Bach on Piano for Blind Elephant

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Fuddy Duddy : So sweet. Bless her. :)

TrueGritProductions : God bless you sir. So beautiful

Sebastian Elytron : "Hey look, a piano in the middle of the jungle! Why don't I start playing it..."

Scott Murphy : I bet that elephant will be Bach for more

S A D - E G G : now this is the YouTube content I want

A 2 : I have a humming bird that loves my guitar... she always sits on the head stock to listen... either that or she wants me to fill up the hummingbird feeder

Silver Fang : The 185 dislikes are from all the plants the elephant stepped on

General JJ : You can tell by the context of her body language how shes reacting to the different music. To me it seems like when shes still, she is really listening. when her ears flap, she is excited. when her trunk tenses, shes concentrating and thinking. when shes rocking back and forth I think she gets it or simply feels the music. even though we cant speak elephant, they CAN hear music and I believe that because she is blind, she can hear even more. this is am amazing thing Paul is doing. we have much to learn.

BlinkinFirefly : Awww! I love this! :) Lam Duan is so lovely and so is your piano playing!

Jules Jay : If that doesn’t warm your soul, nothing will ❤️

Emre S. : This blind elephant appreciates music more than some people do. That was fascinating to watch.

Redskins Pride WGIL : Bet she'd like the Migos "Walk It Like I Talk It."

Помпей Новости : Грустно

Persi A. : Awwwwwww @2:00 she’s dancing! Very beautiful elephant.

HurryKen Production : Amazing Animal Amazing Man ! Merci ! Bravo !

And then I fired And I missed : Faith in humanity restored.

Dr Bob Hardie : A fascinating interconnection ... elephant, man & piano music. Beautiful ... many thanks.

Banana Nice Cream : It's a good thing she can't see the ivory piano keys.

Oliver Haywood : The world is full of love, we just need to overcome the darkness. This made my day. Thank you.

caramba10 : That was very moving, thank you

JR3059 : She has impeccable taste in music. Bless her heart. Thank you for playing for her. It appears she took great pleasure in hearing these movements.

yonnie2436 : I have tears 😢, beautiful.. God created some amazing wonders..

horknew : It's these kinds of video I find most relephant.

Rayrayray : Whats the name of the last piece?

Shamsa Al Maktoum : Bless your heart ❤️ good people are those that love and care for animals on this earth that we share together 💕🎶

MIRANDA BAKER : Idk how I got here but I'm glad I did

Ima Nalien : That deserves a pat on the Bach.

Cahal Doherty : this is what youtube was for.

UnitedWeStand 4EVR : She's so cute. ❤

Jermaine Long : She actually seemed arrested by his playing. Genuinely moving.

t j : So sweet...Praise the Lord!

The Relax Guys : The best video I've seen lately. The elephant is a really sensual animal.

Nawaf Saleh : I’m not crying it’s just some dirt in my eyes 😢 😢

HEDGE1011 : Animals are so amazing!

snugbug : She is sweet and that was sweet to play for her.

Jo King : Thank you for making all of these beautiful creatures have a more beautiful life ;)

Josh : You can easily tell how much she enjoyed that. Such a great thing you're doing for these elephants

Paul Lonergan : Beautiful, beautiful music ..... made from the ivory of this elephants ancestors

Captain Olimar : animal crossing when some1 comes to my house

Adam01 : An advanced ape plays a series of wooden and metal parts fitted together and manufactured by other homo sapiens to make a noise to a member of the Elephantidae species which suffers from vision loss.

A Person : Beautiful music, beautiful dancing. Best video. Blessings upon Lamduan and upon Mr. Pianist.

alias alan : hannibal was here...

Giovanni Alvizo : What is the first piece tittled?

U.S.A. : Dear Sir, you are a beautiful person.I thank you Sir for showing compassion.A very interesting video indeed.

T.C. Fonteboa : What is the name of the last song played? Thanks

Mogsori : What a gentle souls. Her and him. I'm so gratefull that such kind humans exist.

Air Force Thunderbirds : Elefantastic

Valeria Garcia : those keys better not be ivory

s0ul candy : This is the most beautiful video I’ve ever seen. Wow.

Trixie Trueblood : I knew this video would bring tears to my eyes.