Arnold’s Top Secret Protein Shake

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Arnold Schwarzenegger shares the secret ingredient in his protein shakes: Step 1: Add Ladder Whey Protein powder to your blender Step 2: Mix with cherry juice and banana Step 3: Add █████ (you won’t believe it until you see it) .... Shop Ladder Whey Protein. Built by Arnold. Now available to you:


Dirty Harry : This shake gives him 120 years of power supply.

Папа Повар : Не много, треть бутылки, норм завтрак:)

stetham John : Супер человек. Человек мира. Арни, железный Арни.👍

saluteamonkey : exactly how i love my protein shake! .... except the banana... and the cherry juice... and the protein.

inquisitor : That glare he gives when he spits out the cork. LOL!

Kamisazu : Главный ингредиент - шнапс. Можно даже без протеина.

Michael : Trying to make protein shakes, but they keep coming out as margaritas🤔


NoFap 365 : This shake made me lose 3 days in one week.

frankricci88 : "I've always followed the rule that, for every pound of body weight, you need a gram of Schapps." ~Arnold

Matt B : Just got kicked out of the gym for being drunk and disorderly. I made sure to do a war cry from Predator before I left.

Alex Er : самое главное забыли - арнольду сердце пересадили, а вам хуй кто че пересадит, а так продолжайте жрать всякую хуету.

КРАСАВА : Терминатор я вырос на твоих фильмах )))) лайк тебе!

Joe Henderson : Ah man, that laugh! Arnie is literally the only celebrity I care about keeping up to date with, such a gent!

Antony Vasiliou : How to convert from bodybuilder to alcoholic in 1 minute

Klemmy 20K : His accent accidentally actually activated my Google voice command 😂😅 not kidding 0:11 if u play it louder 🔊

kajcsapapa : suddenly Kali Muscle's hyphy food recipes seem more believable

Reon Baruah : *0:31**-**0:34** 🤣🤣 from crazy psycho laugh to pissed off spit expression 🤣🤣🤣 EPIC*

Roi Gipot : Me: Arnold how much Protein do you consume in a day? Arnold: Yes Just wanted to say thank you for all the likes. I never got so many likes. Yall made my day. 🔥🔥

Алексей Александрович : Арни пора в парнухе сниматься....такой дед извращенец...лицо огонь

dominionofme : 0:31 i died... omfg... the dude is a best kept secret of humor.

Yin Yang : Looks like these shakes are giving Arnold the shakes.

Można Zdrowo : Now I'm waiting for a tips for good pot. Pot of food of course :)

Vic Davicious : Bartender, pour me a Arnold Schnapps please! 💪🏼😏

Belikov : Вообще красава, у себя на кухне подурачился на камеру пол минуты и получите product placement. По молодости создавал себе имя, теперь имя работает на него.

Qurash : the laugh reminds me of Chief Kap Te'o-Tafiti from the video "How to Husk a Coconut"' seems to me Arnold did a reference to that guy

Karen Méndez : Hi Arnold ,,, I'm interested in that whey protein Ladder ,, to be like you, you are my inspiration in the sport of the GYM body and in the movies since my youth I imitate your exercises and always develop my 20 "arms a perfect bicep and triceps defined and genetically, natural, anabolic liquefied shake of vegetables and fruits varied and nut and other protein,,,,,,👍💪🤝🌎🥇

Nautilus1972 : For the Irish version ... just add Bailey's ..... ;o) God Bless you Arnie!!

Alby damned : Cop: "Sir, how much have you had to drink tonight?" Me: "Not too much...hahaha!" Cop: "Very well, be on your way."

Cxeri93 : "whey" didn't arnold announce long ago he was Vegan? lol

Gooz Albright : Hi Arnold ein bissel viel Schnaps :-)

Elena : Marco Pierre White with his stock cubes, now this. Im done 😄

Ragoul : Schnaps im Shake? Arnold das ist doch ekelhaft😆

sean tellier : That was a ton of schnapps.😝 but remember, "milk is for babies". 😄

SSS SSS : 150 с утра принял, фантастик! Никогда утро еще не было таким добрым).

Jerry Seinfeld : Whey protein in a pack? Wow

Валерий Альбертович : Ну все сейчас все качки буду бухать с пацаном у падика.

joelabo : This has made me laugh so much.... Keep going, Arnold.

Shelton carlo : bit late there arnold us aussies have been making ''PROTINIES'' for ages

Felton : "There you go, not too much" Majority of the shake contains Schnapps

James Faleri : The Terminator! You look great buddy! 👍👍👍

Nome Sobrenome : Directly from Austria HHHHHHahaha *Spits cork* >:(

Glenn Turner : Not too much. Keeps pouring! LMFAO

Евгений Светомузыки Гений : Старый алкаш😂😂😂 Арнольд Фанфурье Шварценеггер

David Torres : he said vork out and didn't know u a alcoholic Arnold. and bi-polor. keep up the good vork..

Nereu Gandra : This video name is the biggest click bite ever :/ how someone reveals the TOP Secret shake like this 😂

rusav81 : That s the "Alternative power" of T800, vai Arnold!!

Kebabasiks : **Two shots of wodka** Arnold: *Pours 1/3 of the bottle*

Matthew Sisk : He painted his hair but not his beard? Interesting style choice