Bach on Piano for Blind Elephant

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General JJ : You can tell by the context of her body language how shes reacting to the different music. To me it seems like when shes still, she is really listening. when her ears flap, she is excited. when her trunk tenses, shes concentrating and thinking. when shes rocking back and forth I think she gets it or simply feels the music. even though we cant speak elephant, they CAN hear music and I believe that because she is blind, she can hear even more. this is am amazing thing Paul is doing. we have much to learn.

Bernadette Teaches Music : oh my goodness! How beautiful this is! Thank you for sharing 💛💛💛

I Am The Marble : Music. The language everyone understands

Yiniming : And people still thinking animals have no emotions

KadieKat : Music truly is a universal language that transcends race, gender, religion, borders, time--even inter species interaction... =^..^=

A 2 : I have a humming bird that loves my guitar... she always sits on the head stock to listen... either that or she wants me to fill up the hummingbird feeder

giordana marini : Why aren’t all humans like this man?

Karen Fredericks : As the music started and she turned her head toward the sound, oh dear, im crying. What noble, sensitive creatures they are. Im sure Bach would have been fascinated and honoured to have witnessed this. Thank you.

Barbi Button : Elephants are very empathetic SOULFUL creatures. I wish I could keep her safe from humans. She's sooo special omg

Over Man : I was half expecting the elephant to knock the piano over.

Jermaine Long : She actually seemed arrested by his playing. Genuinely moving.

Peter Fountotos : _Elephant: No Glenn Gould but adequate_

Bikerbish : What a beautiful thing to do for an unfortunate animal friend

Jesumai YT : When a elephant dances better than you.

natytrueheart : THIS IS REAL Humanity :)

lulnug : Imagine in 30,000 years people will see footage like this and think how incredible that humans once walked alongside creatures as beautiful as this. Hopefully the human race can stop exploiting the planet and cherish the animal kingdom.

Jo12992 : How could anybody give this a thumbs down? The YouTube community has some of the worst people. It's ridiculous. The worst of the worst.

Anon : I love animals and especially the kindness shown to them. I wan't to give her a hug and a big kiss on her trunk :) Great work Paul I appreciate your kindness.

Music Shoppe Gerald Braden : This is so sweet! Many of God's creatures have the ability to appreciate music and beauty, and that in itself is a testament to the wonders of the animal kingdom. My pups often sit on the couch listening to me play classical music on the piano. I once had a sheltie named "Chaka" that used to lie under the harp of my grand piano when ever I played something that she enjoyed. Her favorites were Mozart and Chopin....Peace!

☠MrHairyNutz☠ : PLOT TWIST: Turns out the Elephant was deaf.

Sebastian Elytron : "Hey look, a piano in the middle of the jungle! Why don't I start playing it..."

miseachelle bytheseashore : can someone say what the name of the first piece is please? :) found it myself just if others want to know- just search bach prelude in c major

Marcelo Moura Martins : Beautiful, good!

Ta Hu : A very kind act. It's also abit sad, that there appears more humanity in animals that people these days

Veronika T : This is so wholesome

Shamsa Al Maktoum : Bless your heart ❤️ good people are those that love and care for animals on this earth that we share together 💕🎶

Alice Bonnet : Sad you remove the elephants eyes just to make it enjoy classical music.

Cory Avila : So beautiful to see such kindness. Almost made me cry. Then I started reading the comments people left and I did cry. We need more of this kind of connectedness with the wonderful creatures on this planet. It's not "man's planet" it's ALL our planet. Hopefully one day the "blind" humans will see this.

Everything ! : I Wish her a happy life!

Franky Lee : For thousands of years it is most common in Eastern cultures to play the fluid for cattle and horses. It suits and comforts them and forms a bounding between the Sheppard and his herd. Western civilization has not even started to understand this concept of animals enjoying music

Fuddy Duddy : So sweet. Bless her. :)

Remote God : this is the sweetest thing I had such goosebumps :)

loves cats dogfan : Thanks for doing this. The world has so much evil in it but this video shows that not all of the world is evil. You are a great person. God bless.

City Homestead : I really needed to see this today. It brought me to tears as soon as the music see someone care for an animal like this and take the time to brighten its life. I love your video. I need to stop looking at the news and start finding hope through people like you.

romjlj : Elephantastic!:-)

Scott Murphy : I bet that elephant will be Bach for more

JustHazardous : Thank you so much for sharing. Thank you for caring so much for that beautiful creature.

John Wilson : Can anyone tell me the name of the last piece? It’s one of my favorite songs and I have been trying to find it for several years.

capacityplus : What a beautiful use of your talent. It's obvious she is enjoying the music. Did she ever see a piano before she lost her sight?

Ms white : Very touching and the elephant was standing still, listening to the piece 😢😢😍 So sweet 😍

Dr Bob Hardie : A fascinating interconnection ... elephant, man & piano music. Beautiful ... many thanks.

Nadira Nan W : That's Schubert's Serenade tho as the 3rd piece. So the video title isn't quite right. Schubby deserves recognition too

t j : JESUS is LORD and GOD, the creator of the universe!! Bless His name!!

KadieKat : I felt this was important to move here so the new posters can see: Cheeki Breeki 9 hours ago (edited) I’m a Muslim, I love music, I listen to them, Islam is fine with music, but radical idiots who want Islam to look bad say otherwise, end of argument. Jesus Christ, the person who commented about this video had a nice thing to say, but you all had to ruin it with religion and hatred, didn’t you? This is basically the internet in a nutshell, every single topic slowly drifts into controversial topics and it turns into a flame war. Can’t we all just get along? ************************************************************************************************************* KadieKat 1 second ago Thank you, Cheeki Breeki. You are the only comment I felt comfortable to respond without (hopefully) another negative reply. I just wanted to post how I was touched by this video. I had no idea this was going to promote such active and/or negative comments here. Please, please, PLEASE just enjoy the video in the spirit that it was made: that we ALL have the capacity to LOVE and share EMPATHY. Thank you... =^..^=

Kit Birskovich : These three selections were played very well, with much expression and taste. I loved them too! Bless your heart!

foxyc0ntin : This was lovely. I loved how she would sway back and forth like she was dancing. What a beautiful animal. Elephants are truly incredible creatures.

Pensa e Fala : The elephant is thinking: "Oh.. Ganesha... that IS NOT Bach!"

5chr4pn3ll : You know that you are blinding her again by doing this? You are taking away sound from the environment and things around her by drowning it out with the piano, removing the sense she relies on most.

BLANK BLANK : Thank God ( I AM THAT I AM ) in the name of Jesus for allowing this kind elephant to enjoy classical music : )

Joao Maria : Que maravilha. Animal Divino, Superior, Inteligente. Comove nossa alma. Belíssimo vídeo.