Are Electric Planes Possible?

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Comments from Youtube

Kevin Bauwens : Starts watching. Sees explanation about batteries being 40x heavier than kerosine. Makes sense, I'm happy I know this now. But starting at 2:12 I felt more and more stupid and I should go back to my coloring book :(

YRS MUSIC : U lost me at triangle

Russell Schwartz : 5:20 “Doubling the mass will increase our power requirements 8-fold.” This is incorrect. The factor of 2 in the power equation is present in the calculation for both the lighter and the heavier plane, meaning it can be factored out. Doubling the mass increases our power requirements by a factor of 4.

Robert Wilke : I'm really impressed how you were able to drag this out to a 10 minute video.

Christian K : 97.1% Male Viewers, there is more sausage on this channel than on a german bbq party

chriswwe23 : Boeing's aircraft were engineered to maximize burning jet fuel. So to compare a fossil fuel burning jetliner with current electric/battery technology doesn't make a lot of sense. An electric aircraft of the future would need an airframe to maximize it's technology.

blue280485 : Brilliant Explanation👏 Electric Airbus 320 will become a reality, only when SuperCapacitors can store 1MWh worth of electricity in suitcase and are powered by Electric Jet Engines🙄 Hopefully we will see that happening in not so distant future😏

Reuben Mason : Mass is squared and doubled so starts at 2m^2. doubling mass gives 2x(2m)^2 = 8m^2. 8m^2/2m^2 =4 rather than 8

Ratle Mantle : Np, lets do nuclear airplanes instead.

Ian Macfarlane : What about if we use Duracell? Eh? You never thought about that, did you?

Mahmood Nabeel : Summary : blah blah blah no you can't.

Helljumper256 : Im an aerospace engineer and an aircraft mechanic and planes dont fly by anything as arcane as pushing air down

casey weiss : Are you trying to explain if it's possible to make an electric airplane, or to market the global warming hoax?

gearhead 130 : Enter: supercapacitors and graphene 😊

Eric Burkhart : I think the comparison is not completely fair, as it's putting current electric systems in vehicles using 50+ year old design, technology, and materials. It would be like installing a Tesla Model S drivetrain in a 1957 Chevy Bel Air. An electrified '57 Chevy will not get the same mileage and performance as a new car designed to maximize the electric drivetrain.

theradisheater : What about the Rolls Royce Accel project?

ricardo22448 : just turn off the gravity it's not that hard. win win for everyone, i can float and planes can fly

Kilton Alar : Can someone explain?? 8:36 "Fly very slowly with low drang wings..." How would it work??

Panav Jain : I'm in grade 7 and your videos just make things soo much easier to understand.

protogenius : Honestly I think hybrid systems are the way to go, they still use energy dense fuel sources while gaining the torque and speed of electric drive.

Shrinivash Murugesh : You can store electricity in the form of hydrogen, you can use a fuel cell to convert to electricity.

MrSporeowns : put a nuclear reactor in it done problem sovled

Erik Broeders : There's a joke about Belgians I particularly like (I'm Belgian btw) The Belgians invented an electric car. Costs 1 million dollars though. 100k for the car, the rest for the extention cord.

TommyTee2008 : what do you think your demographic is? rockets scientists?! xD

Antonio joaquim lucas Lucas : Poors wright brothet with this fools idiots,they never lift and fly...

Eye-a-camera : EMP and you’re down

P Schmied : An unnecessary video if the video matches its title. The correct word is "practical" It doesn't take an "engineer" to explain that something which exists is possible. Next "Real Engineering" video "Are electric cars Possible" where we explore the match behind making an electric battle tank.

Redmond O'Kelly : Really liking the new thumbnails, they look so clean and nice.

EnDSchultz : Already the idea of replacing chemical propellant with batteries on airliners seems nonsensical, but this video doesn't even touch on the numerous other energy requirements of an airliner beyond just staying in the air. Pressurization, climate control, electronics, avionics, anti ice...

Alejandro Forero : Mmm y si se usara combustible de hidrogeno, en lugar de queroseno tanto en aviones como en cohetes dado que la reaccion hidrogeno y oxigeno es explosiva y produce vapor de agua. ¿que tendriamos que hacer para que funcionaran los motores en base a esa reaccion? 2H+O➡💥🔥➡H2O💦

Supadubya : Bad assumptions built on bad assumptions. For instance, the formula completely ignores Lift/Drag (planes don't pay the energy cost for Lift, they pay for Drag- which is much smaller) ratio for most of the video, or how that changes with cruising speed... Electric planes can achieve longer range by flying at slower speeds, or with higher mass-fraction dedicated to batteries (not an unreasonable solution since batteries are much denser in terms of mass per unit volume than Kerosene...)

Daikini0 : Fuel cells should work perfectly, since there you will need to carry only like 50-100 kgs of hydrogen. Wonder what could be the problem with that setup.

TierZoo : Psyched for the next episode! Always been curious how hydrogen works as fuel.

Marzipan Wars : Too much quick mafs makes my brain hurt! But your brain are have do good.

Wafiy Dzaki : What if we could develop Nikola Tesla's wireless electricity and use the ionosphere as a conductive medium for airliners to directly tap energy during flights?

Sa Sch : Electric planes are already here

Multiverse Tech : We can use graphene batteries

031 Films : Another problem is that the batteries become dead weight while burning fuel the airplane becomes lighter and it can fly further and higher.

Dane L : I didn't know that rockets use fossil fuel

Purvesh Sohony : Gotta study some for this The video has lifted very high from my limit

sploofmonkey : Aluminum Reticulated foam or mercury batteries, even uranium batteries or some reasonable facimile of a radio-nuclear isotope.

Xdriver PS4 : Thanks for the video so I guess we will see hydrogen airbus or boing in the future :)

Anthony Gomez : 1:52 97.1% male and 2.9% female... wow.

sunny mittra : Try to simplify this is not a physics class room

The Ultimate Reductionist : 2:45 You really should not write "delta-v" for velocity. It should just be "v" - the velocity.

juki0h tuki : algae biofuels can be converted to jet fuel

Freddy Fink : well hey there trent palmer in his freedom fox ;)

Lord Manners : 1:53 97.1% of us are males

Albert Husby : In Norway we are planning on using electric planes on short flights (Bergen <> Stavanger) by 2030