Nuns Dancing Techno. Sunday Service

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Daniel Neumann : well, it looks kinda poland xD

Flash Fails : The Real song name is Male TGD '‘Gory do Gory’’. :=)

Eles Day : That is no techno

Goons Tv : Rolling nuns

Rave Me : Can we Road This video 1M view ? O.o :D

Nicke Picke : XD savage nuns

Tom Dja : what's the song?

Raul Vargas : This is horrible why would you do this to nuns, so many good forms of electronic music out there... Next thing you know theyre gonna be chewing on glowsticks and rubbing down with vicks

Freddy Sebie : If this is catholic this is nonsense and it should be stopped

Arun Fernandez : I like it the nuns are looking so happy 😍😍😍😍😍

Gaétan 37000 : #FrèredeSaintJean

TrianGulator : Oh yeah! Do the monks go off to the rave?

azer : POLSKA!

MrPeachapple : this will go so viral xD. 110 views now

srios90 : At least one of these nuns is getting laid

risinglotuswind : FAKE