Bach on Piano for Blind Elephant
Blind Elephant Loves The Piano

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Lam Duan is the name of an old blind elephant, her name means “Tree with Yellow Flowers”. Lam Duan has been blind most of her life. Lamduan lives at Elephants World, Thailand.


Dee Palmer : I’m a 61 yr old, partially blind person who was completely blind for 2 yrs. This has touched my soul. Thank you, Paul, for being so amazingly kind to this beautiful elephant. I love how she reacts. God bless.

Charlotte Kellum : The music seems to calm her. Is she in a safe place, a sanctuary? I hope so. Absolutely precious! Gentle giant.

Brandy Hardin : Beautiful. Has me crying. I hope someone takes good care of her.

Richard Venneman : One of the most touching moments this 70 year old has ever experienced. Thank you.

foxyc0ntin : This was lovely. I loved how she would sway back and forth like she was dancing. What a beautiful animal. Elephants are truly incredible creatures.

TammyOful : Me: tries to play Chopsticks Elephant: *smashes piano in anger at my dishonor*

Michael Cala : This is one of the most beautiful things I've seen.  It made my heart feel good!

robertrstevens : * My faith in humanity is restored by this.  Many thanks, Paul Barton.

L Ludovic : Highest language: love. Second: music (mathematics in a 'different' form)

mark allen : That was so beautiful it made me cry, a man of 58 yrs old. I thought I have seen all things kind and I was wrong. Bless You All....

Kartik Luthra : I am From India and you are real kind and great person

T RopE : classical music evokes so much emotion into my soul, I love it so much, I listen to it while working, while my co workers listen to heavy metal n rap. they judge me for it, yet I am so blissfull n full of love all day, I hope this magnificent beast feels the same

NYCPizzaman : Thank you, Lord for blessing us with such beautiful creatures. May we all strive to be good stewards of the earth.

tilly fyre : I love how she sways to the music 😭

Becky Stares : This is absolutely the best YouTube video I've ever watched - and I must have watched thousands. Beautiful!

Lisa mont : Breathtakingly beautiful thank you for my sake and hers

Gwen Martinsen : It is just sweet and wonderful that you give so much pleasure to this incredible creature. I'm sure she cares for you as much as you care for her. Bless you.

Renfrew Calgary : Bless your heart, I'm in tears. This is how we should treat each other and our animals.

SAD EGG : now this is the YouTube content I want

Kendrick Jacocks : That's also Schubert. "Leise Fliehen, meine Lieder" --- how nice and relaxing. Elephants hear very low frequencies that pianos often give.

e. d. : You are an amazing person for playing this beautiful music for these beautiful and intelligent Animals. I love them, and you for doing that.

HeadShotSongs : I'm not so easily amazed, but this time I was. Wonderful.

Geoff : Deeply touching act of caring for Lam Duan. I loved the choice of music too -- without knowing their names, the first and third pieces are favourites of mine.

Cahal Doherty : this is what youtube was for.

Helen Keller Channel : Hi Paul. Thanks for sharing the touching video, my friend. It's nice to see another one of your charming videos on youtube. Hope things are going well for you. Please accept my best wishes! :)

Alicia Taibo : Lam Duan you are beautiful, Thanks, Paul Barton , she is happy with your music.

Ralph Körner : This is about as beautiful as it can possibly get.

Karen G : Cried- so beautiful ... that sweet baby is so happy May you be forever blessed.....

YUKI INU : there is still hope for humanity, with people like this.

Koala Meat MLWB : You sir a real life hero , thank you so much for caring for these individuals , the world needs more like you

Sandra Thorne : Animal to animal what a caring sad that humans can't be kind to each other, more often.

Adam Mundok : You are s great human. Thank you for representing us so beautifully. 🐘🕉

Elton Chung : Thank you! Its giving me such warmth and peace

lulnug : Imagine in 30,000 years people will see footage like this and think how incredible that humans once walked alongside creatures as beautiful as this. Hopefully the human race can stop exploiting the planet and cherish the animal kingdom.

BT C : This is the absolute sweetest thing, I can’t help the tears. This means so much to this beautiful elephant. Well done good sir.

Laurenthemonkey : It’s so nice how she sways to the music 🎶 💖

Rosemary Zillig : To hear this beautiful music and see and feel the affect it has on Lam Duan is soul stirring. Thank you Paul Barton.

I'm David Hasselhoff : I hope there's no ivory on that piano, otherwise the irony will be off the charts

Contrapunctus XV : I've been mesmerizing elephants since the 17 hundreds. Spelling wasn't my strongest suite.

iPhilGood : Am I the only to feel emotional and to cry? 😢❤️

Dennis Roberts : Thank you, Paul. You and Lam Duan make my walk a good deal easier.

Ebunoluwa Taiwo : This is ironic as pianos used to be made of ivory,. From elephants bones

Richard Strange : She's actually dancing to the beat. PAUL, You just became her Guardian Angel !!

I Am The Marble : Music. The language everyone understands

Elif Acehan : Touches my soul and my heart deeply.. Thank you Paul for having such a beautiful heart. In all the chaos and darkness around the world, people like you give me a little bit of hope.

smartoldlady : The music certainly "resonated" with her! Lovely upload; thank you.

Gregory Myers : Paul thank you for being so very kind to the elephant, you quite beautiful to give your gifts to the elephant and to us here on YouTube. Namaste much love. -Greg

Super Sonic : I've got tears streaming down my face- beautiful

Jermaine Long : She actually seemed arrested by his playing. Genuinely moving.