilipinas : In the recent Marawi siege in the Philippines a young soldier did the same, his last words were "please bomb my location sir". The soldier's family name was bayot which in the visayan language roughly translates to gay and is a word usually associated with being cowardly but alas, He showed the epitome of bravery and selfless sacrifice.

Jimmy Owens : I think his position was about to be over run so he had no choice but at least he took 100 German soldiers with him

Davvy Jannes : The non-awarding of a commendation and medal back when it happened is so sad. Sure, they finally did, yet I would wager it was after the two people who should have seen that government recognition --- his parents --- had already passed on. At the very least, his mother should have received that acknowledgement while she was alive for her son's life given for country.

justandy333 : Such a shame it took so long for his bravery to be acknowledged properly. Not awarding the medal of honour to people based on the colour of their skin ffs! However I'm glad they've seen the error of their ways and honoured their bravery properly.

2know4sure : Excellent work Mr. Fox, God Bless you sir. makes me proud to be an American, and a Buckeye..

Jeff Brooks : Damn I really wanted the guy to live

Tom Nunya : Alexander Prokhorenko, a Russian Combat Controller, called in an airstrike on his position even tho he knew he'd never see family again. The valor of a FO, CCT, TACP or FAC calling in fire on their position should never be forgotten.

Jeremy Moyer : correction: He was a Forward Observer. Not a forward operator!

Nick Reyes : Rip John r. Fox you were a bad ass much respect! You deserve the medals u finally got too much love my friend(no homo).

MChammer Tv : A selfless act done by a great man would have loved to meet him

rod Colt : Would've came home to be treated like sh!t tho

MrRABC1 : We have now awarded them their awards and the people that denied them these accolades are now all mostly dead. People using this as fuel to justify hating whites are only creating the very thing they claim to be fighting, racism and racists. . . . Most white people today dont give the smallest fck what colour someone's skin is but when they are constantly being told *THEY* are guilty because of the colour of their skin then you are forcing them to think along these lines and only creating resentment which increases racism. . . Like Morgan Freeman eloquently said. . . You defeat racism by not talking about it every fcking second and treating people with respect and not pre-judging people because of their skin colour. As for Mr J R Fox . . . .what a major badass that most definitely deserves this award and am sure the services today would be proud to call him brother . . . *PLEASE STOP WITH THE RACE BAITING*

KaedeLanyo : Always good to hear of Soldiers actually acting in selfless heroism. Much better than being hammered with stories of the less savory few.

Flavius Aetius : Wow a true hero! Thanks for this story!

inisipisTV : Just recently Private First Class Dhan Ryan Bayot did the same when surrounded by ISIS fighters in the Philippines. Salute to all of them.

Graeme : A British Royal Marine (Matthew Croucher) was awarded the George Cross (the highest decoration for valour not in the face of the enemy) for jumping on a grenade in Afghanistan... He survived

Michael Eisenman : That is a true testament to the bravery and uncommon valor ,to men who were treated like garbage in their own homeland yet fought 2x harder and 4x as good as their white counterparts.

The High Ground : You forgot something. The Artillery Officer asked John, "Artillery Only?" to which he responded " *Artillery Only* ".

Fried Chicken Now : Forward observer NOT forward operator.

True Moayyed : Hello My Great Friend Mr. Simon Whistler Thanks For Your Amazing Video


lyngsdk : A true hero! Merry Christmas John R Fox. R.I.P:

Tanall : "Danger close, my position, immediate effect." -Ciaphas Cain

mjncad : I'm glad he was on our side!

richard bidinger : Its amazing how most "real" American superheroes tend to be normal people, but with the greatest steel spine and biggest brass set to ever grace this planet. This takes being a badass to a whole new level.

Ice Distroyer : What makes you a badass? Him: well I called in a air strike on myself

rezaka116 : Makes me wonder why does EA make fake stories involving minorities when there were such badasses like John Fox...

Von Splatterblast : It wasn't just African-American soldiers that got over looked for the M.O.H.

M Whitelaw : Hell man I've called airstrikes on my position Let alone my own battalion. Missiles have more accuracy than bombs or shells

charles tree : I really enjoy these videos that highlight people doing the right thing because it is the right thing to do. Thank you.

Glenn Griffon : Thank you TIFO for putting a highlight on this hero. This is an amazing story of bravery, courage and self sacrifice. Not to mention balls of titanium for calling in an air strike on your position to take out a group of enemy soldiers. That's an amazing act of heroism.